BW2 OU Team Tournament - R2 - See post #117

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not even a sub though? ard.

round 3 w/o playing a single match. lol
Not quite Jets. Due to Omicron retiring I've been allowed to sub in a member of the opposing team that Omicrons team played in Round 1 of the tournament. from the remaining four LightTheThunder has been randomly selected to take Omicrons place.

Jets, please contact LightTheThunder and play them instead, please.

OP should be updated, too.
OP Updated.

I've sent out PMs to EVERYONE who hasn't got a completed match. I do apologise to dragonuser, AB2, MarceloDK and -Frexa- I've mistakenly sent you a message , feel free to ignore it. There's a week left until deadline and I'm somewhat reluctant to grant extensions (Only Jets/ LightTheThunder have a case atm).
@Lunar. - I can't sub you out I'm afraid with less than a week to go before the deadline it's just pointless. I'll give your opponent the win if you can't lay before the deadline. See if you can make time.

If Teams 2 and 24 can get their last battle done, that would be cool - I don't want to have to decide a teams fate based solely on a coinflip/activity win

Op is currently up to date , anyone spots a mistake, let me know.
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