Data Battle Tower MkII (For all your Match-Seeking Needs!) [SEE POST #6786]

I am gonna put another open challenge this one is kinda like a flashy
1 vs 1 NFE
2recoveries/5 chills
ASB arena
1 day DQ (I would have a real flashy DQ like 4 hours, but I may not have the time)
Training items only (even though I don't have any)
If I missed anything the acceptor can add it in.
I really need to think ahead on this stuff more.

It turns out I can't take kingmitus's challenge right now, I've got stuff going on. His challenge is still open. Sorry about this :/


Banned deucer.

Challenging Birkal, Flamestrike, and Emma (kinda) to a TAG TEAM DOUBLES MATCH

4v4 Doubles FE (Each person brings 2 Pokemon)
All abilities
Switch = ko
2 subs
2 rec/5 chill
ASB Arena
Items ON
2 day DQ

RULES: Emma and I will be on one team; Birkal and Flame will make the other. There will always be one Pokemon from each trainer on the field (unless a trainer has 0 Pokemon). Every trainer posts orders for their one Pokemon between each round, but otherwise, it acts like a Doubles match.