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Black Ingame Team!

Discussion in 'BW Other Teams' started by KevinJohnKaisar, Oct 20, 2012.

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  1. KevinJohnKaisar


    Jan 31, 2012
    Well, this is my ingame team for my 2nd playthrough of Black (playing it again before I start Black 2). I decided not to use any Pokés I used in my previous two plays, so Emboar, Simisage, Galvantula, Beartic, Swanna, Hydreigon, Serperior, Simipour, Darmanitan, Crustle, Eelektross, Mandibuzz were all out.

    Anyway, here's the team (All are currently Lv 50):

    Samurott (Modest)
    Ability: Torrent, Item: *undecided*
    Grass Knot

    This is my major problem - coz I made the mistake of taking a Modest one. In retrospect, a mixed set would have been better, but my Attack's 30 points lower, so I can't switch now. If only Air Slash wasn't an Egg Move...

    Simisear (Naïve)
    Ability: Gluttony, Item: Flying Gem
    Work Up
    Grass Knot
    Flame Burst

    No major problems with this guy here, except I'll replace Flame Burst with Flamethrower once I get the TM.

    Conkeldurr (Brave)
    Ability: Guts, Item: Flame Orb
    Bulk Up
    Brick Break

    Pretty straightforward set, Flame Orb activates Guts, boosts Attack and 140BP Facade. Would have preferred Drain Punch over Brick Break, but since it's ingame, I can use items to heal, so no biggie. Payback to take advantage of low Speed, Bulk Up to raise Attack even more.

    Lilligant (Modest)
    Ability: Chlorophyll, Item: *undecided*
    Quiver Dance
    Giga Drain
    Hidden Power (Ground)

    Quiver Dance and Giga Drain are self explanatory. Toxic coz I accidentally forgot Sleep Powder and now I can't relearn it or Stun Spore. Got HP Ground for coverage, but idk what the Base Power is. It OHKOs stuff with a +1 Quiver Dance boost, though.

    Krookodile (Jolly)
    Ability: Moxie, Item: *undecided*
    Brick Break
    Dragon Tail
    Foul Play

    Brick Break for coverage. Foul Play's STAB. Dragon Tail and Dig to be replaced by Outrage and Earthquake. Pretty straightforward.

    Gothitelle (Modest)
    Ability: Frisk, Item: *undecided*
    Fake Tears
    Shadow Ball

    The attacking moves are for coverage. Straightforward. Debating whether to replace Fake Tears with Calm Mind or what.

    Basically, I need help with my Samurott's moveset coz I was an idiot when I started and now it's too late to restart.
  2. TheMantyke

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    Jun 9, 2007
    Howdy. Just a heads up, but the Rate My Team section isn't for in game teams, it's for competitive teams for any number of the rule sets out there. There really isn't much point behind asking for criticism of an in game team as is anyway since really anything can do well in game.
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