[Beginner] Brawl Mafia - Game over! Rejects and smashlloyd20 win!


As you all gather around, you notice people might be there, and they might not. Really, you notice 4 people missing! First, Nightmare Jigglypuff doesn't appear to be around. You look for an hour or so until you finally find the little puffball in a singing contest with smashlloyd20. Looks like smash was winning until the puffball brought out the marker. Next, rickheg appears to be gone. Looks like he went off to go play in a ping pong tournament, but he's back now. Also, Wild Eep is gone. Looks like you found him on the ground... DEAD! Looks like he was given some message, then died from hearing it. Words kill, man.

He was...

Dear Wild Eep,
you are Duos.

You are a two-sided giant creature on a wheel made up of many Mr. Game and Watch’s. With two sides, one side having longer range guns while the other has close range swords, you can wreck havoc on the Halberd and anyone who dares stand in your way on it. Because of your amazing ability to smash the heck out of everything, and the fact that you’re dual sided, you joined the Bosses to cause more havoc outside of the Halberd.

At night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Spin around <user>”, you will spin around <user>, causing a forcefield of some sort around them, guarding them from everything that comes near them.

In addition, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Day X - Slice, then shoot at <user>”, you will use both sides to divert attention away from the original lynch target, and towards <user>. While this diversion is going on, you will grab the lynch target, leaving <user> in their place. Everyone will lynch <user> instead of you. However, since it would be too suspicious if this happened twice, you can only use this power once during the game.

You are allied with the Bosses. You win if you demolish all threats.
Last, you notice that Rayquaza2233 isn't here. You look around, but find him hiding in a corner, dead. Looks like he was grabbed and killed by some unknown force. Jedi in the building!

He was...

Dear Rayquaza2233,
you are Tabuu.

You are a humanoid creature created from some sort of weird energy. Able to make many different types of weapons, you can also alter your size, grow wings, create portals, and do a heck of a lot of stuff to kill anything near you. With your awesome powers, even if you lost control of the Hands, you still joined with the Bosses to destroy all Playable Characters.

At night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Energy Surge”, you will shoot out a large burst of energy, which will give you control of the weather. In the body of your PM, you can put what the weather will be. This is purely for flavor, however, and won’t affect anyone.

In addition, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Teleport behind <user>”, you will teleport behind <user> and snatch their role PM before <user> can notice you.

You are allied with the Bosses. You win if you demolish all threats.
Bosses have been beaten! New Record: 6 Days

To those who are strong enough to be known as the “Bosses”, you were all kicked out from the city for your massive strength, and intimidating appearances. Beyond being extremely powerful beings, you also harbor a hatred towards the Playable Characters for their removing of you, and as for the Rejects, you figured you might as well kill them too, since they’d get in the way of your glorious rise to power. You don’t really care about them at all, but enjoy that feeling of destroying everything. You have grown closer, and learned of each other, knowing that...

Rayquaza2233 - Tabuu - Weatherman, Inspector
undisputed - Meta Ridley - Persuader, Hooker
danmantincan - Rayquaza - Stun Grabber
Wild Eep - Duos - Omniguard, 1-time Lynch redirect

undisputed is the leader, danmantincan is second-in-command, Rayquaza2233 is third-in-command, and Wild Eep is last on the totem pole. At night, the leader may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Sending <Boss> to kill <user>”, to have <Boss> kill <user>. Tabuu kills with Red Rings, Meta Ridley kills with fireballs, Rayquaza kills with Outrage, and Duos kills by jumping on their target. When the leader dies, the second-in-command will become the leader, then the third-in-command, etc.

With such amazing powers, not even the greatest of Playable Characters can stand up to your might, and the Rejects will fall like flies. Also, because you were the ones who killed them, you know that Lucas, Pikachu, Fox, and Lucario “forgot” to join up with the Playable Characters before this feud started. Also, since Tabuu seems to know all, you know that the Playable Characters have no Post Restrictors, Weathermen, Alliance Checkers, or Rogues.

Time to show off your awesome power, and destroy all in your way. Good luck with demolition.
As you all charge towards the home, you kill Jigglypuff. That poor puffball couldn't make it. Wolf and Toon Link seem to get out on Wolf's ship, but you give chase as fast as you can. Huh...

The next day, you all seem to glare at Fire Blast. Looks like he missed. Not 100%, as you all decide to Hydro Pump him! That takes out the flame in his... erm... hair?

He is...

Dear Fire Blast,
you are Bowser Jr..

You are the son of Bowser, and assumed to be the youngest of his eight children. You have tried several times to help your dad defeat Mario, by either using your Shadow Mario disguise, or controlling warships, but so far you have always failed. As a younger version of Bowser, who was already accepted into the Playable Characters, you were rejected despite your own unique skills, so you joined the Rejects to fight against the Playable Characters.

At night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Talk to <user> as Mario”, you will disguise yourself as Mario and talk to <user>, asking for their full role PM. Since you are obviously the trustworthy Mario, they will give it to you.

In addition, at night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Paint red goop on <user>”, you will paint red unmagical goop on <user>, and if anyone targets <user>, the paint will come off <user> and onto whoever targeted <user>. If <user> targets someone, the paint will also transfer to the targeted user. This paint has no real powers, though it looks suspiciously like a Gooey Bomb.

Your teams details are in a separate PM.

You are allied with the Rejects. You win if all threats are eliminated.
As you all stare at how that happened, time flies when your killing baddies. Nobody's really sure how fast that happened, but it happened.

"Now, if you will all change your attention to the master of aura, he will let you know of our current situation" loudkirbyking stated, being quite calm. "He has the weather re-, oh wrong show, sorry. Anyway, aura, you were saying?"
Everyone would be shocked to learn that such an innocent-seeming person is a Reject, but you were already told this by a large dragon. Either way, this death has got some of you fighting mad, and suddenly rickheg is turned into a trophy! Looks like he ran out of lives.

Role PM said:
Dear rickheg,
you are Kirby.

You are that pink blobbish marshmallow puffball thingy that guards Dreamland with your ability to copy whatever you eat. You have many powers up your, um, stomach, such as Swords, Hammers, Bows, turning into stones, or just free fist fighting and throwing foes like pancakes. After noticing that all the food was around the Playable Characters, you joined them so you could get some grub.

You have an amazing ability to copy anything you eat. After someone dies, now that they’re still you can eat them and use whatever power they had. However, your stomach isn’t perfect, so you only get the power of whoever died last that night or day. And, since Bosses are too big to eat, and the Rejects aren’t worth your stomach, you can only eat the dead Playable Characters.

You are allied with the Playable Characters, you win if all threats are eliminated.
With every main Nintendo character now dead, the Playable Characters panic and run in circles, wondering what to do. Suddnely, Nightmare jigglypuff stops running and falls to the ground, dead. His body has been cut in half by some kind of light disc.

Role PM said:
Dear Nightmare jigglypuff,
you are Pit.

You are a small angel boy from Kid Icarus. Somehow getting trapped in the Underworld, Palutena gives you a magic bow and sends you off to defeat Medusa, as you traversed through many perilous dungeons and traps with your iconic angel wings and bow. Originally watching the fight from above, when the Hands asked for help, you flew down to aid the Playable Characters, with Palutena’s permission, of course.

At night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Put shield up in front of <user>”, you will guard <user> with your magical shield, blocking all non-killing attempts at them.

You are allied with the Playable Characters, you win if all threats are eliminated.
Finally, the Playable Characters go insane. They screech and howl into the sky as they rush Xaqwais and use their combined powers to completely destroy him. His spirit floats away, but without a doll-body to inhabit, he can't harm anyone anymore.

Role PM said:
Dear Xaqwais,
you are Geno.

You are a bodyless being from Star Road, that once helped Mario save the Mushroom Kingdom. You showed amazing mastery with light and energy, and proved you were more powerful and more awesome then Mario. Despite both your powers, and being one of the most wanted Playable Characters, you were rejected, so you teamed up with your fellow Rejects to get revenge.

At night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Possess <user1> and attack <user2>”, you will possess the body of <user1> and have them target <user2> instead of their original target. This doesn’t work on the tough and one-track mind of killers.

In addition, at night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Geno Beam <user>”, you will shoot a beam of light energy at <user>, and based on <user>’s reaction, you will determine their ability.

Your teams details are in a separate PM.

You are allied with the Rejects. You win if all threats are eliminated.
Now, the final four. Four people. They stand in a rough square, staring each other down, seeing who will make the first move. Soon, everyone's eyes fall upon dukefan5, the final Reject. The hopes and dreams of his entire team ride with him. However, the eerie silence is not to last.


Role PM said:
Dear smashlloyd20,
you are the Announcer.

You are the announcer who speaks during fights between the Playable Characters. Your short and sweet phrases have inspired confidence in some, and defeat in others. You are expected to keep all fights exciting, and since this is a large fight over the City, you must make it extra exciting.

At night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - SUCCESS!”, with a message less then 140 characters long written in the body of the PM, and the message will be displayed in the morning update.

In addition, at night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - A new record <user>!”, you will add <user> to the high score list, and to make sure you have all of <user>’s info correct, you will take his full role PM.

Also, at night, your voice is strong enough for two more commands. Any more then two and your voice will become too tired to continue. At night, you may send two more PMs to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - <user> defeated!”, to eliminate <user> from the game, or “Night X - Failure <user>!”, <user> will be so depressed that they will stay home and not do anything that night, or “Night X - Game over <user>!”, killers will think <user> has been eliminated and will leave <user> alone that night, or “Night X - Congratulations <user>!”, <user> will celebrate his awesomeness and only a heartless killer will stop his celebrations. You cannot use the same night action twice in a single night.

Finally, since you introduced everyone, you know that Wario decided not to help the Playable Characters, and that you are the only Announcer in the game.

You are allied with no one, and with everyone. You win if the Playable Characters win with 3 or less members remaining, or if the Rejects win with 1 member remaining, or if the Bosses win with 1 member remaining. You do not have to survive the game to win, but please note that if one alliance has a guaranteed win with more members alive then your win condition requires, you lose automatically; no alliance is allowed to let you win.
Everyone makes a short remark about the strange announcer, but suddenly Hydrattler collapses! He was the victim of a vicious mental assault, from a very dangerous assailant.

Role PM said:
Dear Hydrattler,
you are Ness.

You are a young boy with powerful psychic powers, known as PSI. After being warned by the alien Buzz Buzz that aliens were invading the earth, you travel across the earth to protect it from aliens. While traveling, you wandered into the City as the Hands were asking for help, and as a veteran member of the Playable Characters, you happily joined in.

At night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Throw Mr. Saturn at <user>”, you will throw a Mr. Saturn at <user>, who will become so annoyed that <user> targets you instead of their original target.

You are allied with the Playable Characters, you win if all threats are eliminated.

This is it. dukefan5 and Lady Salamence stare each other off, as the final two players alive. Lady Salamence grabs a pikmin and throws, but dukefan5 blasts it out of the air with a blue energy beam, then with a wave of his hand sends Lady Salamence to the ground, dead. The ultimate fighting creation proved victorious!

Role PM said:
Dear Lady Salamence,
you are Captain Olimar.

You are a worker, and pilot for the company Hocotate Freight. Crashing on an unknown planet twice, you met and befriended strange creatures known as “Pikmin” in order to aid in going back, or paying off your debt. After meeting the other Captain, and seeing the Hands needed help, you decided to prove you’re braver then you look and joined the Playable Characters.

At night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Throw a Pikmin on <user>”, you will throw one of your pikmin on <user>, who will stay on them throughout the night. When night is done, the pikmin will come back to you and tell you who <user> targetted.

You are allied with the Playable Characters, you win if all threats are eliminated.
The Playable Characters have been eliminated!

Role PM said:
Dear dukefan5,
you are Mewtwo.

You are an artificially created Pokemon with unbelievable Psychic powers. Shortly after being made, you became a devastating and unstoppable force; since then, many powerful Pokemon rivaling you have been discovered, but you are still extremely dangerous. You used to be a decent fighter, but the last time the Playable Characters made a major change to their member list, you were rejected and removed from the City, so you joined the Rejects to get back into the City.

At night, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Disable <user>”, you will stun <user> and stop them from doing anything that night.

In addition, you may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Safeguard <user>”, you will guard <user> from everyone except killers, whose raw power will break through your guard.

Your teams details are in a separate PM.

You are allied with the Rejects. You win if all threats are eliminated.
Rejects Team PM said:
If you are receiving this top-secret PM, you are banned from the City. Nobody wants you. You were forgotten, abandoned by the creators of the City, not considered worthy of acceptance in the Playable Characters. You have been rejected. And you want revenge. To do this, you have teamed up with other forgotten fighters to form the Rejects. Together, the four of you will conquer the City and destroy the Playable Characters who refused to accept you. The elite team which has formed to take the city include...

Xaqwais - Geno - Non-Kill Redirector, Ability Checker
Fire Blast - Bowser Jr. - Painter, Inspector
Slim Guldo - Mega Man - Kidnapper, Sylar
dukefan5 - Mewtwo - Hooker, Safeguard

Slim Guldo is the leader, dukefan5 is second-in-command, Xaqwais is third-in-command, and Fire Blast is last on the totem pole. At night, the leader may send a PM to loudkirbyking and auramaster titled, “Night X - Sending <Reject> to kill <user>”, to have <Reject> kill <user>. Geno will kill with Geno Whirl, Bowser Jr. will kill with a fireball, Mega Man will kill with blaster shots, and Mewtwo will kill with Psychic. When the leader dies, the second-in-command will become the leader, then the third-in-command, etc.

With such undeniably powerful members, the Playable Characters and the pathetic Bosses won’t stand a chance of survival. In addition, the four of you have done some reconnaissance, and have determined that Marth, Zelda, Link, and Ganondorf decided not to help the Playable Characters, and that none of the Playable Characters are capable of checking Abilities, asking questions, gaining powers over time, or checking dead users to see what alliance killed them.

The citizens of the City deserve to die. Your job is to make sure that happens. Good luck.

Congratulations to the Rejects and smashlloyd20 for winning Brawl Mafia!!! Expect postgame to be written over the weekend, but until then, enjoy the sheet.

Also, VERY IMPORTANT, we need your help for a great postgame. First, if you have the logs of any funny chats on #brawlmafia, whether or not they are about the game, PM them to me or loudkirbyking, and they might be posted in the postgame just for fun :) More importantly, we are going to let everyone vote on the Postgame Awards! Whether you played or watched, please post your vote for the following categories...

Best Playable Character:

Best Reject:

Best Boss:

Best new player:

Best move:

Worst move:

Most entertaining move:

Best luck:

Worst luck:


Thanks to everyone for playing, we hope you enjoyed Brawl Mafia!


Its 2015 somewhere
is a Past SPL Championwon the 2nd Smogon VGC Tournament
Best Playable Character:
Quagsires, he honestly tried his best to get the village to win, but people are idiots, and scum, but mostly idiots.
Best Reject:
dukefan5, by safeguarding Quagsires and Steven Snype, he caused Athenodoros to not trust Quagsires, fucking the village up in so many different ways
Best Boss:
Sorry, I honestly don't see any really good decisions. Undisputed played well for a while, but... yeah.
Best New Player:
As a new player myself, I don't really know actually, pardons to all.
Best Move:
There weren't as many Good moves that I saw when I was playing, so IDK really.
Worst Move:
The lynching of Quagsires, 110%
Most entertaining move:
The village in their numerous attempts of randlynching and paying the cost
Best Luck:
I have to say Rayquaza2233, mainly because it was so fucking obvious that he was scum, oh well.
Worst Luck:
Quagsires, fucking horrible luck lol.
This one is difficult, but I have to weigh the odds. Village got insurmountably fucked when quagsires was lynched, and dukefan5 was one of the main factors for that, so I think that he deserves MVP.

While this may not have been a best game to start with, I'm glad that I finally got into mafia, and I hope that I do better in- wait, they already killed me? What? Okay... hmmm, um, well maybe next sign-ups then, yeah.
Here is the Rejects Spread:https://spreadsheets0.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=tWNr-wb4maKO1WHJro0l4fg&authkey=CJmgrMwB#gid=0

It was pretty much complete after Night 3 due to the large village leak and some important inspections by Xaqwais and Fire Blast. I'll save the rest for post game.

For those interested, here is the plan that officially ended the game.

<dukefan5> alright, with that knowledge i do have a foolproof plan, as long as i and smash do what we are supposed to
01[21:43] <dukefan5> it works like this. currently, 4 village 3 reject 2 boss you. we both hook / kill bosses tonight. its 4 village 3 reject you. then, we lynch blast, the most useless reject left. its now 4 village 2 reject, you. then we kill 2 villagers. its 2 village 2 reject you. now we lynch xaqwais. its now 2 village 1 reject you. you kill a villager, i kill you. its 1 village 1 reject. tied lynch. i then kill the last villager. this way. game ends with me alive. and only me alive. you win. i win. we all happy
01[21:43] <dukefan5> replace you with smash and it'll all make sense
Owww... what happened? Good game, though. Too bad the game was called before I could participate in a ZOMBIE LYNCH! Muahahaha!

lynch Ditto

Oh wait, I did it anyway. As far as my votes go, here they are:

Best Playable Character: iiMKUltra - he actually lynched a mafioso without looking scummy himself. PCs overall failed pretty hard.

Best Reject: dukefan5 - he seemed to have a very good handle on everything going down in the game. Also, had he not contacted undisputed, I might not have suspected him for some time.

Best Boss: danmantincan - after undisputed's quick lynch, he gave us the leadership we needed, and his demise was pretty much the end of us.

Best new player: Fire Blast - he was the only new player on the winning team, and the PC newbies were ehhh like the PC veterans. I was a newbie too, but I give Fire Blast the edge.

Best move: lynching Quagsires >:D

Worst move: probably our gambit to take the village by making Snype look scummy d1. I thought he was gonna be Reject until he (as Quagsires) was actually lynched. But losing a Boss as early as we did (and a hook to boot) really stung and put us behind the 8-ball all the way.

Most entertaining move: The revolving door of lynch targets on day 6. This was my day 6 in a nutshell:

Best luck: inspecting three rejects on three straight days.

Worst luck: dan being the day 5 lynch target. That or my protection being utterly useless vs. crossfire when both hooks and redirects were able to conquer it.

MVP: dukefan5 - can't go wrong with the last reject standing.

Also the announcer is a mad broken neutral. I'm sure the hosts have heard that enough from me, though :P
Best Playable Character: iiMKUltra - from the time I subbed in, no-one else fucking did anything.

Best Reject: Xaqwais - I had no reason to suspect him as mafia, and it took me a while before I believed dan.

Best Boss: danmantincan - If only because he made my job so much easier

Best new player: Eep - Dunno really, but he seems to have picked up on the mafia basics pretty fast.

Best move: The mafias outing each other and neither of them denying it.

Worst move: Smash siding with the mafias D6. Yeah he won, but in another game he probably wouldn't. Not a smart play at all.

Most entertaining move: Mafia outage.

Best luck: Smash. He should not have won. Rejects, I am disappoint (before someone asks, I'm not mad).

Worst luck: MEEEEEEE for having Smash make a fucking terrible play.

MVP: Well, I improved the village's chances greatly by actually managing to lynch a mafia, so iiMKUltra
Best Playable Character: Probably iiMKUltra as he is the only person who lynched a mafia. Honorable mention goes to Quagsires!

Best Reject: I think we were a pretty equal faction all around, but I'm gonna go with Xaq for being totally trusted!

Best Boss: the amount of info obtained by undisputed wins him this in my eyes

Best new player: Going to go with fire blast, but it's really close between him and eep and I'm just going with my teammates here! Plus fire blast did effectively clean Xaq, which allowed him to mole with ease!

Best move: Undisputed giving us all the info!

Worst move: SMASHLLOYD KILLING ME >:( I'd say lynching Quagsires over obvious mafia Slim Guldo!

Most entertaining move: Fire Blast painting Bob Squob, Cereza and LS (via other people) and watching them all panic!

Best luck: Smashlloyd, surely the name announcer set a few alarm bells ringing in the village and he seemed to change sides a lot. had I lived on I would've killed him because he was a bit of a nuisance!

Worst luck: Quagsires - not sure why you got lynched but i was pretty happy when you were!

MVP: Xaq, there weren't really very many good plays in this game!

Overall I'm pleased that we still won, and I've learnt that there can in fact be different win condition designs in games!
Oh baby~

gg to everyone though some of you may not deserve it :>

Best Playable Character: I wanna say iiMKUltra, but he only got a confirmed lynch because of me giving him danman. Just kidding he did a splendid job.

Best Reject: dukefan5 was really our leader. Check the MVP section, cause (spoilers) he's my MVP for this game.

Best Boss: Rayquaza2233. His mole was a big deal, even though I don't know if it was entirely his doing. He must have played off village well enough though, so props to him.

Best new player: Hm, I guess I gotta say Fire Blast, but it could also have been WildEep. Blast was kinda in the background for us, but then again, his N0 inspect on Smash was awesome as well as him cleaning me which got me sheet access, and let's not forget the paint!

Best move: Rejects allying with Smash before anyone else did.

Worst move: Atheno leading lynch on Quags. Then again, 6 out of 9 votes for him were mafia as well as the abstain that sealed the deal, so most of the village were smart enough not to vote for him.

Most entertaining move: This may seem conceited but my revealing IRC message that went into #brawlmafia instead of #clover, our mafia channel.

[06:04:11:15:52] <Xaqwais> I sent a desperation pm to eep explaining how he will lose is smash sides wiht village after I die, but it's all one big bluff cause I don't mention priority in kils
[06:04:11:15:54] * auramaster has quit IRC (Ping timeout)
[06:04:11:15:54] <Xaqwais> wooop
[06:04:11:15:55] <Xaqwais> well priority
[06:04:11:15:55] <iiMKUltra> smash is a neut then
[06:04:11:15:55] <iiMKUltra> ?
[06:04:11:15:53] <dukefan5> xaq...why did you just both that in the main chat
[06:04:11:15:53] <Xaqwais> fuck I didn't mean to say that
[06:04:11:15:53] <dukefan5> where eeps teammate is
[06:04:11:15:54] <Xaqwais> Shittt
[06:04:11:15:54] <Xaqwais> my bad man
[06:04:11:15:54] <dukefan5> lol
[06:04:11:15:54] <dukefan5> no worries
Because of it, Duke bargained with MK to trade Smash's role PM in exchange for a vote on Eep. Eep then posted Smash's role flat out, where Duke, Eep, and Smash then organized a stealth lynch on iiMKUltra. Very funny.

Best luck: Smash. Bad village, amazing role, us essentially guaranteeing his win.

Worst luck: Bob Squob. Got killed due to Snype giving him the wrong roll name. Unfortunate for a first timer.

Bob_Squob said:
Steven Snype said:
Hey, can you hook Slim_Guldo tonight?
That was said PM.
MVP: dukefan5 hands down. Our mafia wasn't terrible, but was disorganized when Slim was still alive due to his time zone being so radically different than the rest of us. Once he died, Duke took control and did a fantastic job of doing it. He organized our night results, helped me with how to deal with Bagman and MK when I was moling the village, got Smash on our side and kept him there, organized the stealth lynch on MK, figured out the gameplan to win for sure, and lastly, was a great teammate/nice guy overall.

All my decisions were run through or suggested by him. He did give me the chance to out Smash to the village, but good thing I decided not to, haha.

So yeah, lynchvote dukefan5! No one else provided such a positive impact for their team.


Official Smogon Know-It-All
I've got to admit that I tuned out a bit towards the end, but I always had an eye to the game. Anyway, what I thought:

Best Playable Character: Not really sure, because when I was alive everyone was failing, even if to various degrees. MK seems to have done well though, so maybe him.

Best Reject: Probably Xaq. He was the mafia that got the closest to my trust, and as we saw in this game I can occasionally be a bit paranoid ;) He played well.

Best Boss: Definitely Ray. He moled the village in the first place, and I'd say that was when the village really lost the game. Hell, when the Snype realised the village was moled, he took sheet access away from everyone except Ray and masterful I think, so he did well.

Best new player: Probably Fire Blast. He played well.

Best move: I don't know what to put here. I would say Ray moling, but aura tells me he basically just claimed and was given sheet access. Wasn't really anything amazing in particular.

Worst move: My God, I could go on forever. A brief summary of slops: Snype giving 7 people sheet access, of which one was mafia; undisputed shooting his mouth off about all the mafia knew, when they could have just sat back and had an easy victory; me lynching Quagsires, even though I still would say that given what I had at the time it was a reasonable lynch; the village basically only trusting mafiosos at one point in the game, because the other villagers just weren't as proactive and the mafias had such believable claims; lol the end of the game when everyone just came out with everything.

Most entertaining move: the shitstorm at the end, when everyone just yelled mafia at everyone else and was right

Best luck: smashlloyd, who I have to be honest did not deserve to win. Claiming announcer was a dumb idea, and if anyone on the village hadn't been distracted by everyone failing so hard, he would have been picked up immediately. I know that I was going to investigate him if I hadn't died that night.

Worst luck: the village as a whole: the mafia had hugely believable roles, just because they all claimed the same thing and everyone reasoned that they couldn't possibly all be mafia (think 3 purely flavour claims, which were all proven). Also, I'd like a vote for me, because apparently I was hooked N0. Imagine how different the game would have been if my inspect had gone through.

MVP: hmmm. Too many slops and not enough props to say for sure, but I'd go with Ray. He was the deciding factor in how the game played out from about D1, although it wasn't due to any great brilliance on his part.

It was a fun game for the most part though. I've definitely learned that I am actually just too paranoid for mafia (lol), but I enjoyed it. Thanks, aura and lkk.
Well, I was ignorant throughout the entire game, did very little to help the village, and got lynched for a misunderstanding that I could have explained if I got here earlier. Not a great first game. I can at least take solace that I was aligned with the right people the whole time.

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Best Playable Character: Spiffy. He died twice with two different abilities. I think he has a broken ability He had almost all the mafia members figured out. The only person he didn't ID was Ray, and assuming he would've kept actions. Funny part is I reasoned that the mafia wouldn't have only a flavor role, but I felt more comfortabletrusting the people that wouldn't have only a flavor-claiming role. xDDDDDDD
Best Move: Using up the KPV to use up lynch redirect "There is no reason for people to not be voting for Snype. I expect every to do so, and won't look kindly on people who don't. I'm also still missing a few claims and actions, and they should be sent in immediately."

Best Reject ): Fire Blast (Though a terrible fake that would've been found out the night after I died)

Best BOSS(TOISE): Rayquaza2233 Just a homie and probably best player in the game. :)

Best Neutral: None. All neutrals barely talked to me and faked results terribly, which I forged when lynching undis xD. The one I posted didn't have undisputed's name spelt right nor his name bolded.

Most Fun Moment: Being a HUGE dick
fucking everybody said:
Best Playable Character: iiMKUltra
Total bullshit. >:O
Danman got lynched because I had him marked in BRIGHT FREAKING RED before getting subbed out. And he only got marked as scum because Xaqwais was pulling the strings on the village spread.

Best Playable Character: Not Applicable. We were kind of screwed from the beginning, with Snype not only getting moled, but also filling the spread with bunk information. :(

Best Reject: Xaqwais, he was marked as clean in the village spreadsheet (by either Snype/Quags/Atheno, not sure who) thus causing me to give him access.

Best Boss: Rayquaza2232, moled Snype's spread.

Best new player: Wild Eep/Fire Blast, the new mafiosos had a distinct advantage over the new village players as they had their teammates to help them out.

Best move: Mafia engineering and supporting the Quagsires lynch. Not sure if it was intentional on the part of undisputed, but he sowed enough doubt to get it to go through.

Worst move: Bosses not cross-firing the Rejects when they were down. Sure it would have risked a (completely undeserved) village victory, but you had no chance against the Rejects without striking first.

Most entertaining move: The undisputed/Snype argument war at the beginning of the game.

Best luck: Smashlloyd20, siding with Rejects for the win, when it was very possible that they would have won with too many players.

Worst luck: Deinosaur and I, for being the only village players to see the bad update (mafia pretty much had completed spreads by that point) and thus having to be subbed out.

MVP: Xaqwais, he got the village to lynch an enemy mafia, which proved to be the turning point in giving the Rejects the win.
Best Playable Character: Quagsires/StevenSnype for sticking to their guns.

Best Reject: dukefan5, he basically won his team the game with his play.

Best Boss: I would actually say undisput3d, his ploy to get into the village spreadsheet made my moling go unnoticed. He also wrote all of our fakes.

Best new player: WildEep played like a champ for someone that's new to mafia.

Best move: Whoever inspected all the Bosses. >:(

Worst move: Snype trusting me and giving me sheet access after I accidentally pasted the wrong role PM in a chat with him. LOL

Most entertaining move: Lynching iiMKUltra. It wasn't even stealthy. His reaction was priceless.

Best luck: smash. Holy hell, no idea how he stayed undercover for so long.

Worst luck: Spiffy, as usual. XMFD Or us, depending on how quickly we were inspected. Also the whole "wildeep" situation when there was a result mixup.

MVP: either duke or smash.

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Ray, care to explain how you got access? Snype can step up here as well.

Smash stayed undercover cause I covered for him.
tbh i don't really recall xD just had a bias towards flavor roles. Forgot that aura likes to give flavor roles to people of all factions.

Smash didn't do too well at faking results, and as soon as I realized that I had added two flavor people to the sheet and smash was faking results, I didn't want either mafia to give info about the third mafia, so I left that out of the sheet. Though I do want to hear about Smash's story.

Also, I'm not going to link to the sheet since apparently even Bagman had access to my sheet, who neither me nor Quag completely trusted yet.
Just wanted to throw it out there that I really did believe Snype was part of the other mafia. I would've done something similar to Snype's claim with the roles the bosses had to make myself look like a legitimate leader.

Also, mainly directed at athenodoros, outing all the village roles before I died did exactly what it was intended to do. Everyone in the village got super paranoid and they didn't stand a chance at all.

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Just wanted to throw it out there that I really did believe Snype was part of the other mafia. I would've done something similar to Snype's claim with the roles the bosses had to make myself look like a legitimate leader.
I thought I told you prior to the game that I wanted a village role since I was tired of being anti-village, and the only thing I hadn't done was lead a village (which worked out very well as you can see by the result of this game), hence why I opposed Deino leading N0. Also, I didn't claim my role since I wanted night actions to target me while the few people that claimed to me n0 could prove themselves so that they wouldn't be hooked/SG'd/etc since I would've expected almost everyone to claim a village role and the only way to disprove roles is by results. Whoever lies has no reason to lie if they're a village.

In retrospect, I should've only added 3 people to sheet: the one BG claim, the village safeguard (cleaned by the BG), and the tracker. (Who the hell has a mafia tracker?) I do take responsibility though for telling Bob he was hooker when tbh, I didn't really pay much attention to any PM details except for claims I was heavily suspicious of (Slim, duke) with RL crap going on.

Still though, said RL crap couldn't keep me from laughing day 3. Good shit, Athenodoros. Good shit.

MVP to Athenodoros for helping a faction win very quickly and making me p2. :)

Also like to confirm that all players in this game on my fb liked the status, which was "Some people are just too stupid to reason with..." Congratulations Deino! =]

FBlast was very suspicious as he was avoiding me on IRC. khz/Rayquaza would've taken a while to figure out though. What made me opt to give Ray access to sheet was that he claimed weather change with ability, when if I had taken a couple more minutes to think about it I should've realized that flavor role + ability isn't at all unfair for a mafia, and I should've had an opposite reaction.

Activity though did play a major role with an idle/inactive reverse martyr.

EDIT: FBlast, I didn't really buy your claim too much. You weren't the most suspicious, but you weren't near close to consider giving sheet access.