Gym [BUG] Leader Rediamond vs Challenger UllarWarlord

Get back in Armaldo.

IF Hypnosis, use Sleep Talk [Earthquake, Bulldoze, Rock Blast, Smack Down].
IF Pain Split AND protect was not used last action, use Protect
IF Protect, use Rock Polish and push actions back
Pre-Round Information

Leader Rediamond

Armaldo @ Passho Berry (3)
Health: 60
Energy: 26
Status: BPSN (1DPA)
Stats: 5/4/2/4/45(79) 3/4

Challenger UllarWarlord

Ninetales @ Charti Berry (3)
Health: 18
Energy: 45
Status: None
Stats: 3/3/4/3/100 2/2
Field: Stealth Rocks are up

Weather: Permanent Sun

Web: Singed, weakened moderately from Earthquake

rolls are all irrelevant

Rocks dig into Ninetales and one attack from Armaldo sends it intot he abyss. The gym leader wins!

2 CC for Red and Ullar
3 MC for Each Pokemon
KOC for Armaldo, Heracross, Heracross, Simisear
10 UC for me