BW Ubers Tournament II [Round 2]

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BW Ubers Tournament II
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BW Ubers Tournament II [Sign-Ups] | Round 1

Basically a final hurrah for BW Ubers. While B2W2 is not a new generation, it will drastically change the metagame with new forms and new movesets, among other things. For this reason, the tier will be frozen so no new items, abilities, or pokemon forms added will not be legal in this tournament.

Tournament Rules
  • Ubers - BW
  • 6v6 Singles
  • Single Elimination

  • Sleep Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Wifi Battle

Round 1 Coinflips:
sheep vs BIG loven
Nightblade7000 vs Deapryl
Brotom vs -Manu-
Raseri vs Iceydude168
Nexuz vs Iconic

Round 1 Activity Wins:
toasdt vs Steven Snype
Rockhp31 vs Cherub Agent
Hogan vs Light The Thunder
Faint vs Meh
LuckOverSkill vs Go10
soviet vs kameleon
Eos vs mien
dragonboy52 vs DarXidE
T-Dogg vs Pkrs
Omicron vs Basti
Mashall.Law vs Novaray
Milos vs pokebasket
sOaz vs Kojes

Round 1 Extensions:
[K-12] The Madchine vs Hawaiiguava
Chielee vs -Mind-
RenegadeKingShawn vs The Kyle
Expert Physics vs drcossack
Stone_Cold vs kd24
Megan_Fox vs Eustatic

Extension Deadline: Friday, July 13, at 5 AM EDT (GMT-4)

Round 2 Matches
DetroitLolcat vs Kennen
christos21 vs BKC
pokebasket vs -PkmTrainerBlue-
Cristal vs mostwanted
Noodlez vs Hangover
BIG loven vs Morgenstern
Pkrs vs -Mind-
davidness vs Marshall.Law
Lusso vs PasY_G
TrollFreak vs Alice
AkHolic vs dragonboy52
Maaf vs Vinc2612
Pesadilla vs H-C
Foster vs drcossack
Lamppost vs RenegadeKingShawn
Taylor vs Fiction.
[K-12] The Madchine vs Basti
Iceydude168 vs Folgorio
Focus vs DittoCrow
Donkey vs Hugendugen
sOaz vs Megan_Fox
Deapryl vs DarkLoic
Hogan vs Seco453
Double01 vs Faint
Grimm70 vs Rockhp31
MarceloDK vs Iconic
Steven Snype vs Brotom
SethZiBritannia vs Z-rex
Metal Bagon vs Eos
soviet vs Euler
kd24 vs LuckOverSkill
reyscarface vs darkhallway

~Highlight Matches~

Donkey vs Hugendugen

PO wonder Donkey faces Oceanic terror Hugendugen. Unfortunately, I will have to probably coinflip this match due to obnoxious time differences.

MarceloDK :(! vs Iconic

With the power of BR spam and a team repository to rival US East's, MarceloDK looks to be the favorite of this match. Iconic will have to pull out all the stops to even stand a chance!

davidness vs Marshall.Law

Helo! The up-and-coming Marshall.Law is paired against the underrated davidness in this match-up. david has been honing his Ubers talents deep in Groudon's Grotto for many a day; who knows what he'll pull out for this match...

Deadline - Friday, July 20, at 5 AM EDT (GMT-4)
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