[Beginner] PMD Mafia - Game Over! D.A.D. and Lady Salamence win!

Am I allowed to ragequit?...oh, wait, too late. Nice job, village, except for the part where I DIED AND THE MAFIA KIND OF DESTROYED US. I really should have suspected lkk earlier (and I did), but superrun10's stupid Wrap powers kept me from forcing lkk to reveal his alliance, at which point I gave up and concluded he was village. Poor decision, apparently. D:
TBH village, you guys kind of brought this upon yourselves. I know I was a villager too, and also made the mistake of trusting LKK enough to claim to him in the early stages, but he did made a ton of bad calls and suspicious statements in the later part of the game that someone should have picked up on.

Kudos to LKK though. Throughout everything he did a fantastic job of keeping attention away from himself and his faction. He played the 2v1 mafia game exactly the way it was meant to be played, and ultimately, I would say, deserved the win. Congrats.
Dang, that's one way to lose a game. Good Game though.

And to think, I trusted lkk after the first lynch, and well, I guess I goofed.

The hilarious part is, I jokingly said that I trusted lkk, unless he was DAD pulling off some elaborate gambit.
I must admit I survived longer then expected. However that was probably because I told box to kidnap me :). Nice moling LKK btw.

The bad thing for you now is that you won't be trusted as much anymore.
A few comments...

  • The whole Grovyle idea failed miserably. The idea was people would try to AVOID being Hooked, and get their enemies Hooked by passing the Time Gears around. LS would have to negotiate to find out who had the Time Gears...yeah it just plain didn't work
  • Village had two roles that could prove their roles, plus BPV in contact with a psuedo-Alliance Check from the beginning, the fact that they got moled astounds me (And reminds me of Quarantine, village had BPV twin with Full PM Inspector and got moled anyway)
  • Did M.O.M. ever do anything? I have actions, but no spreadsheet, no IRC channel, or any sign that you ever talked to anyone, including your own teammates
  • red_kryal had a MUCH better fake claim then lkk, it was better then a lot of the real Role PMs and could prove itself (Weatherman)
  • Hopefully now Beginners will learn to stop trusting the first person who asks for claims
  • In case you're curious, lkk was Inspected 3 times, and killed 3 times, all blocked by superrun10's Omniguard, which was protecting him every night
  • Maybe it's because I never played PMD Explorer's, but I didn't think Wigglytuff as Mafia was a big deal, didn't think twice about it...
  • Yes me and shiny were both Post Restricted for those two updates where we talked weird, lkk did it

EDIT: Here's our (Very messy) spreadsheet
Not really. Not to take anything away from lkk (grats for having the balls to pull that off), it was more the village's utter uselessness in trusting him (seemingly, to an outsider at least) unthinkingly. Flamestrike and I were talking around n2ish (I think), and both of us pointed out the large possibility of lkk being mafia, which never seemed to occur to anyone in the game until it was far too late.

But hey, that's what beginner games are for. This was the first beginner game that mostly contained actual beginners, which is definitely a good thing in promoting the vitality of smogon mafia, and it's better that they make mistakes here than in big/expert where people tend to care rather more about the results.

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Village had at least 4 different non-killing roles target LKK after the village safeguard died n1. And they failed.

Why did you think they failed?


Game was interesting to watch unfold, but just a word to the wise: don't let someone with an unprovable role lead the village. While that doesn't account for a mafia claiming with their real role, it's still better and more limiting than trusting any possible claim.

Still, good job lkk and company; you certainly did a good job at fooling the village. Congrats!
Dummy007 said:
Quick question: Why isn't Kaxtar's role PM in the end-of-game post?
I blame shiny :)

Role PM said:
Dear Kaxtar,
You are Pelipper.

You are a bird with a large mouth that carries the mail for local Pokemon. You are very proud of and content with your job. You will use your flight skills to aid the Z.E.R.G. in this game.

Every night, you may PM shinyskarmory and auramaster with the title “NX- Fly around <USER>”. You will follow <USER> all night and see what they do, and who they do it to.

You are allied with the Z.E.R.G. You win if the Z.E.R.G. eliminate all threats.
But I have to admit, we did suck really badly. I mean, he actually said in IRC "Did someone reduce your priority? Someone should have" because I was targeting him.

He played absolutely brilliantly though, but next time can someone make a beginner thats 1v1 so shit like this doesn't happen? Please?

Also, I think the Village might actually win this game...

lol at auramaster's flavour.

PS: The above is a secret code, my team now knows the secret to winner Mwhahhaha!
Why did you not listen to secret code Cereza?

No one wastes any time mobbing Metal Bagon, despite his claim that Kaxtar is the real villain. Metal Bagon tries to fly away, but someone throws a rock and brings him crashing down to the ground. He let out one last moan before his death, a final question he never learned the answer...

"What is IRC?"
Apparently something that doesn't always work when you computer is holding more data than the label said it could :)

(I was on about once each cycle, but I stayed silent, it was how I learnt that I was going to be lynched so I got myself kidnapped).

"You fools! M.O.M. isn't eliminated! The village is doomed! Mwahahahahaha!!!!"

I guess the village was doomed, just it wasn't the all powerful M.O.M that doomed them.

GG regardless, I really enjoyed myself.

w-w-what voice

w-w-whatever......f-f-f-five more m-m-minutes

Y-y-you all a-awake. S-s-s-Skarmory does a quick head count, and there is...n-n-nine of you.

"Wait, there's only nine?!" Loudkirbyking exclaims? "Weren't there 10 of us at the beginning of the night?"

W-w-while Loudkirbyking has a quiet c-c-cry to himself in the corner, the r-r-rest of you search for a body. You were n-n-not entirely d-d-disappointed to find K2000 rolling on the ground, t-t-trapped in a n-n-n-n-nightmare like everybody else; he was f-f-full of himself and you n-n-never liked him a-a-anyways. His p-p-piece of paper r-r-read:

"After all that, he was still trying to help us." somebody said. "Maybe he wasn't such a bad pokemon after all?"

Some think otherwise. B-b-but there's no time for s-s-sadness. T-t-today's lynch w-w-would d-d-decide the f-f-fate of the village.

It is now Day 7. Day 7 ends when majority is reached or at 1600 GMT Tuesday.
There are 9 of you left, getting your votes in shouldn't be an issue.
Funny how Lkk was crying about K2000 death when he was the one that killed him.