Data Battle Tower MkII (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!) [SEE POST #6786]


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PKMN Trainer Its_A_Random would like to battle!

4v4 FE Doubles (35 Moves Maximum per Pokémon)
3 Day DQ Time
∞ Recoveries/∞ Chills per Pokémon
2 Substitutions
Arena: Ampersandium
Field Type: And/&
Complexity: Intense
Format: All

Restrictions: No Restrictions.

Description: Here at the Ampers&ium, there is a big & in the middle of the arena, which looks like the ASB Tournament Arena, but what goes on in the arena is heavily influenced by this &. Basically, what this & does is buff everything with & in its name, by move, species, ability, & item. No nicknames, though. Otherwise, go nuts with that Rank 16 Attack Choice B& Rampardos you have always dreamed of using, or that Hippowdon/Excadrill combination for lots of & fun! ^_^


  • The Ampersand in the arena creates an aura which buffs everything with "and" in its name.
    • The Moves: Helping-Hand, Sand-Attack, Sandstorm, & Sand Tomb, all cost 1 less Energy to execute.
    • The Pokémon: Chandelure, Charmander, Landorus, Mandibuzz, Sandile, Sandshrew, Sandslash, & Stoutland, have the EC of all their moves reduced by 1.
    • The following Abilities get the following buffs:
      • Sand Force now boosts the power of Rock/Ground/Steel-Type moves by 3.
      • Sand Rush now triples the Pokémon's Speed.
      • Sand Stream costs 3 less Energy to activate.
      • Sand Veil's 20% Evasion boost is now flat.
    • The following Items get the following buffs:
      • Binding Band now triples the residual damage dealt by trapping moves.
      • Choice Band now doubles the holder's Attack.
      • Focus Band's -2 BAP effect now applies at all times irrespective of the holder's HP.
      • Muscle Band now increases the BAP of Physical attacks by 2.
      • Power Band no longer halves the holder's Speed & now triples the Sp. Defence boost.
      • RageCandyBar's boost is now permanent until the Pokémon switches out.
      • Rare Candy increases the highest true base stat of Atk/Def/SpA/SpD by a further Rank, & the increase to the BAP of STAB moves is increased by a further 1 BAP.
      • Soft Sand now increases the final damage of Ground-Type attacks by 6.
Summary: <~Onion_Bubs> I think you mean "Ampers&ium"

Could you make it 35? Then I'm in

Ok takin'
Items = On
Switch = Ok
Two Abilities
This still needs a ref. It is only going to feature Gerard frustrating me with 9001 things to sub for...

"I am Zero! I require a testing grounds that will strengthen my troops!"

3v3 Doubles/Singles (acceptors choice)
1 weak FE (less than 25 moves) + 2 weak LC (prefer freshmons, but less than 25 moves will do)
All abilities
Training Items
5 Chills / 0 recovers
Let's try the Soup.​
I'll take this. I'm assuming by Soup you mean Unown Soup…
Let's make it Singles.
2 substitutions
2 Day DQ
New page means new search for a ref.
Oh sorry I am kinda a newb at ASB and I am kinda angry also because I had another one of my matches get a sub ref too making two of my first three matches need a subref.
Actually, to be fair, I was just going to request that you get a subref, as my activity will probably be too low for too many matches.
Sorry to hear that 2/3 of your matches have needed a subref, though.
Searching for a battle.
1v1 singles beginner battle
12 hrs DQ
I am allowing my opponent to pick the arena so that I can go last.
I shall take this battle! It will be on the ASB Arena (I know boring right). But you still go first in sending pokemon out, and last in move choice. It doesn't matter who picks the arena; it just matters who requests a battle. Either way, we will have all abilities. And please give me (and our ref) a little leeway on the DQ; 12 hrs is really short, especially to ref. At the very least, give our ref 24 hrs before getting a subref. I personally would wait for a few days, because reffing seems complicated, but IDK.