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Singles BSS Viability Rankings

Discussion in 'Battle Spot' started by Psynergy, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Doobzi


    Jun 19, 2016
    Seconded! Been using him to great success lately. I think he should atleast be in B+. Can beat nihilego, tapu koko, heatran and mega-gengar one on one in addition to all that is said. Bulldoze and flame charge are great that way. Stone edge has shaky accuracy but Entie absolutely eats volc and charY. Can take repeated hits and still come out on top. Plus he has sacred fire which makes potential switch ins fearful of burn including but not limited to t-tar, gyarados, landorus-t and hippo. I think it seriously is ahead of each pokemon in B and B- and for that reason B+ is the only fitting answer!
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  2. Olijolly


    Feb 2, 2010
    Going back to the actual nominations, I'd like to get in on the circle jerk (if there is one) and say that I believe Mega Salamance should potentially go to S even though I do think it isn't much better than some of the other A+ pokemons (i.e. mimikyu and tapu Lele if it comes down from S). I don't find it to be as dominant as I want it to be for mega mence to be a clear S-rank candidate. Still, I find mega salamence powerful/dominant enough with decent raw power, amazing bulk, and surprisingly decent versatility (dd sets, mixed, and even special...to a certain degree) to be at least given a discussion.
  3. Daemul


    Mar 14, 2015
    To actually contribute to the actual discussion, I agree with the nominations of Primarina going from A- to A.

    The Mermaid exceeds my expectations with every passing season, she just keeps getting better and better no matter what megas get introduced or how the meta shifts. The fact that she's the designated Gliscor killer(unless you want to PP stall with Celesteela) makes her even better.

    On Gliscor, I think he should move from B+ to A- or even A. The Scorpions presence in the metagame growers the higher up the ladder you go, and it's amazing just how cancerous he is. I've never faced a more annoying mon.
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  4. SJMistery


    Dec 12, 2014
    I have been testing Fly Nite (to be precise, an updated version of the old BW SubDDnite with the same EVs but some Defense sacrifised to outspeed Weavile at +1, that ran rampant on BW BSS), and it has turned VERY effective. Haze, Protect and Whirlwind are rare instances on 3v3 outside of Aegislash, and you can save up the Z-Fly for most of them or in the case of Protect defensive walls, simply keep spamming Fly until they run out of PP, not to mention that in the reare case you see a super-defensive team likely to carry many of them, you can bench him and send a wallbreaker instead.

    It should be A at worst
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2017
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