Data Battle Tower (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!)

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Open challenge
No items (except training ones)
6 vs 6 LC Singles.
Switch = Ok
Whoever accepts can choice the arena,but it must not be the ASB Arena and must allow every type of weather.

And still seeking a reff for this

need a beginner battle(cuz i started my profile in 2011, but never battled -.-)

2vs2 single
3 chill / 1 recovery move per mon
3 day DQ
2 substitution
ASB Arena
Taking that one.
All abilites.
Switch = KO

Issuing a challenge to anyone who has not yet battled me.

6v6 weakmon-to-relatively-weakmon doubles
3-day DQ
2 recovers/5 chills
2 substitutions
Arena: Plateau du Ciel (aka, Objection's abandoned gym arena)

This arena was going to be the home of the flying gym, until its owner was defeated in battle. Since then, it has not been used ... until today!

The battle will take place on a large plateau high in the mountains. Up here, there is no source of water or grass and the wind can be very strong. There is a source of external rocks, but due to the strong wind, moves that require an external rock source like Rock Slide, Rock Throw and and Rock Tomb have their base accuracy lowered by a flat 10%. The wind also makes certain moves easier to use. Blizzard, Defog, Gust, Heat Wave, Hurricane, Icy Wind, Leaf Tornado, Ominous Wind, Razor Wind, Silver Wind, Tailwind, Twister and Whirlwind all have their energy costs reduced by 1.

In addition, there are thermal columns around the arena. The thermals reduce the BAP of Ice-type moves by 2, reduce the duration of Smack Down's effect to 4 actions and modify the energy costs of certain moves. Fly and Sky Drop cost 2 less energy, and Magnet Rise and the Levitate command cost 1 more energy. Roost, Dig and all seismic moves cost 2 more energy if the pokemon using the move is flying or levitating, has a weight class of 4 or less, and is not under the effect of Smack Down or Gravity.

Note: I will not be bringing all flying-types.
ill take the challenge as objection intended it (4 weak nfe's, a 23 move fe and a 24 move fe :D)
All abilitiies
is there anythign else?

Edit: switch=ok
Nous avons besoin d'un ref.
Dropping challenge to Glacier Knight for a challenge of my own!

Battle type: 3v3 Strongmon Singles
DQ Time: 2 days (48 hour period)
Recoveries: 2 recoveries/5 chills
Music: Aalborg Fantasy Soundtracks - Galactic Time
Arena: The Anomaly
Nobody knows how the Anomaly got there. Nobody knows what the Anomaly really is. All they know is that it's the perfect stage to conduct battles. When the fight begins, there will be simply nothing, just a blank blanket of white which makes you think you're going mad. However, as the battle progresses, the Anomaly will shift to adapt to the requirements. If a fish pokemon is sent out, then suddenly a pond will appear to swim in. If a Pokemon uses Rock Slide, rocks will be created from nothing. All that is required the Anomaly provides.

Some other notes:
-While it's not necessary, I'd like an opponent and ref who don't mind using some flavor for this match. The Anomaly can cater to all your whims.
-While I'm not picky, I'd prefer a ref and an opponent who are both active.
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