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@Deck Knight:

To fit with the flavor, Voodoom should learn Charge at level 20, not 19.
I PM'd Jibaku about it and he said that he wanted to change it.
It's been fun working on this lil' (well, big now) bastard. I've had my disagreements, but overall, it turned out great. I still worry that Zappy will be an issue, but we'll just have to see. I love the new moveset restrictions; whereas the previous way of doing it was a clusterfuck, this makes things far more balanced & reasonable and makes the CAPs closer to official 'mons than ever. I plan on using the process myself for making my own personal CAPs for that reason.
After lurking Smogon for about a year i finally decided to take the step and sign in to start partipicating in CAP. Since i really wasn't in the earlier ones i can't compare but i had a fun time being in this one. Just the playtesting left.


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Re: complaints about polling--

DougJustDoug and I are co-authoring a large 9-part PR thread that contains everything about polls that we want to change for the better. Stay tuned.

Anyway, I'd like to give a big hand to Deck for stepping in and taking over this CAP like a boss. You did a really great job man, and I'm glad I was able to help (somewhat) as temporary ATL. I want to see you run a CAP from start to finish now!
Grats on pulling the pieces together guys. Though I don't really battle anymore, I look forward to what kind of results you get with this guy.
It'll be fun to translate this guy into batcapper when the time comes too!
I had lurked on this site for a while, but the CAP project is what convinced me to register and participate. This has contributed to my competitive knowledge, and I hope to be involved from start to finish next time.

Like everyone, I disagreed about some things, but I think the process ran smoothly. I always had a chance to vote in the polls as well.
I don't want to repeat what's already been said, but as Deck mentioned, everything that we've done in CAP is a testament to the users and community as a whole. As this project grows bigger and bigger, the results should get better and better, so I'm really looking forward to how this works out. Although I came back in the middle of this CAP, I can still see the amount of effort put into this. Great job, guys, especially the TL(s).
Another first CAPer here. Voodoom went in a direction I didn't expect at first, but I think it turned out great! The CAP project is fun in general, especially since we get a dose of both competitive and creative aspects. Good job smogon members!
Same sentiments here. If you had told me what CAP 11 would be like at the start of the project, I would have laughed at you. But then, thats the beauty of the CAPs.

Also, props to Deck, Fuzznip and DJD for doing a bangup job on this CAP.
I'm going to see if I can get this cap to work with other pokemon like celebi (: Devil's advocate speaking, but I just want to see if it has other good partners. Good job deck, fuzznip I don't know.


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I can't even begin to count the number of times I have actively spoken out against what is the more popular option and how I have stated on IRC that I dislike this CAP as a whole. I believe the concept isn't the best one out there, and the way in which the polls were conducted and done weren't exactly the best, resulting in what I think to be subpar options as an end product. Regardless, I don't think this CAP is terrible by any means. Even with stat limits and movepool limits, Voodoom is still a top-tier pokemon in standard OU, no matter how you look at it. It's a good Pokemon, and I know Fuzznip and Deck Knight well enough to say that even with the options given and the way people voted, this is a well made CAP, so credit should be given where it's due.
Will this CAP fail the concept? I don't know yet. This was the least I've ever particpated in a CAP, so I do feel a sense of guilt and depression, but that's my own fault.

But as always, an odd month-and-a-half which really shows what people in the community think, especially how we treat and deal with different things. CAP is the reason I cam here, and it's the reason I intend to stay. Let's hope every other project goes this smoothly.
more or less agreeing with zy.

on another note, i'm not totally sure what the poll complaints are about. they generally went up late in the evenings in the americas, which is around four am in europe. sounds terrible at first, but bear in mind that you had until four am the next day to get the vote in. i don't really see the problem.

good work deck. fuzznip :'(


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Every CAP project is a bit of a roller coaster ride, and CAP 11 was no exception. On the downside, this one had a bit of poll drama (short polls, questionable slates, and possible cheated votes) and the TL quit midway through the CAP. But every CAP project has snags, so all-in-all the downsides weren't too terrible. Deck Knight was very active as ATL in the beginning, and the project didn't miss a beat when he stepped into the lead. Great job keeping us on track, Deck Knight. I agree with tennisace that I'd love to see you run a CAP from start to finish. On the upside, we had some great discussions and I think as a whole, this community learned a lot about team cores, offensive synergy, and possible uses of Togekiss in the current metagame. We also made a big leap forward in the movepool step, which has been a perennial CAP hell-hole. Overall, I'd say this is a win. I look forward to seeing playtesting results.

For those of you that were new to CAP this time around, I hope you now have a better understanding of the CAP Mission Statement. This CAP really exemplified why we intentionally structure the project to be a discovery process, not just following a rigid blueprint for a specific pokemon. With every step of the CAP process, we have the opportunity to learn and debate and discover more about the pokemon we are building and the metagame in general. Each step is interesting, frustrating, exciting, and maddening as hell -- all at the same time. But, if you get in the middle of the fray and you stay involved -- I think you'll find that it's a heck of a lot of fun!

Anyway, thanks to everyone that contributed positively. To everyone reading this -- take a moment and look back on your involvement in CAP 11. Did you spent most of your time bitching and complaining? Or did you spend more time participating by adding and contributing? I think you'll find that CAP is a lot more fun and rewarding when you contribute and discuss the things you like, and spend less time expressing negativity, and talking about the things you don't like. Just a little protip for future involvement...


Edit -- FYI, that protip was not directed at anyone specifically, and was written long before any of the recent posts in this thread. It's just a general word of advice that negativity adds very little to the CAP project, and almost never changes anything anyway. It's just public venting and complaining. So, if you don't like things, then get involved in a positive manner and change things. Sitting back and "playing devils advocate" or mentioning that "you don't like the direction we are headed", is pretty worthless from a contribution standpoint. Even when I HATE the decisions we make on a CAP, I still LOVE the process of making those decisions. That's why every CAP is a success in my eyes!
I think this CAP went down very smoothly and was fun to have my say in some parts.

I can't wait to playtest this new CAP, I already have two teams planned out, one with Togekiss and one with Gyarados. It should be fun to see how compatible our CAP is with Togekiss and other pokes.
Well, this was my first CAP, and I think I did a good job at participating without putting down other people. I problably should have lurked more, but I'm impatient XD. Unfortunatly, none of my ideas were selected for Voodoom, but that was because they weren't as good as many others. Thanks to Fuzznip, Deck Night, DougJustDoug, and everyone else who makes this project possible!
Every time cool type combos were brought up on Shoddy Chat, I'd go on a rant about how cool Dark/Fighting would be. This is a dream come true.

By the way, when will this be loaded onto Shoddy? Just wondering.
It actually would have been nice if Deck the metric measurements to make it work and keep it "legal"... but yeah, there really shouldn't have been any assumptions as to how big Voodoom is. That's why I avoided Body Slam on my movepool submission :P

Deck Knight

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As far as grouses about the Height/Weight, as the TL I'm basically in charge of these flavor elements. I want Low Kick to do decent but not overwhelming damage to Voodoom, seeing as Voodoom has STAB but is also weak to it.

Moreover in Doug's supporting artwork Voodoom is about twice as tall as Voodoll, so if Voodoom were short then Voodoll would be too diminuitive to be believable. I wanted to break out of the Shuppet/Banette mold (they are 2' and 3'7" respectively), and the best way to do that is emphasize that Voodoom is a large, well-constructed golem of sorts rather than just a possessed doll. By implication whatever created (Arceusan Science yay!) Voodoom had enough care to make sure its materials were solid.

Remember, Voodoom is Fighting/Dark, not Fighting/Ghost. There is nothing to suggest anything about Voodoom is ethereal, it's all solid matter, so despite the artificial appearance Voodoom is probably comprised mostly of muscle, possibly woven together inside like a thread so that is dense and powerful enough to give Voodoom a large spring in its jump. It's legs don't really look like it can run properly, so clearly to have such speed it must have an immensely dense network of leg tissue. This would also allow it to keep a sharp pin in its body, as the thick muscle fiber behind its skin could allow the needle to go in and out of the opening with no risk to Voodoom.

Also Voodoom curses the metric system.
Huh, I always imagined Voodoom being filled with clay, like a traditional golem, but I guess it varies with everyone.

I often lurk in CaP, but I find I never really participate as much as I should, but in this CaP I feel I want to really playtest more. Im really not sure if the concept was sucessful, Voodoom is without a doubt a sucess, but if he was built to correctly work with Togekiss is anyone's guess. I suppose time will tell. Overall it was interesting, and I think even if TogeDoom becomes an amazing offensive juggernaut, that we left enough holes so that it isnt broken. So in my opinion its a largely sucessful CaP, good work from both Fuzznip and Deck Knight!


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The entire point of Voodoom's existence is to work well with Togekiss, so if it doesn't do that, it's not a success by any means.
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