BW ingame movesets

This is like CJorex's DPP movesets thread, but for the original black and white.

Pokemon that need Movesets. You might be wondering why Boldore is there when the other trade pre-evos aren't, this is because Boldore can do stuff Endgame while they can't. If it is in bold it already has a set, but you can still suggest your own.
Ability: Technician
-Tail Slap
-Wake-Up Slap
-Rock Blast/Sing/Retaliate/ Work Up
-Bullet seed/Sing/Retaliate/Work Up

Cinccino's awesome because it comes with everything it needs. Tail Slap receives both STAB and a technician boost, and Wake up slap is boosted too. It does need to remember the last two moves, so if you're lacking in Heart Scales, and of the other three choices should work.
Darmanitan @ any
Ability: Sheer Force
-Fire Punch/ Flare Blitz
-Rock Slide
-Superpower/Hammer Arm

Darmanitan destroys things with its sheer force boosted attacks. Fire Punch hurts a lot of things but Flare Blitz hurts a hell of a lot worse, but you will get hurt yourself. Rock Slide is boosted by the ability making it lethal too. Superpower will wreck pokemon especially the dark types used by Plasma. Hammer Arm is there in case you don't won't to lose ATK or DEF. Bulldoze gets boosted by Sheer Force and is an okay filler until you get EQ in after the E4.

After E4 you should look like this.

-Fire Punch/Flare Blitz
-Rock Slide
-Superpower/Hammer Arm/U Turn

Item : Anything.
Ability : Keen Eye is preferred but is doesn't matter.

- Roost / Aqua Ring
- Rain Dance
- Hurricane
- Surf / Scald

Explanation : Swanna is best used as a pokémon that can heal itself while dishing out heavy hits. Roost is best if only Swanna has Rain Dance but because TM's have more then one use this gen you might have morre then one user of it, if you do Aqua Ring is a viable choice. Rain Dance giving Hurricane perfect accuracy is what makes this set work, the water move is based on if you can handle stuff like Grimsley's Krookodile with your other members because Swanna can deal heavy damage with Scald, which might burn it if it lives, Surf is better because in rain you have a 180 base power never-miss move and a 190 base power nuke.
Gurdurr isn't viable endgame?

Anyway Gurdurr and Conkeldurr are essentially the same Pokemon so I'll just dump this here

Item: Any
Ability: Any

- Rock Smash > WU Slap > Brick Break > Hammer Arm > Low Kick/Superpower
- Rock Throw > Rock Slide > Stone Edge
- Work Up > Bulk Up
- Filler move (Payback, Return, Bulldoze, Strength are all good ideas for this slot)

Basically how you should set up Timburr for the game. Your Fighting move initially should be Rock Smash, since Low Kick's power sucks early on. Upgrade to Wake-Up Slap at L20, this will last you until Icirrus where you change it for Brick Break, and later Hammer Arm. You can re-learn Low Kick towards the end if you want, although I'd rather keep Hammer Arm.

Rock move is really self-explanatory.

The third move is the setup move, and you should teach Work Up almost immediately upon capture. Replace it with Bulk Up once it's time: the defense boost is infinitely better than the special attack boost.

The final move is a filler move which you can use to dump anything, Payback is my personal favourite but you can also use others like Return or Strength.


Item : If it boosts his Special Attack or Ghost moves and is not called Life Orb or Choice Specs it can help.

Ability : He doesn't even get a different one from the Dream World...........

- Will-O-Wisp
- Hex
- Curse
- Power Split

Explanation : Cofagrigus is very bulky so he can normally live a hit and give one back, if you are faced with a Physical attacker use Will-O-Wisp first, otherwise Power Split then Wisp. Hex has higher base power then Shadow Ball because you should never attack with this guy unless you have Split and Burned, the burn will double Hex's base power. Curse is how you get around Normal types, Burn then Split then Curse, healing as necessary because Curse cuts your HP in half.


Pinochet used Sky Drop!
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Item: magnet/wide lens
Ability: compoundeyes

-Bug Buzz
-Charge Beam
-Energy Ball

Makes a nice special attacker with high accuracy thunder. Wide lens can be used for 100% accurcy. I like to use charge beam for a nice chance of a special attack boost for a sweep, and the others round out coverage. He's fairly early on and trainable too, with the flying gym right after chargestone cave.


Item : Any

Ability : Any

- Ingrain
- Iron Head / Gyro Ball / Bulldoze / Shadow Claw / Strength
- Power Whip
- Hone Claws / Curse

Explanation : Ingrain is how Ferrothorn gets his staying power, switch in on a weak attacker such as Ghetises's Cofagrigus and set up before going to town. Hone Claws because there is no better boosting move because Power Whip has 85 accuracy but you can use it with Curse instead to wreck Grimsley by Cursing up, healing when necessary, then going on a rampage while you can't be touched. Gyro Ball is better then Iron Head if you use Curse because he will hit everything notable with 150 power after one or two curses, but all the moves have their use. Bulldoze helps against Bisharp in the Elite 4 because no other move you have can hit him hard, Shadow Claw helps against Ghetises's Cofagrigus, Shauntel and Caitlin while Strenth is for general coverage.
Any item
Any ability
-Ice Beam/Blizzard
-Grass Knot/Brick Break/Bite/Shadow Claw
-Crunch/Brick Break/Bite/Shadow Claw

Simipour's neat due to it's passable mixed offenses, meaning it doesn't really mind if its coverage is Physical or Special. It learns Scald by level up as a Panpour, as well as learning Crunch by level up. However, Crunch comes quite a bit late, so you can use Bite until you get the Shadow Claw TM if you're impatient. The Blizzard TM isn't too late into the game, as is not the Brick Break or Grass Knot TMs.

Scrafty @ Whatever
~Hi Jump Kick
~Stone Edge/Head Smash
~Bulk Up/Dig

Honestly, with Scrafty, you can usually just muscle your way through entire teams. It's enormously powerful with its high BP moves, and can even boost its Attack even higher. High defensives help to bolster its survivabiliy, which can be insane.

The picture represents how amazingly powerful he is, able to get STAB on three-fourths of the Elite Four.
Nice to see someone has used my idea. Anyways, I'll post a couple of sets I used on my last White run:

The worst ability ever
-Rock Slide
One of the most powerful pokemon in BW, Archeops is a monster provided you keep him above 50% HP. STAB Acrobatics is AMAZING. Unfortunately, usng it means not being able to hold an item, but who cares. Acrobatics is backed up by Rock Slide and Dig, because annoyingly Gamefreak decided it was best to put the TMs for Stone Edge and Earthquake in areas only accesible after the Elite Four! Anything can really go on the fourth slot. Dragon Claw can give some coverage, although the moves he already has hit every pokemon at least neutrally. You could even use Endeavour to give him some use once he drops below 50%.


Item : Whatever

Ability : Any

- Leaf Tornado / Giga Drain
- Coil
- Leaf Blade
- Slam / Dragon Tail / Return

Explanation : Leaf Tornado is to make you hard to hit and will be your best move for a while. Coil is so your main moves Leaf Blade and whatever is in the last slot hit hard and (in the case of Slam and D-Tail) don't miss, it also helps Leaf Tornado. Giga Drain is just an alternate option that can heal you, I found Leaf Tornado to be better though.


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Mienshao@Expert Belt/Nothing
Trait: Regenerator
-Hi Jump Kick
-Rock Slide/Stone Edge
-Swords Dance/Acrobatics/Bounce

Mienshao is just as good of a Pokemon in game as it is competitively. Of course, this means that it is also about as frail in game as it is competitively, though to a lesser extent as you will tend to be higher leveled than your opponents. Hi Jump Kick is an amazing STAB move, and as soon as you get it, you should use it. U-turn pairs extremely well with Regenerator, allowing you to use less healing items and just switch out, doing damage and recovering your health. You can get the TM for Rock Slide as early as Misaltron Cave, so by the time you pick up Mienfoo outside of Dragonspiral Tower, you can utilize it. After you have beaten the game, you can grab the TM for Stone Edge. And in the last slot, you can utilize a few different options: Bounce and Acrobatics both give Mienshao solid coverage alongside HJK while Swords Dance can be used to sweep through opponents with ease.

Samurott@Mystic Water/Anything
Trait: Torrent
-Waterfall/Aqua Tail | Hydro Pump/Surf
-Aqua Jet/Return | Grass Knot
-Megahorn | Blizzard/Ice Beam
-Swords Dance | Encore/Megahorn

Samurott can take on either a physical or special role; either way you choose to go, you're going to end up with a Pokemon who will be worth your spot on the team. In my opinion, Samurott is the only starter Pokemon worth keeping in your party. A physical set can exploit its access to Swords Dance and run a set with Waterfall (recommended) or Aqua Tail (if you would like some more power), Megahorn (for a strong coverage move), Aqua Jet (for some much appreciated priority) or Return (for a reliable coverage move), and Swords Dance. A special set can run Surf and/or Hydro Pump for a strong STAB move, Grass Knot for coverage, Blizzard/Ice Beam (keep in mind that Ice Beam is not available until post-Elite 4) for another powerful coverage option, and Encore, Megahorn, or any other filler move. The last slot on the special set is less important, but Megahorn is still a very strong move that also gives Samurott coverage. Encore gives your team some breathing room, allowing you to switch to an appropriate check and either heal or set up.

Both of these mons are pretty solid choices in game, and neither will disappoint.
Any item
Flash Fire
-Shadow Ball/Hex
-Fire Blast/Flame Burst
-Energy Ball/Will-O-Wisp/Psychic/Hex
-Energy Ball/Will-O-Wisp/Psychic/Hex

Chandelure's a powerhouse, but absolutely needs TM support to reach its full potential in a timely fashion, as Litwick learns Shadow Ball by level up at 49, and Lampent at 53. Luckily, it should have both Hex and Will-O-Wisp to play with when you catch it, as well as Flame Burst for a usable STAB until you get the Fire Blast TM.
Super luck @ Persim berry
Air cutter/Fly
Work up

Unfezant is not the best flying type, probably not even the best available, but it is pretty early and it learned roost by level up which was pretty good, you could get pretty far by just work up boosting and helaing off damage, the choice of air cutter and fly is negligible, I had used air cutter since work up boosted its sp atk stat anyway and I didnt really need to fly for ingame until iccirus, nevertheless I replaced it with fly so I wouldnt have to walk back to Nacrene