Can anybody help me with VGC 12?

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I really need some help with VGC 12 as the VGC 12 Event for the UK is in just over a month, and I only just found out! I posted in Battling 202 for a tutor but i didnt get one :(
I mostly need help with building a solid team that counters most of the metagames biggest threats and weather conditions, and also learning how to use it effectively.
Hey, you should definitely check out some of the warstories that were posted for the fall VGC 12 Regionals to check what kind of teams people used and played against. Also download Pokemon Online and practice with that; there are a ton of great players on it. I would recommend starting with just using common Pokemon, such as Zapdos/Hitmontop/Garchomp/Metagross/Chandelure, and build your team around that. It helps you learn the metagame and what kind of teams are in it. Wait for the next b202 round and sign up, you'll probably be able to get a tutor then.


i've been crawling through the falling
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As Cybertron said, scrolling back a few pages of this forum you'll find some great warstories, showing how VGC 2012 works and showcasing great teams. I also heavily recommend you visit Muffinhead's personal YouTube page, he does some great basic/intermediate tutorial videos on VGC 2012, especially teambuilding videos. Downloading Pokemon-Online and actually playing it will give you the most experience though.
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