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We had that as a goal with Syclant.

We realized there might be legal issues/Game Freak might not be willing to accept a fanwork precedent. Additionally, I think we would lose the rights to Tomohawk and Scratchet. Game Freak might even nerf the shit out of them if they accepted, although that isn't necessarily likely.

On the other hand, Tomohawk does look pretty awesome, and I wouldn't mind sending it as inspiration for an official Pokemon.
if I were gamefreak I wouldn't nerf it at all; maybe buff it a little or give Scratchet an alternate physical evo that keeps Scrappy. Unresisted STAB with Scrappy + Potential Tiger Pokemon who can use it = awesome. But that's just me x)
game freak is not going to accept fan-made designs because it doesn't make sense for them to fuck around with the ensuing copyright issues. it's easier (and safer) for them to just make their own pokemon.
Can't wait to test out Tomohawk on the battlefield. I also like Tomohawks shiny form the most.

Also, when will the next CAP be made, I'd really like to become involved this time.
How can I help next time? I really want to help I got a few ideas that people might like...
I was doing a pokedex once with a friend and made 3 Starters with there evolutions and made 6...


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How can I help next time? I really want to help I got a few ideas that people might like...
I was doing a pokedex once with a friend and made 3 Starters with there evolutions and made 6...
Well, since CAP is a community project, there isn't a ton one person can do. However, the best ways to contribute to a CAP is to submit ideas at the appropriate steps and vote in the polls. For example, if you have a good idea for a concept then post it, post a stat spread, movepool, etc. and vote for which ones are the best.

You must remember that CAP's primary goal is to fulfill a competitive concept, so the best thing you can do is become knowledgeable about the metagame and have a primarily competitive mindset.


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Seems good overall, but I think the sprite doesnt fit with the 5th gen style. there were better sprites out there that I feel should have won.


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In my opinion, we didn't. When we look at the momentum shifters of OU, we see Espeon with Magic Bounce, which alters defensive momentum (Magic Bounce was disallowed), Scizor with his trademark Bullet Punch and U-turn (no usable attack, no priority, the movepool we chose did not include the move at all), Rotom-W's Volt Switch (not in the movepool we chose), Pranksters with paralysis and Encore (Tomohawk gets none of those!).

We really stretched ourselves too thin on this one. Too much obsession over what we didn't want Tomohawk to be, and all he could do in the end was become another generic attacker. Every single team I faced in playtesting was a Drizzle team with a SubRoost Tomohawk. Is that really what you guys wanted? I know that wasn't what I voted for.
Well we came up with the best spinner and best sandstorm killer but I don't know that it really fit the theme of "momentum"; momentum is seen in Pokemon like ScarfGon in Gen 4 and such. Also, momentum is also seen with the common core of Scizor + Rotom-W; they control the momentum easily, forcing the opponent to respond by either saccing a Pokemon or slowly being worn down.


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Yeah, I'm with SJCrew on this one. I felt throughout the entire process that people were more focused with redeeming their failure in Krillowatt than actually making a Momentum pokemon, and in the end he was even a shaky check to the pokemon he was supposed to be a utility counter/ momentum grabber to, like excadrill.

Here's hoping CAP2 doesn't stray from the mission statement.
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