BLT IV: Best 'Leaderboarders' Tournament (see post #210)

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Jesus christ can you all fucking stop talking. You're making Parivard look good.

e: i guess what eyan said is a nicer way of putting it
Well honestly , it's people like you who bring parivard in bad light. He didn't do anything in this thread , then why Drag him in this. Sigh.

By the way I am amused by the fact that in last BLT we had 4 fairy type teams (half of the teams) and this time 0 fairy teams. Lol
One week left and then all the tryhard players join tours...
Looking forward to chokes in finals, hax in quarters, stallers in semis, ghosting squads, people blaming others in the chat for making plays, all the people getting cocky after winning an official and loads of shit and thrash talking.
But do not forget the managers, they look at all players: from HyperOffense to BulkyOffense, from Balance to Stallplayers. Yeah they sure have a busy job. So I wish them good luck with recruiting their soldiers in the draft. Im sure there will be some tactical decisions and snipes so it is definitely going to be fun!
Soon we will see who are indeed the worst best players here (But do not forget to have fun because that is why we came to this site, right?).
Hoping for gg's and good luck.
BLT IV is the final (Pokemon) Showdown!
:D :D :D :D :D
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