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[Beginner] Mob Mafia - Game over! The M.O.B. win!

Discussion in 'Circus Maximus' started by auramaster, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. khz


    May 20, 2010
    Yay, we win. I would have liked to take a bigger part in this game but after I missed a large grammar issue in my role PM and sent it to ILL unedited I realised I wasn't going to be trusted an awful lot and so would be marginally helpful at best. Oh well, was still fun.
  2. Rayquaza2233


    Oct 8, 2008
    I accidentally talked to iiMKUltra instead of ILL once, I'm surprised I survived the whole game.
  3. ck49


    Oct 24, 2009
    Sorry I wasn't as active in this game as I'd have liked to be, but I figured we'd be hosting before the previous one and lately my exams have been creeping up. Aura Master handled it pretty well though. Also the Name mix up on the day 2? lynch was my fault.

    The postgame will be up soon, we're working on it.
  4. Brammi


    Jan 12, 2010
    I didn't count it as a scumtell until you started hard buddying with ginga and echoing his views on hydrattler. Had hydrat not claimed and flipped scum you would have definantly been lynched. I know I played badly so I shouldn't comment on other people's play but you would do well to keep yourself independant.

    GG guys. Thank God USam came in because I was tearing my hair out at UP's plans.
  5. ginganinja

    ginganinja It's all coming back to me now
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Apr 13, 2009

    Yeah I was deliberately kidnapping myself seeing as kidnapping a villy was kinda worthless when you still had vote majority. Also if I got lynched while kidnapped I die so hahaha
  6. Yoko Yuri

    Yoko Yuri

    May 26, 2008
    Whoh this game seems really cool, def wanna join the next one
  7. Tsuk


    Jul 1, 2010
    i wish i had copied more useful roles in this game, i protected ill from death one night, but other than that i either got roles with no night action or i wasn't told a target by the village leader at the time. at least i didn't die.
  8. Da Letter El

    Da Letter El Officially internet famous
    is a Forum Moderator

    Mar 28, 2008
    good job, M.O.B.

    props to dukefan for figuring out things with me. He played well.

    Sorry to UncleSam for not realizing that the night actions that we were doing were largely pointless by thinking about who was confirmed and who wasn't, but then again, neither of us did, so I guess we both are to blame there.
  9. UncleSam

    UncleSam Leading this village
    is a Forum Moderator

    May 12, 2009
    They were only "pointless" because Dukefan/Tsuk were not mafia. I don't consider it "pointless" that we cleaned over half the village in one night, even if we only confirmed one mafia. In the end it led to checking Hydrattler at least one night earlier than he otherwise would have been.
  10. LifeAdmiral


    Sep 27, 2010
    For the record, I got checked N0 as the wolf. Night fucking 0. With no protection.

    I was fucked.
  11. Athenodoros

    Athenodoros Official Smogon Know-It-All

    Mar 13, 2010
    Thanks for dragging me down with you.
  12. Da Letter El

    Da Letter El Officially internet famous
    is a Forum Moderator

    Mar 28, 2008
    Nah, the people we were checking were already clear unclesam, lol. I didn't think about how gts and engineer really could be nothing but town. The people who were cleared were cleared prior to n5, we actually cleared no one on n5.
  13. Hextator


    Feb 11, 2011
    I won?!

    I WON!

  14. UltraPorygon


    Mar 27, 2010
    See? I knew we had to lynch The General! But, since you (BAN ME PLEASE) refused to vote for him, now the U.S.S.R. has destroyed the world!

    This game was fun and pretty cool. Also, the Spiffyroll actually happened this time! :toast:

    Props to everyone who led the village during the game, and to some other people, like GTS, who helped the M.O.B. a lot as an alliance checker.

  15. auramaster


    Dec 17, 2008
    Mob Mafia Postgame!


    The village in this game is a little unique. Originally, they were all supposed to have interesting and powerful roles, but this gave them a huge advantage over the Mafia, so they were given a fairly significant nerf before the game started. This village also included two new roles, and had two Bodyguards and Safeguards so if one died, the village wasn’t completely doomed. The other interesting thing about the village was that everyone had a night action, every night. This was mostly for our benefit so we could tell if they are active or not. Well, originally it was like that, though Baby Mario was thrown in to nerf the village. Thankfully, most people were active.

    macle: Flattened Night 1.

    Role description: We wanted everyone to have a night action, so after looking through older Mafia games, we came up with this slightly useful Inspector. It could discover the wolf, and figure out which Mafia was killing whom if the kill flavor didn’t give it away. I expected macle to be name-Inspected, so I didn’t want him to have one of the village’s power roles.

    Comments: macle was inspected by both Mafia N0, and was rand-Silenced. Despite knowing he had a nearly useless role, Manafii101 had him killed N1. Didn’t get to do anything while he was alive, except for complaining about the lack of an update before deadline <_<

    Hextator: Lynched Day 2

    Role Description: We didn’t want the village to lose all Safeguarding due to one lucky randkill, so we split the Safeguard up into two different people. The Psychic power was just for fun, and so that they could have a night action every night. I knew this wouldn’t be a difficult role to use, so I gave it to a random new player.

    Comments: He wanted to use the Psychic power to communicate with other players, or something else helpful, which I thought was a great idea, but he couldn’t think of anything good. Didn’t get to do much until Day 2, when I discovered that coolking49 had made a typo and wrote his PM with the same role name (Zach Thomas) as Dark Pulse’s role. I didn’t notice when sending the PMs out, and despite extending the deadline and informing Hextator of the mistake, he was lynched. Sorry :(

    *coolking49* Yeah, my Bad. They were actually pretty much cp’d of each other since they were pretty much the same role minus the flavor, night used, and name. I edited ⅔ successfully.

    ILoveLiza: Embarrased Night 3

    Role Description: Standard Martyr. ILoveLiza was basically a random pick for this role.

    Comments: ILL publicly claimed his role and target, which I thought was pointless since he couldn’t prove his role to be leader, but everyone made him leader anyway. He did alright as leader, and had a couple Mafia figured out, but clearly wasn’t in contact much with the other villagers. He had a no lynch when ginganinja was proven Mafia, didn’t tell anyone what to do at night, and failed to send his night action twice in a row. He would have been subbed out if he hadn’t died.

    Thoughts/UltraPorygon/smashlloyd20: Exploded Night 4

    Role description: We wanted two Bodyguards so if one died, the village wasn’t left without a Bodyguard. Weatherman was for fun, and so he had something to do on even nights. Thoughts was pretty much a random for this role.

    Comments: Thoughts didn’t get to do much before he got busy with school, so UltraPorygon took over. He did alright, staying out of the way until he was picked as backup leader, despite being Bodyguard. He didn’t get to do much until his computer messed up, and smashlloyd20 took over only to be killed less then 24 hours later. smash did manage to cause a nice hurricane before he died though :)

    Captain Bagman - Lynched Day 5

    Role description: After giving both Mafia some powerful roles to help control the lynch, we wanted a village role to control the lynch lategame. This was originally a village Persuader, but Mekkah and Gmax wanted fewer village roles that could prove their powers, so it was changed to this weakened role. I chose Bagman for it because I knew he would be active even if his role wasn’t very useful.

    Comments: Didn’t get to do much, but Bagman was active on IRC and in the thread, which is always appreciated by hosts :) He was randlynched Day 5 because danman’s RNG pulled his name up.

    Role description: Standard vigilante, only one-time because the village had a numbers advantage. Picked mewtwo15026 as someone who would be active even after his ability was used.

    Comments: mewtwo followed orders to kill LifeAdmiral, then sat back and watched the game unfold. I noticed he had stopped going on IRC, and subbed him out for UncleSam, who stole the leadership role from dukefan despite not reading the thread. UncleSam did a good job as leader, though not reading the thread caused him to ask dumb questions like who subbed in for Athenodoros. T.O.M. killed him for obvious reasons.

    Role description: Standard Hooker. Xaqwais was basically a random pick.

    Comments: Xaqwais got a great start by randing Athenodoros Night 0, then followed orders for the rest of the game. LifeAdmiral spread a rumor before he died that Xaqwais was Mafia, and although it didn’t fool the village (Except UncleSam <_<), it did fool J.E.R.R.Y. for a while, and T.O.M. thought he was Mafia until J.E.R.R.Y. killed him.

    Role description: The other Bodyguard/Weatherman.

    Comments: CharizardKiller was good at sending his night actions in, and caused one of the most entertaining moments when ginganinja, thinking he was the Bodyguard, redirected CharizardKiller to himself N1, making a very fun update to write :) He stopped going on IRC, so he was subbed out for Da Letter El, who stayed in the background giving dukefan5 advice.

    Role description: Standard Alliance Checker. We didn’t want a full PM Inspector, so we made multiple minor inspectors. GTS isn’t a big name, and he’s experienced enough to handle inspector well.

    Comments: GTS got lucky by randing LifeAdmiral N0, then spent most of the game cleaning villagers. He did hit ginganinja N3, though ginga was already proven Mafia, and wasn’t lynched for some reason. Surprisingly, he wasn’t targeted by the Mafia until a random Hook hit him N5, but it wasn’t enough to save the Mafia.

    Role description: Standard Ability Checker. cereza was a rand.

    Comments: cereza was excited to play, but couldn’t get IRC to work, so Engineer Pikachu subbed in. EP never hit a Mafia, but cleaned several villagers, which allowed dukefan5 and UncleSam to narrow down who was Mafia.

    Role description: One-time Night skipper, let the village have two days in a row for an extra lynch. Basically an extra vigilante kill. This role wouldn’t have a power to use most of the time, so I needed someone who wouldn’t go inactive, and picked danman.

    Comments: Saved his power until lategame, which was a good idea since the village kept mislynching. Used it to end the game, which got ginganinja furious when it stopped the Mafia from having a chance to win.

    Role description: Fairly standard Rogue, except it didn’t get extra powers, and it could only be used once to prevent a tie with the Rogue and a Mafia. BlisseyOfDoom requesting a leading role, but I didn’t want a new player starting the game as leader, so I gave him the chance to be cleaned later in the game.

    Comments: BlisseyOfDoom was a little paranoid at times, and was terrified of ginganinja because of a joke ginga made. He mostly Idled, although using his power wouldn’t hurt anyone, and like several other Beginners he didn’t mention that he was Persuaded until it was almost too late.

    Role description: Priority Raiser, whoever dukefan5 targeted could not be stopped by Hookers, Safeguards, etc.. duke was a random pick.

    Comments: dukefan5 used his power well early on, allowing the vigilante to hit LifeAdmiral with an unblockable kill and boosting the Bodyguard so he couldn’t be Hooked, saving ILoveLiza’s life. After that, he continued to boost CharizardKiller, not realizing he was Weatherman half the time. When UltraPorygon subbed out, duke took over and, despite lynching Captain Bagman and using the wrong logic (Mafia Announcers aren’t common <_<), won the game for the M.O.B. along with UncleSam and Da Letter El.

    Role description: Standard Tracker, which could be used as a third inspector. Given the false claims of the Mafia, especially Announcer and Mayor, M.O.B. needed all the help they could get. Thief was trolling, and because Sly Cooper is a thief. khz was a random pick.

    Comments: khz’s PM had an error, but instead of telling the hosts about it, he simply stayed quiet and out of the way. His power wasn’t used as an inspector, but it didn’t matter as he only hit villagers, and LifeAdmiral as he Idled.

    Role description: My favorite role :) It constantly changed to match the last dead M.O.B. member, and if two or more died in one night, he got the lowest priority kill. Tsuk asked for an exciting role, so I gave him this.

    Comments: Tsuk was fairly inactive, usually Idling. He did Safeguard ILoveLiza N2, blocking a Silence from Ditto who was expecting success, since the Safeguard died. Otherwise, he Idled Hextator’s Psychic power and ILoveLiza’s Martyr, though he had Xaqwais’s Hook when the game ended.

    Role description: The other Safeguard/Psychic. Dark Pulse was a random.

    Comments: Dark Pulse said he was busy with school, so he was quickly subbed out for Rayquaza2233. Ray didn’t do much, other then Safeguarding ILoveLiza to block Ditto’s Hook and Silence, and Engineer Pikachu’s Ability Check.


    T.O.M., like the cartoon character, was made to focus on brute strength. They only had an Ability Checker for info, and their fake claims weren’t as good as J.E.R.R.Y.’s, but they had two Silencers, a Bodyguard, the Redirector, and their kills had higher priority. I tried to balance the Mafia, with each having one Beginner, one inexperienced player, and two experienced players. Also, I tried to pick users who hadn’t been Mafia before, or hadn’t been Mafia in a long time.

    Athenodoros: Lynched Day 1.

    Role description: They needed an Inspector, but not a very good one. This was originally an Alliance Checker, to get them in touch with J.E.R.R.Y. and the wolf, but it was changed to Ability Checker to help the Redirector. Athenodoros played well in his first game, and I wanted someone pretty inexperienced to get a chance as a Mafia member, so I gave him this simple role.

    Comments: Was Hooked by the village and J.E.R.R.Y. N0. Then LifeAdmiral included the info in his wolf PM into his fake claim, which when combined with Atheno using his real role name instead of a fake claim, revealed him as Mafia.

    Role description: Got the idea of a role that helped and hurt its target from We Don’t Need No Mafia, and fused it with the idea of a Kidnapper to make this role. If ignored, it was only a permanent silence, also an idea from WDNNM. shuckles was chosen since I couldn’t remember him being Mafia recently.

    Comments: shuckles my hero mostly stayed quiet in the village, and kidnapped teammates so they looked more reliable. He had some plans to help the Mafia, but got inactive on IRC and was subbed out. HitoriRaven was inspected the night he subbed in, and Spiffy subbed in for him only to be lynched. However, both shuckles and Spiffy managed to contact J.E.R.R.Y., something the other Mafia members failed to do.

    Role description: Standard Hooker and Silencer, crammed into one role to give T.O.M. some more power. Mafia members have to be active, and since Ditto is a mod, I thought he was more likely to be active then a new user.

    Comments: Ditto did good for his first Mafia game. He claimed BPV, and wasn’t a major suspect until around Night 5. He used his Silence on ILoveLiza Nights 1, 2, and 3, and was blocked by a Safeguard every night. When he succeeded Night 4, he asked why he didn’t get a night result XD then got Hooked Night 5.

    Role description: Redirector, a major power role for T.O.M.. I didn’t remember ginganinja ever being Mafia, so I gave him this role.

    Comments: By far, ginganinja was the most entertaining to watch. He hated the fake claims, and claimed as Priority Changer, which moled half the village until the Priority Raiser proved his role. ginga redirected Idlers or people with no powers almost every night, except Night 1 when he redirected the Weatherman to himself, and Night 5 where he redirected the Priority Raiser to boost the village Ability Checker. Despite being proven fake Night 2, ginganinja somehow survived the game, and would have been the last T.O.M. member eliminated if the game had continued.


    J.E.R.R.Y. was made to be the better Mafia at moling and getting info. They also had a Safeguard, and their kill (Unless it was Hooked, etc.) determined what power Tsuk got. Their fake claims were better, especially rickheg’s claim of Announcer, which is almost a mole role since most people assume it’s village. However, their roles weren’t as powerful as T.O.M..

    Manafii101: Burned Night 1.

    Role Description: Standard full PM Inspector. I picked Manafii101 as an inexperienced player to balance out the Mafia.

    Comments: Manafii101 inspected macle N0 along with Athenodoros, but despite knowing his near-useless role, killed him anyway. Claimed with a bad fake PM, as a full PM Inspector instead of the false claim which wouldn’t have helped the village as much, which I thought was a big mistake. Along with the rest of his Mafia, Manafii didn’t contact Atheno as he was being lynched, which annoyed ginganinja so much he killed Manafii N1.

    iiMKUltra: Lynched Day 4

    Role description: Standard Persuader, could be used to take control of the lynch lategame or to trick the village. I picked iiMKUltra since he had been village a lot lately, and I needed an experienced player for J.E.R.R.Y..

    Comments: iiMKUltra was the most active J.E.R.R.Y. member, and did a good job leading his team. He used his Persuation to try and get ILoveLiza lynched, and while his bad fake PM saved ILL, it almost got BlisseyOfDoom lynched. Once ginganinja was being lynched, he framed iiMKUltra for his (hilarious XD) persuation and got him lynched.

    Role description: Standard Hooker, based on one of my favorite games :) Almost beat it. red_kryal said he had been lurking for a while, and was very interested in Mafia, so I thought he would be a decent Mafia.

    Comments: He never claimed, and went inactive not long after starting. Quagsires subbed in and stayed hidden as Priority Lower until a flaw in his claim exposed him. He Hooked the other Mafia almost every night, but did eventually contact them, although it was far too late.

    Role description: As part of J.E.R.R.Y.’s better moling abilities, they got this pseudo-mole. It was vulnerable to all Inspections, but most people assume Announcer is village. rickheg has never been Mafia, or a leading villager, so I gave him a chance as Mafia.

    Comments: rickheg got busy with school, so Hydrattler subbed in for him, using a fake claim written by iiMKUltra. Hydrattler stayed hidden almost the entire game, but was suspected at the end when almost every other villager had been cleaned. He mostly used his Safeguard to stop Bodyguards from protecting the team kill, which I thought was a good idea.


    Role description: We knew there should be a neutral role to balance the game out if one team got a huge lead, and wouldn’t automatically team up with the Mafia, but had some trouble deciding on the specifics. We discussed a bounty hunter, a neutral who won if the game had a close ending, and a neutral who had to kill a Mafia every few nights, before finally deciding on this role. He would get Inspector if macle died by any means, BPV if he killed Athenodoros (Changed to ginganinja after Athenodoros died), and Hook if he killed Manafii101. Mayor was to help the wolf live for a while, instead of being Inspected early in the game. I chose LifeAdmiral after he started bragging about how good he was against other players on Serenes Forest, and because he wanted to “kick some names”.

    Comments: Was Inspected by two villagers N0 <_< khz (Tracker) knew he idled, but GTS got his Alliance. Did a great job moling ILoveLiza and getting him made leader, and even had editing privilages to the village spreadsheet, but when GTS claimed, ILoveLiza had the vigilante priority boosted and sent to kill Life. If he hadn’t died, the village and the J.E.R.R.Y. Hooker (The same duo that both rand-Hooked Athenodoros) would have stopped him.


    Best Luck: ginganinja
    Runner-up: GTS

    Worst Luck: Hextator
    Runner-up: LifeAdmiral

    Most targeted: ILoveLiza, targeted 13 times
    Runner-Up: ginganinja, targeted 12 times

    Best move: LifeAdmiral helping make ILoveLiza leader
    Runner-Up: dukefan5 boosting CharizardKiller’s priority Night 2

    Worst move: ginganinja killing iiMKUltra instead of contacting him
    Runner-Up: Lynching Captain Bagman

    Most entertaining move: Ditto Hooking the Bodyguard who succeeded anyway, and his Silence being blocked by a Safeguard who was dead
    Runner-Up: ginganinja redirecting the Weatherman to himself Night 1

    Best M.O.B.: UncleSam
    Runner-Up: dukefan5

    Best T.O.M.: shuckles my hero
    Runner-Up: Ditto

    Best J.E.R.R.Y.: iiMKUltra
    Runner-Up: Hydrattler

    MVP: iiMKUltra

    I had a great time hosting this game, big thanks to coolking49 for helping out, and thanks to everyone who played and stayed active :)
  16. LifeAdmiral


    Sep 27, 2010
    The story of M.O.B. Mafia up to the end of N1:

    N0: I opened up my inbox and read my role. Fuck. Wolf. No protection. Let me just state for the record that I don't know shit about playing wolves correctly. So I was going to have fun.

    I also knew three character names, one from each faction. I originally decided to mention just the JERRY and TOM names in my role PM but eventually decided to also include the MOB name since I was harmless (fakeclaimed Mayor since I was told that the MOB didn't have one). The goal was to find out who had my equipment that I was going to need for the game. Wrote my Mario fake pretty easily and just sat back and waited for the day.

    D1: My first thought was to be as active as usual and as smart as usual (to everyone around me) but to keep an extra eye open for anything I could use to my advantage. Like Liza claiming to everyone that he was Martyr and he had targetted DMTC last night. I then told the town (or who was on) that I backed Liza as a suitable village leader because A) while he was new to Smogon Mafia, he knew how Mafia worked and B) since he kept claiming to target DMTC all night and nobody shut him up about it, he was probably working independently. Which meant that he was just a rookie.

    I then spoke to Ginga about the situation. I explained that I wasn't actually comfortable with Liza leading (obvious reasons IF I was rooting for the MOB to win) and Ginga agreed. Then in a surprising twist of fate, Ginga said he felt confident in me leading. Keep in mind that:

    1) I hadn't been cleaned and I had NO intention of being cleaned at any point during the game.

    2) I did not want to lead at all considering that puts my neck out on the line.

    3) I had gotten name killed in Mythology Mafia for being smart.

    Yeah. I obviously couldn't say no because this was my first anti-town role and I've never shown off my awesome moling skills. I've also already proven to be really freaking perceptive about stuff (see the beginning and midgame of Fallout3 Mafia and Card Game Mafia). Ginga basically thrust me into a "lead from the shadows" role within the village without ever considering that I might be anti-town. Which I ended up whole-heartedly embracing because nobody would suspect me of fucking them over badly, right?

    Also, something that made my day was this nice conversation with Shuckles:

    Later in the day (night if you want to look at it from my perspective), I managed to convince Liza that I was the perfect second-in-command and a great hidden one. I then fed him my Mario role and then sat back and waited. I also snagged Ginga's role which was nice and I firmly cemented myself as trustworthy in Ginga's books. Which was good since... well, I kinda wasn't. I then started collecting character names in an attempt to find Sherlock Holmes (and kill the son of a bitch).

    And wouldn't you know it, our first TOM member popped up. Athen got himself lynched off of my info which cleared me for the most part but it also pissed me off since this meant more hunting for character names. And this time, I wouldn't be able to reveal the next "cleared" person.

    N1: And I get added to the village leader spreadsheet! I haven't been cleared yet and fuck, this is amazing. And I found out some nice info. Like the investigator, a second Priority changer (one that I believe is mafia), a Hooker, an Investigator, a BG... Some damn nice stuff.

    A little while later, I checked back (Liza was offline) and I discover that I had been name checked on N0 by GTS. Fuck my luck. I then made a stupid move and went to GTS about it and basically got my trust revoked a bit by Liza. Or more, I blew my cover quite badly and it was only a matter of time that I got exposed.

    I ran through all of my options quickly. I figured that Liza was going to get really suspicious of me sooner or later considering that I had all exclusive access to his spreadsheet. That meant that I'd want to get into the Mafia's good graces really quickly and figure out who my targets are in order to start a major backstab of anyone that still stood. I figured that the faster I got my equipment, the better my chances would be going into the later portions of the game.

    That lead me to Duke. Liza and I were pretty sure that he faked a pretty bad Djinni role PM and Liza wanted to lynch him. He warned me not to tell Duke about it... but with me playing for my own ass, you can only expect me to run to Duke about it. I told him that he was the impending lynch target and that I was willing to work with TOM and JERRY if they would make me an equal man in their missions.

    Duke started trading me names (he claimed JERRY, for the record) and factions for info on the village sheet but he decided to stab me halfway through and refuse to give me any more info. I went to Ginga right afterwards (one of the names that Duke had mentioned) to try to cut a deal with TOM... except I then found out that Ginga was really JERRY. Which meant that Duke never once gave me honest info. Perfect. Ginga offered to somehow get the village BG to guard me which clearly failed since I died the next day. To the village vigilante. Turns out that Liza wasn't gonna have me prowling around. And for the record, I had aimed at iiMKUltra since I was determined to kill off Duke's team (I was certain he was TOM). And that failed.

    So yeah. That was the story of my game. I got stupidly unlucky by a nametarget on N0. Had I not been checked out on N0 and subsequently killed on N1, this game could have turned out a lot different since I was clear in the eyes of Liza up until GTS checked me out.
  17. GTS


    Apr 9, 2007
    haha, life, it was a terrible idea to try to oust me. I don't really play around haha, as i'm sure you learned pretty quickly.

    but, good game to everyone.

    i was shocked that i didnt get interfered with more often. i didnt hand pick any of my targets, except you(life) haha.
  18. Spiffy


    Jun 10, 2009
    I was obviously MVP. ;)

    Anyway, good hosting auramaster, very little mistakes. :3
  19. LifeAdmiral


    Sep 27, 2010
    Also, congrats to ginga and MK. Both played pretty good games from what I saw (even though I tried killing MK on N1 and failed).
  20. MK Ultra

    is a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Aug 20, 2010

    something here

    let's zoom in

    almost there

    got it.

    With my being lynched (open)

    <iiMKUltra> i gave ginga a post restriction that was blatantly from me
    <Life> Like what?
    <iiMKUltra> let me find it
    <iiMKUltra> G'DAY MATE,
    <iiMKUltra> I'M GINGANINJA
    <Life> Yep, that's from you
    <iiMKUltra> intentional, don't worry
    <iiMKUltra> i'm jerry btw
    <Life> i know
    <iiMKUltra> basically, we lost our inspector
    <iiMKUltra> and my role is expendable
    <iiMKUltra> so i'm getting myself lynched to try and get in contact with tom
    <iiMKUltra> while being as racist as possible
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> i also did this:
    <iiMKUltra> <UltraPorygon> besides lynching iiMK will allow me to find out if certain people are clean or not
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> yeahhhh human sacrifice
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> the old mexican way
    <iiMKUltra> and
    <iiMKUltra> <UltraPorygon> besides you'll serve as sacrifice to clean people
    <iiMKUltra> <UltraPorygon> or find out they're not clean
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> oh
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> it's that kind of village
    <iiMKUltra> <UltraPorygon> ILL did it with Hextator
    <iiMKUltra> <iiMKUltra> make me into a burger for you to flip as well ok
    <iiMKUltra> so i'm sure i'm going out in style
    <Life> haha
    <iiMKUltra> i think it's working pretty well tbh

    And thanks aura for giving me mvp, love you longtime <3
  21. Xaqwais


    Dec 25, 2008
    I nominate myself for best rookie. i mean best lap dog seriously

    This was really fun, and a great starting off point for future mafia games, thanks aura and ck!
  22. Athenodoros

    Athenodoros Official Smogon Know-It-All

    Mar 13, 2010
    Thanks aura, gg. I feel that I should explain that I felt claiming with my actual name would be a good idea. It meant I had essentially a complete and perfect role PM because I just had to alter a few things, and given I had never faked one before that seemed like a good idea. It was also easier to prove and on the of chance there was a name checker then I would still be okay. I never thought that someone would have my role name and allegiance without inspecting me fully, and tbh I still can't understand why Life included it in his claim. I would have been suspicious immediatly, but maybe that's just me. Other than that I didn't do much because I was hooked and then lynched. The only thing I tried to do was unite the mafias, which for some reason never actually came out very well. Don't know why the other mafias didn't take me up on that.
  23. Objection


    Sep 27, 2008
    I have to say, it was really fun watching this game unfold. I'm amazed that the village managed to win after two mislynches and one no lynch and even more so at the lack of inter-mafia communications.
  24. ck49


    Oct 24, 2009
    Yeah, i lol'd at the cricket comment. Obviously india is the best cricket team.
  25. shuckles my hero

    shuckles my hero

    Aug 26, 2009
    Woot best player.

    Also what would happen if the hookers where dead and so was the safegaurds?

    Could I auto win by kidnapping myself all the time.

    I am back.

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