BST Tournament Round 4

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BST Tournament Round 4
Approved by Jackal
tawp64 is Co-Host

Intro: This tournament will test your skills at teambuilding by limiting the BST of your team of Pokemon every round. Will your strategy be having a powerhouse or two, with several weaker Pokemon, or will it be building a team that is evenly balanced? The choice is yours. Each round, a new BST will be given, and you may not exceed that limit. For example:
BST Limit: 1000
Team: Scizor and Metagross is illegal.
Team: Smeargle and Hippowdon is legal.

Sleep Clause
Freeze Clause
Self KO Clause
OHKO Clause
Species Clause
Evasion Clause
No Exceeding BST limit
No Ubers
You MUST send in teams before the battle (either tawp64 or AlphaJolt is fine).

This will be a single elimination tournament. Inactive players will be subbed out. Uncompleted matches where both competitors were active will be decided by coin flip. Each round, the BST limit will drop. These are the limits for each round.

Round 1: 3400
Round 2: 3200
Round 3: 3000
Round 4: 2900
Round 5: 2800
Round 6: 2700
Final: 2600

The round’s deadline is Tuesday, October 26th at 7:00 PM (GMT-6). Please finish your battles by then.
Teams are due by Saturday, October 23rd at 7:00 PM (GMT-6).

Lady Bug vs Megan_Fox
Bluewind vs TheFourthChaser
Yondie vs undisputed
Mizuno vs Ciele
Delko vs toshimelonhead
apologies vs SOMALIA
Scimjara vs Slyguy46
kd24 vs Cristall
Yeah gl kd24. I've sent my team

(Lady Bug vs LinIsKorean) vs (Golden Sun vs Megan_Fox
Bluewind vs TheFourthChaser
(Yondie vs BabyPanda) vs undisputed
(purplefingers vs Mizuno) vs Mechazawa
Delko vs toshimelonhead
Apologies vs SOMALIA
(Eo Ut Mortus vs Scimjara) vs (Slyguy46 vs Omega Phoenix)
Kd24 vs Cristall
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