BLT IV: Best 'Leaderboarders' Tournament (see post #210)

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Sorry to intervene in all these, but afaik, the new server is up. That means Antar could/would have an easier time retrieving stats for NU and it may possibly enter Beta in the month of May. Like what Jarii said, it will be and most likely up before BLT starts. It really just alarmed me when SNS announced earlier that Battle Spot will be an official BLT tier now, replacing NU due to the fact it isn't out yet. I just think that this decision may be too early, but I admit that it isn't the wrong. I just wanted to point out again, that it may start being developed right before this Team Tour starts.


c'est la vie
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The second cycle has come to an end! Congratulations to the top 16 players that clinched their spot in the tournament.
[#. PS! username (Smogon Name)]
1. sir odraco (OminousDraco)
2. PD (PD)
3. miltankmilk (miltankmilk)
4. hamhamhamham (Hamhamhamham)
5. Steel Ball (Arifeen)
6. Oshawott Fan (Oshawott Fan)
7. The Welsh Wall (TheWall)
8. ricky eat acid (rozes)
9. Hollywood Go (flowsociety)
10. MiyoKa (MiyoKa)
11. Kyotoshi (Kyotoshi)
12. Natalie (Natalie.)
13. Plasmagby (Plasmagby)
14. littlelachyjn (littlelachyjn)
15. Mikaav (Mikaav)
16. Dundies (Dundies)
17. Kushal00 (kushal00)
1. typhoonty
2. byronthewellwell
3. lkapkd
4. 3d (Amoonguss)

For those of you that weren't around during the announcement, due to the circumstances surrounding NU and the usage stats, we will be replacing it with Battle Spot Singles in the tournament. This is due to us having the belief that if NU Alpha starts in May, then Beta would only start in June. By following our schedule, we'd be starting the tournament on the forums in about the second weekend of June (about the 11th). Churning out the usage stats can on average take a couple of days, but this basically leaves a total of 1 week of actual tiering before playing, so the metagame would be rapidly changing to the point where the tier in week 1 will look nothing like it will in the finals. In addition, it'd be improper to continue including NU throughout this cycle to see how the tier develops when there's been no actual confirmation as to when exactly the stats will be out; we'd need to integrate it into our official schedule halfway through the cycle (there's a ton of stuff like logs to move over to the new server as well). So yes, it may seem a little premature to make this decision, but delaying it anymore would give the userbase too little in terms of preparation time between the announcement and the draft + playoffs.

As with the last cycle, there's been a tie for the 16th qualification spot, so kushal00 and Dundies will be playing a best-of-three series among the tiers that will be played (not including BSS this time since it was just announced). Each player will drop a tier, with the one with more points from BLT tiers picking the first tier to be played. Following that, the loser picks, as is the last format if needed, until one player wins 2 games. From the last cycle, Kushal00 had 47 points for these formats, while Dundies had 46, so kushal00 gets first pick. Refer to below for the example.

  • kushal00 and Dundies would communicate and decide which tiers to remove; kushal00 picks RU to not be played, while Dundies picks Ubers.
  • kushal00 had more BLT tiers points, so he decides the first tier to be played; he picks UU.
  • kushal00 won game 1, so Dundies picks the second tier; he picks LC.
  • If kushal00 wins this as well, he wins the best-of-three and hence clinches the 16th qualification spot.
  • If Dundies wins game 2, kushal00 gets to pick the last tier to be played; he picks OU
  • The winner of game 3 wins the series.
  • This leaves DOU neither being played nor removed.
  • Losers goes to subs; winner qualifies.

We ask the qualified users to confirm their spots in this thread along with their forum name. We have a one cycle deadline for each user to confirm their spot. This means that the users who clinched their spot this cycle have until May 15th to confirm their spot. As usual, if you have any questions feel free to post in this thread or PM any staff member in the Tournaments Chat. Good luck in the two remaining cycles!

Also, a special request from the tournaments room staff: if you decide to try and qualify, it'd be highly appreciated for you to do so on your main account for easy identification and to avoid overlap with other names of yours. If you do end up qualifying on an alt, do inform a tours staff about your main.
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Ubers / LC / whichever tier unless b(ull)s(hit)s, draft me with kurukaito pls ty
gmt +1

wasn't fun to get reqs, but chillin' ppl like welsh wall ham plasmagby swb kushal alore and natalie made the stay better.
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