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Resource Battling 101 Learning Resources

Discussion in 'Battling 101' started by IronBullet, Mar 26, 2016.

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    Oct 14, 2009
    Hi everyone! This will serve as an introduction to the various resources we have in B101. Seeing all the threads can be a bit confusing if you're new around here so hopefully this helps to give you guys a better idea of what we have in store for you other than just the tutoring programme. We also moved a lot of the old resources to the archive, so this provides a convenient way to access them.

    Resources for Learning New Metagames

    These are a set of links to various useful threads providing introductions to different Smogon tiers. Credit to all the tier leaders for providing these. We hope you find them useful.

    Battling 101 Basics

    Two of the biggest issues with B101 is that our programme is always limited in spots, and admittedly it might not have always been the best place for people who are completely new to the concept of competitive battling. To combat this, Plus started a YouTube web series called Battling 101 Basics that covers, well, the basics. This is a resource aimed at battlers who have just started playing competitively and are completely new to some of the concepts found in Smogon metagames. They are very short and simple in terms of material.

    Featured Tutor

    This was a series of interviews where we asked official tutors several questions about Battling 101 and their experiences within the programme. The aim was to provide an insight into their thought processes for upcoming battlers, as well as entertainment. Here are the links to the various interviews we conducted:

    Battle Analyses

    These are a set of analyses of battles written to to help give insight to players on valuable battling techniques such as team analysis, set speculation, identifying wincons and long-term thinking. The tutee tournament finals analyses provides commentary on the way the tutees built their teams and how the battle went. It also analyses how the games could have been played better and how certain misplays could have been avoided.

    The Battle of the Week provides an analysis of the performance of top battlers and an in-depth look at the game. The aim is to offer both entertainment and an insight into the players' thought processes, which new battlers can use as an educational tool. Here are the links to the analyses that have been written so far:
    Battle Analyses (open)

    Battling 101 Replays

    This is another YouTube web series that we started. If you want another person's perspective on things you could have done better in a battle but never knew the right person to ask, look no further. The tutoring team is going to be commentating on battle replays submitted to them and posting them on YouTube.

    We aren't looking for the most perfect battles the world has ever seen. In fact, it's quite the opposite! The purpose of this is to provide an educational resource to newer battlers, so we encourage you to submit videos where you know you could have played better but aren't specifically sure what exactly you could have done.

    PM Battling 101 to send us your replays, and we might feature it in one of our videos in the future. If you are feeling a bit camera shy, mention in the PM that you'd like your name (or your opponent's name) to remain confidential. Remember that there's no guarantee that you'll be picked though.
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