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Battling 101 Schedule

Discussion in 'Battling 101' started by Bloo, Jan 28, 2012.

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  1. Bloo

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    Jan 20, 2009
    People are always asking "when is the next Battling 101 sign-up thread going up?" So, in order to stop all of the aforementioned questions, I've made a Battling 101 schedule that lists the date ranges a certain round will be posted on for the remainder of 2013. Note - "January 8th - 10th" means the round for January can be posted on either January 8th, 9th, or 10th. This applies to all of the other rounds / months formatted in this manner.

    Battling 101 Sign-Ups - 2013 Schedule

    • Battling 101 Round 69 Sign-Ups - January 8th - 10th
    • Battling 101 Round 70 Sign-Ups - February 5th - 7th
    • Battling 101 Round 71 Sign-Ups - March 5th - 7th
    • Battling 101 Round 72 Sign-Ups - April 2nd - 4th
    • Battling 101 Round 73 Sign-Ups - May 1st - 3rd
    • Battling 101 Round 74 Sign-Ups - June 29th - 31st
    • Battling 101 Round 75 Sign-Ups - July 15th - 17th
    • Battling 101 Round 76 Sign-Ups - August 12th - 14th
    • Battling 101 Round 77 Sign-Ups - September 8th - 10th
    • Battling 101 Round 78 Sign-Ups - October 6th - 8th
    • Battling 101 Round 79 Sign-Ups - November 3rd - 5th
    • Battling 101 Round 80 Sign-Ups - December Holiday Break - Battling 101 will resume in 2014.
    Each time a round goes up, it will be crossed off here. Furthermore, a few days before posting the rounds, a Battling 101 staff member will post the time and date the newest round sign-up thread will go up. For example, if I plan on posting the thread at 5 PM EST on January 28th, I'll post here a few days saying something along the lines of "The next round will be posted on January 28th at 5 PM eastern time".

    I hope this schedule proves useful to those who keep missing out - mark these dates on your calendar if you really don't want to miss out!
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  2. Limitless

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    Jun 15, 2008
    Round 79 will be posted tomorrow (November 3rd) at 5 PM EST.
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