Championship - Type B BL Mons Matter - Round 2

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BL Mons Matter
Poor BL Mons—too good for UU, but not good enough to be OU. It's time we let them have their moment in the spotlight.

Tournament Rules:
  • Tournament Rules and General Guidelines thread
  • Best-of-one single elimination
  • Standard SM OU singles rules
  • You must use exactly two Pokémon from the BL list on your team each round. Should you move on to the next round, you must sub out at least one of you BL Pokémon. You are also prohibited from using the same combination of BL Pokémon in multiple rounds.
  • Should any tier changes that affect what can or can't be used in this tournament happen while the tournament is still going on, they are effective immediately.
  • Post who won your battle in the appropriate round thread. Replays are not required, but are encouraged.
Points table:

Round 2
[B]Brancus[/B] vs. Ming549
Wheezer vs. [B]EuSouAFazenda[/B]
Lord Esche vs. [B]MiyoKa[/B]
[B]dusk raimon[/B] vs. ThePokeMaestro
[B]CuckBoyy[/B] vs. Simiatic
JeromeSeiko vs. [B]Jqded[/B]
Twixtry vs. [B]Googly[/B]
Marshall.Law vs. [B]Hassin627[/B]
[B]Wamr[/B] vs. Bro Kappa
[B]WinnyTheFacker[/B] vs. tenkai
[B]Zenobu[/B] vs. haru.
Indigo Plateau vs. [B]RedEmption[/B]

Deadline for Round 2 is Tuesday, October 10 at 8:59 PM Pacific Time.
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