[BIG] League of Legends Mafia Signups

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viva namida
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i promise i will really play as i am quite obsessed with league and i need to wipe the smear i left in mafia

in pls


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[23:51:32] <LonelyNess> if i promise to write postgame by the end of 2 weeks time
[23:51:33] <LonelyNess> or face
[23:51:38] <LonelyNess> permanent banning on Smogon
[23:51:40] <LonelyNess> will you join
[23:51:47] <Mekkah> do you want me to play that badly

[23:53:36] <Mekkah> so basically the deal is
[23:54:24] <Mekkah> i actively participate in this game and you have a reasonably sized postgame about mafia mafia 2 by october 4?
[23:54:49] <LonelyNess> that would in fact be the deal
[23:55:07] <Mekkah> i suppose i can do that

[00:00:14] <LonelyNess> damn
[00:00:20] <LonelyNess> it's like a death clock

also yeti even a 10 page postgame would not make your game any more legitimate than ludite mafia so just go back to the manege or something idk
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