Gen 2 Best Lead Pokemon


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the only real criteria to be a "good lead" to me in GSC is being able to force your opponent to switch out on turn #1 to show another card in his hand. there are plenty of options.
I always lead with Suicune with Sleep Talk to lure in sleepers. I can also surprise Zapdos with Mirror Coat (sometimes I run Ice Beam, though).


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it was one of the fastest yah its fragile i'm not saying it's perfect but back then it was better than 65% of the other choices , bach then rock slide was very handy especialy on some thing that was fast i'm sorry but to me the facts are right their areodactyl was a good pokemon and a good lead
What facts are you talking about? GSC Aerodactyl doesn't learn Rock Slide (Lance's one does, but then again he's the only owner of Barrier Dragonite, too in RBY).
The only Aerodactyl set worth using is the one Jorgen listed. But you aren't going to lead with that, much like you aren't going to lead with skarm.

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zapdos, raikou, cloyster and exeggutor work well... Just take jorgen's advice

I'd like to mention one poke which i think can do a great lead and nobody mentioned: Jynx. It's a faster sleeper than exeggutor and nidoking (and more accurate than gengar) and can make trouble to one of the most common leads, zapdos


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Jynx is really frail though. It can cause Zapdos problems, but Zapdos itself outspeeds, does a shit-ton of damage with Thunder, and can paralyze with it, too. Plus, Zapdos can always RestTalk off an Ice Beam, whereas Jynx is stuck with that Thunder. I'd honestly switch Jynx out of that lead matchup most of the time. Jynx I see as better for keeping Zapdos from switching in so that you get a better sleep, not for going toe-to-toe with Zapdos in an equal-turn head-to-head.

Jynx is probably best used as a lead, though, because otherwise, how often is it going to have a chance to be active? I'd just keep in mind that a Jynx lead is mostly good for forcing Zapdos to either Thunder or switch (that's all it has leeway to do), and not necessarily for auto-forcing Zapdos to switch out. Regardless, Jynx is a pretty gimmicky option, and considering how little it adds to team defensive synergy, there's usually better options out there.
Well assuming for whatever reason I'm using Jynx in the first place, I find that IB worth trading in almost all cases. It puts jynx in an awkward position yes, but it puts Zapdos in a even worse condition (imo). Not to mention, Thunder touting zapdos always has a chance to miss. If I were Zapdos in that condition, I'd be switching, there's no way I'm trading a 70% accuracy move for 70% of my life without knowing anything about his team at all, potentially losing then and there to Vap or Egg or something? Zapdos is probably playing a bigger role than Jynx is on all accounts.
theres never been a "best" lead theres always been like 4 or 5 which do their job the best.
in gen4 it was, well i think it was:

so i guess its the same in GSC.
One of my personal favorite pokemon leads would be either forretress or gengar. Forretress because it can set up hazards and spin them away. Gengar because its so Diverse and has a wide movepool