Black & White Battle Subway Records (now with gen. 4 records!)

really liking your team there oliver, its clever yet simple i'm also shocked its not been used before lol. hope you managed a better streak soon :)

my creative juices all dried up atm :( and in a bad run of form but hoping to pull thru :P
lol. im sure it wont. just an idea.
magic guard alakazam will rip shit apart.
Hm, I'm not sure if I'm the only one to think this, but I sort of think that Magic Guard Alakazam might be a bit overrated/overhyped. Sure, Magic Guard preventing life orb or other residual damage is good, but Alakazam really can't take a hit to begin with, so recoil or not, if opponent can survive a hit, Alakazam is likely going down anyway.

I'm sure it's either holding sash or life orb on subway. For sash magic guard is really only useful when opponent is using Toxic/WoW or running sand/hail, and Life orb really just saves Alakazam 10-20% of HP damage... which isn't really worth much considering Alakazam's pitiful defenses. So sure it's probably better than Inner Focus or Synchronize, but I'm not sure it's really that much better.

Or am I missing something?

EDIT: Hmm, maybe something like a sub-disable-encore-recover gimmicky set@leftovers forcing opponent into struggle? I suppose Magic Guard would be useful in case of weather.
i was thinking a sash set with calm mind maybe. with uxie support...

WAIT NVM. anything can sweep with uxie support. lol.
yes i do agree its kinda overrated but i have never used alakazam so i cant say anything?
really liking your team there oliver, its clever yet simple i'm also shocked its not been used before lol. hope you managed a better streak soon :)

my creative juices all dried up atm :( and in a bad run of form but hoping to pull thru :P
Thank you sir =). I am planning on giving it another go with this team, but first i was gonna try my luck at making a doubles team. And im sure your creativity will come back soon enough.
Also posting to say that I think I´m the only person who doesn´t like the fact that the 2012 VGC season begins in November 2011 in North means TPCI pretty much killed this records topic lol :(
Yeah, it kinda sucks in that view but I also think VGC actually introduced people to how much depth doubles really has, which surely helped that side at least. I would probably prefer it to be left as it previously was but I'm not hugely fussed. Although the rules get announced pretty early, I'm not planning to properly practise until a couple of weeks before VGC; I don't want to practise for months to likely not get anything for it at the event (I don't personally have a want to play VGC just for fun on PO or whatever), whereas I actually have enjoyed playing the Subway in my spare time. Hopefully the doubles Subway can help me get in the mindset which helps regardless, even if it just means I think in double battles quicker and take less time on key moves haha.

Anyway, looking at the updated list I'm kind of gutted that I "only" needed another 20 or so wins to get top six and put myself in a solid top ten position instead of being right on the edge. Although it does give me a want to make another team, aim a lot higher, and go for a bigger run and look to get into the top three at least. I'll possibly attempt that once I finish this doubles run, it's going well so far but we will see. After this run I will probably pick singles or doubles for my next and spend more time on that as opposed to playing to get through the learning curve (unless this run ends very low down the list in which case I'll re-do it, I think the team has potential from what I have used so far). It's kinda weird, there's so many ideas that I want to try out but there's just not enough time to decide on team building decisions precisely, let alone actually battle to see if the ideas work :(. Still pretty determined to get up there long-term though!

Talking of doubles streaks, serious props for using Darmanitan, Peterko. I attempted using Darmanitan on an old VGC tournament team, but I didn't have the guts to go with it because I felt it took too much from elsewhere because of Darmanitan's issues, but I guess it is evidently possible to make it work well.


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Hmmm so Jynx can use Dry Skin now. Maybe it could act as another alternative to Toxicroak on rain teams (much like Quash Kingdra). It gets Fake Out and has a faster Taunt (not sure how useful that is though there is a sizable group of pokemon that outspeed Toxicroak but are slower than Jynx), and it hits a bit harder. However it lacks Sucker Punch (not that it could use it anyway) and it can't heal itself with Drain Punch like Toxicroak can (its attack is too low and it's illegal with Dry Skin anyway) making it less durable.

God there is so much stuff I want to try out (including Shell Smash Cloyster) but I don't have enough time to RNG and train new pokemon. Uni sucks sometimes...


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#1 worst mother fucker in the Subway

Froslass "FU"
Item: Focus Sash
Ability: Snow Cloak
Nature: Timid
IVs: 31-31-31-31-31-31
EV spread: 0-0-0-255-0-255
Lv.50: 145-90-90-132-90-178
~ Blizzard
~ Icy Wind
~ Shadow Ball
~ Destiny Bond

So, I had a break from Battle Subway for 3 days because it made me so pissed that I was overreacting after each loss...I was kind of lucky that my internet was down for a few hours because I wanted to post a ridiculous battle log back then but my anger faded away after a while... (it was about a 1% miss followed by a signal beam confusion + 2x hurt itself and finished by a showdown 1on1 drifblim CH shadowball vs darm to kill me)

I´m stupid and today I played again. I slapped a Cloyster (sash/smash) + Infernape (LO,FO,mach,OH) lead together, with Latios & Scizor as backup. It worked surprisingly well and I was thinking to myself, nice to have a team that is not weak to Ice (3 resists, 1 weak)...

#68 vs Psychic Boldbat: Chandelure, Golurk, Medicham, Froslass
1. Ape Overrheat Golurk, 75%, Cloyster Rock Blast, 5th hit CH, Chande fainted, Golurk Hammer Arm, Cloyster 38/126.
- foe Medicham
2. Cloy out, switch in Scizor, Ape Overheat, Golurk fainted, Medicham Psycho Cut, Ape fainted.
- me Latios, foe Froslass
3. Scizor Bullet Punch, Lass Focus Sash, Lass Blizzard, Latios at 52/156, Latios frozen solid (obviously targeting Lass), Medicham HJK, Scizor fainted.
- me Cloy
4. Latios frozen solid, Lass Blizzard, Latios fainted, Cloy 12/126, Medicham HJK, Cloy fainted.

Here, I´m countered like crazy...I mean I can´t Shell Smash nor Fake Out, also can´t OH Chande because of potential Flash Fire and Rock Blast doesn´t OHKO chande without a CH (the 5th hit CHing happened in the last encounter, as well)...Chande would Heat Wave and Golurk attacked Cloy, too...

"In hindsight", adamant LO medicham FO does 24-29 to Cloyster and it was at 38, so the switch turn 2 was stupid as it does 125-150 damage to Medicham with Icicle Spear (sure OHKO after LO) would´ve been 3-1...I suck

doesn´t change the fact that I still hate Froslass 4 with a passion, because:
- can´t be OHKO´d by normal means thanks to Focus Sash
- lol 178 speed, ties with Latios
- Blizzard always hits you
- Blizzard often freezes you
- Blizzard often CHs you
- it will avoid up to 3 attacks thanks to Snow Cloak
- it won´t have to avoid more because you´re a goner by the time you miss 3 times no matter what team you use
- hi I will Destiny Bond on the turn I avoid your attack and be "safe" from Bullet Punch next turn and free to freeze you...

This thing by itself has cost me so many streaks, way too many...

I´m done with the Subway...[size=-2]at least for a couple of days[/size]

Having 0 Spooky Manor visits both yesterday and today doesn´t help my cause, either, as I would like to use some of the Pokémon in´ll take like 3 months for me to get them
have you ever tried using that set? i think you could theroeticly learn a thing or two using it a few times, see how the AI handles it due to it murders all human players, who nos it could be amazing vs the AI haaaaa (seriously doubt it mind). I think that if you tried using it and learnt its weaknesses/strengths through using it you could learn a thing or two.
keep your friends close but your enermies even closer kinda thing;)
I never thought I would lose in the first row of seven rounds but it sure as hell happened to me last night. I'm still in the hunt for my Multi Line trophy.

I was using SDChomp and SashThundurus and was introduced to Ice-types from the very first match. I think the 3 Glaceon I faced in that particular run of seven, Blizzard hits Garchomp for a critical hit. Thundurus was then mauled down after I tried to Thunderbolt my way through the match; turned out to be an absolute failure on my part because I was convinced I could get the job done with that team.

I think it comes down to the fact my Doubles' experience/knowledge, in the grand scheme of things, is not substancial enough for me to use moves like Protect and Tailwind to their greatest effect and comfortably reach the 49th battle.

Something needs to change soon because I have used every duo there is to use. Perhaps a bulky Salac Garchomp with 252 EVs in HP instead of Speed, switching Substitute for Sandstorm and pairing it with Excadrill would be a fun run.

On another note my C-Gear was customised on PGL but will not successfully download onto my cart, which further frustrates my playing time.


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Haha I actually tried Multi with the in-game partner recently using Infernape and Hydreigon, and I only made it to a miserable 3 wins. I was teamed up with a Bulk Up Beartic and it just WOULD NOT ATTACK! The other pokemon was Sawk which conveniently did not have Sturdy (if it had Sturdy I wouldn't have lost).

I'm trying to come up with methods to get around the partner's refusal to switch out of obvious threats. I'm thinking Ally Switch could be a possible move that could help alleviate the problem somewhat, assuming that both opponents don't attack with super-effective moves against my pokemon (or the partner's). Either that or use Roar/Whirlwind to make them switch lol.

Man how do you have the patience for Multi?
I've got a crazy idea for a doubles team, but don't know if it would be good enough to be worth breeding.

Togetic @eviolite
252 HP, 252 Def, 4 SpD
~Follow Me
Clamperl (haha) @DeepSeaTooth
252 SpA, 252 Spe, 4 HP
~Shell Smash
~Blizzard/Ice Beam
~Hidden Power Grass (for Water Absorb and Storm Drain)

The idea is to have Togetic use Follow Me to allow Clamperl to use Shell Smash, hopefully twice. After one Shell Smash Clamperl reaches a SpA of 552 and a Spd of 168. and if it gets 2 Shell Smashes it gets to 828 SpA and a Spd of 252 (outspeeding everything but manectric). With a STAB 828 Surf Clamperl will OHKO pretty much anything.
Any suggestions for the other teammates and comments on whether it would be any good would help.
I had a slightly similar idea back in Diamond with Follow Me Togekiss paired with Belly Drum Snorlax (and then Bronzong in the back to Trick Room and Psych Up). That got me to 132 streak back then, but of course Shell Smash is a bit different since speed should not be an issue anymore (will still need 2 smashes though ideally). It might not work too well when facing anything with multi-target attacks though, and there are plenty of those.

I'd say definitely try to have something immune to electric attacks in the back if you want to go with this.
Well posting here because i'm on a ongoing 63 win streak in doubles. I just wanna know before I go any suggestions with this team?

Hariyama@flame orb
252 atk, 128 def, 128 sp.def
-fake out
-close combat
-stone edge

musharna@sitrus berry
252 hp, 40 def, 212 sp.def

-trick room
-helping hand
-light screen

back up

jellicent@water gem
252 sp.atk, 252 speed

-water spout
-shadow ball
-ice beam
-trick room

metagross@normal gem
252 atk, 252 hp
-meteor mash

The team is pretty simple with musharna helping hand to boost all my attacks. Usually in a last effort I'll use HH+explosion which pretty much always ohko's threats. jelli is another good partner with musha using gemed water spout+ HH usually putting huge dents in opponents.
Starting to question wether boosting moves are even worth it in the Subway.

During doubles my YachChomp got double Ice Shard (Abomo, and the Weavile) during my SD turn. Than same thing with a Glaceon Blizzard and Weavile ? (Not sure at the moment) After Chomp got boosted.

Thinking about ChoicS strong Pokes with decent Speed and seeing how that goes.
@Dark Arceus: Double Subway and Single Subway are very different metagames. It would be a bit ridiculous to say that boosting moves are not worth it in Singles, seeing how many of the top records make use of boosting moves, but yes Double Subway has much faster battles, and it may be hard to get in stat boosting moves before fainting, so stronger pokemon that can hit hard without set up might be good.
I lost at 65 >.< to the most weirdest crap. k so I try to set up trickroom bu faking out rhyperior with my hariyama. Then his ampharos used thunder which paralysed musharna, and parahax him. So then I use trickroom next turn not worrying, until his rhyperior used hammer arm, making him slower in trickroom. I was like the hell, who uses hammer arm. So it started going downhill, and lost 2-0.
@Pikiwyn: I am not sure if that idea will go too well with Gastrodon. Typing and ability are both good for Gastrodon, but Gastrodon's slow speed means that really anything can happen between the time when Clamperl attacks and when Gastrodon attacks. I.e. I am just thinking that a Double Subway team should either be fast or it should be slow and run trick room. With Clamperl you have chosen to go the fast route, so you might want two fast attackers, or at least, not slow.

Off the top of my head I was thinking either Toxicroak or Lati@s. Toxicroak can absorb the surf while faking out whatever might be threatening Clamperl, while Lati@s can just resist the water and Psych Up Clamperl's boosts. Latias for taking less damage from surf and Latios for more attacking power. Or Hydreigon or even Virizion work too. Alternatively there's Telepathy Gardevoir now that can Helping Hand or Psych Up to Clamperl's boosts as well.

Well, plenty of things resist surf and can psych Up, but yah, generally I think it's best to pick something fast even without Psyching Up. That is what I suggest.
@Chinese Dood: Even Latias trained to be offensive will survive a Surf after 2 Shell Smashes with only 13-34 HP, but i really like the idea of Toxicroak, Fake Out for Pokemon with Sturdy or Focus Sash and Pokemon faster than Clamerl and Sucker Punch can also be really helpful. Gardevoir would also be good but I think Toxicroak would still have a chance to be effective if Clamperl faints
internship final presentation finally out of the way so i can post now:

team (which is currently 301-0) may surprise you but probably won't after you "get it", it sure didn't take me long after i first used it:

@ Focus Sash ** ♣
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 4HP/254Def/252Spe
Nature: Careful
~ Taunt
~ Charm
~ Worry Seed
~ Memento

No surprise here, Whimsicott is broken and I don't think I ever considered replacing it on my "cripple-things-for-one-teammate-to-sweep strategy" team.

@ Leftovers ** Saffron
Ability: Multiscale
EVs: 204HP/254Atk/20Def/28SpD/4Spe
Nature: Adamant
~ Dragon Claw
~ Dragon Dance
~ Substitute
~ Roost

The first time I saw Multiscale put to the test, my jaw literally dropped. Battle 71, lead Tornadus, Memento, lock into Dark Pulse, paralyze, Flash till Mesprit dies...then Dragon Dance. Dark Pulse hits...and takes me to 176/197. Then Lefties, for net damage of 4%. (4.56 but we floor everything in pokemon right?) Dragonite...I don't think there's many who have played RBY who don't have a soft spot in their heart for this Pokémon, at least from a "fuck yes finally at a hard-earned Lv55 my Dragonair evolved into a huge total badass flying dragon" perspective. I have always wished it were better, and somewhat got that wish in DP when it got Outrage, and Extremespeed to give it a niche over Garchomp, but Multiscale is the icing on the cake. And Dragonite can be the cake, because at 100% HP, not even Ice attacks do a damn thing to it. As was intended all along...I just kind of "agree" with Multiscale on Dragonite, it was really *supposed to* always be that much of a beast. Plus it's orange, which made me want to love it all the more...its color explains its nick, though EeveeTrainer suggested "Dragula" and I've since renamed it because lol at how fitting a name that is for Drapula's replacement. Dragula is actually a closer linguistic play on Dracula than is Drapula, and what better to name Dragula than *the* Dragon Pokémon?

Speaking of Drapion, the best part is that there's just like there's no CHing through Drapion's Battle Armor, there's no CHing through Dragonite's Multiscale. I already lamented at how long battles with Drapion took, and after one more bullshit loss I finally went ahead and decided to give Dragonite another shot. I'd used it with Lum on an earlier team that I can no longer remember and only remember (for sure, you always remember losses etc) it dying to a CH stone edge from Gliscor when sand was up, and its longevity impressed me. Drapion will always have its boss status in my heart, but as mentioned it has trouble killing things and is just "too" slow. Dragonite sure isn't though, and the set speaks for itself even if the EVs don't. If Garchomp isn't fast enough anymore and Drapion isn't powerful enough anymore, a DDer with bulk is a good place to start!

204HP for 192HP at Lv50, a very, very crucial Leftovers number (I shouldn't say "very, very"...I only re-EVed it after battle 301 lol). There are only two multiples of 16 that Dragonite's HP can be at Lv50, and 192 takes hits the best of it and 176. 192 is important so I only have to wait three turns to reactivate Multiscale after Subbing, which factors occasionally but obviously isn't a streak-breaker if 231 battles is enough of a sample size. Roost is what really sells Multiscale, along with ensuring a faster Roost: Ice and Rock attacks lose two whole levels of effectiveness when Roosting, which, when coupled with Memento and/or Roost, make them almost a non-factor, especially behind a Sub.

Just watch this if you can: 90-96665-10776

If you'd rather not, here's the tl;dw:

igarvey: lol
dragonite survives stab ch blizzards now
gj gamefreak

Anyway, I'm so glad Dragonite can "get away" with max attack and Adamant...maybe Drapion could have too, but it would have made for some even longer battles probably, especially given it doesn't have Roost. Only stuff I care about is Brightpowder, a Lapras got me once but that was mainly lame cause I wasn't looking and I Subbed the next turn instead of attacking again: if i had been BPed again IB wouldn't have killed (unless it CHed, which, you know, is exactly what happened in the battle above, so lol).

@ Choice Scarf ** We Jammin'
Ability: Levitate
EVs: 252HP/4Def/252Spe
Nature: Bold
~ Trick
~ Thunderwave
~ Charm
~ Flash

No surprises here either, same strategy I posted about with Whimsicott/Drapion/Latias. But with a Dragon setup poke (and the AI's insistence upon using XS with that scarf Pinsir instead of the actually threatening Guillotine [though it'd have to go 4-for-4]), Mesprit is the better choice for the same reason it was in DPPT. Tricking things into Surf and Flamethrower and Waterfall is awesome. The only thing this cares about is Jolteon, which of course CHed with Thunder through Memento once because I'm not Timid, but whatever.

I'll probably post some more videos later but yeah, thanks for being awesome Dragonite...
The only way for this team to handle Shedinja is: use Whimsicott's Worry Seed to get rid of Wonder Guard, then use Dragonite's Dragon Claw. But who among AI would use Shedinja on the Super Singles train anyway!?