CAP 2 Pre-evo - Final Product

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A long time had passed. Ice-cold Claws and noobiess put up a fairly intense battle at first, but they had worn out much more quickly than Sprite Poll 3 had. Sprite Poll 3 was now taunting. "What? Is that all you've got? I told you, when I said I intended for the vote to continue for all eternity, I meant it. It's over for you, though. Your reliance on decisions has been your downfall, as I can now decide to end your existence."

"It's no use," noobiess lamented. "We just can't win."

"I won't let this happen!" Ice-cold Claws replied, determined to see this through. He then summoned HUGE icy claws from his hands and rushed toward Sprite Poll 3 for a final strike. However, his attack had no effect.

"If you want to go first, that's fine with me." Sprite Poll 3 gathered the power of all the votes that he had absorbed and fired it at Ice-cold Claws. The blast sent him flying lifelessly over the landscape to land next to noobiess.

"I'm... sorry... noobiess..." Ice-cold Claws struggled. "I was not strong enough. There is something you need to know, though. When we gained our sprite powers, I knew. I knew you'd be the one to stop this menace once and for all. You just don't know it yet. Your sprite has the power to beat this guy. I saw it!

"You can't let this guy win. We need to be able to make decisions. We need to be able to move on with our lives, instead of being trapped in an endless state of paralysis. No one will agree on everything, but that is worth the freedom of living out our ambitions. You just have to... realize your power... and unleash..." Ice-cold Claws then dissolved into a bunch of numbers in a hill shape on the ground.

"So, how do you like my Central Limit Attack? Soon, everything will become a Gaussian distribution. It's only a matter of time, noobiess. Just embrace your destiny!" Sprite Poll 3 then turned his terrible powers on everyone else. Theorymon, bugmaniacbob, tennisace, Wyverii, Texas Cloverleaf, Birkal, Mos-Quitoxe, the other sprite submitters... all of them became numbers. All were absorbed into Sprite Poll 3's being, making him ever stronger. However, noobiess's fury rose to match Sprite Poll 3's strength.

"I... won't... let you... GET AWAY WITH THIS!"

Everything was shaking. Glitchy graphical effects surrounded noobiess. Sprite Poll 3 was in shock at what was happening. He tried to use his Central Limit Attack on noobiess, but the latter brushed it aside. Where the attack ended up, more hills of numbers exploded into existence.

"This... can't be! I might need backup."

Sprite Poll 3 then summoned the remaining numbers that hadn't been absorbed, as well as some of the power he had already absorbed, and combined them into more polls. These polls seemed to be replicas from the past. "CAP 9 - Topic Leader Poll." "CAP1 - Part 12b - (Complete Movepool Poll 1)." "CAP 7 - Part 1 - Concept Poll 2." "CAP 6 - Part 12 - Art Poll 1." "CAP 4 - Part 11 (Attacking Moves Poll)." "CAP 5 - Part 4 (Style Bias Poll 2)." "CAP 8 - Part 7 - Stat Rating Poll."

The phantom polls attacked noobiess all at once. However, for all of their combined efforts, noobiess was completely unfazed. noobiess followed with a brutal assault of his own. Sprite Poll 3 barely had time to gasp in amazement when the last phantom poll was felled.

Sprite Poll 3 laughed nervously. "So, you think the amount of votes you've gotten makes you strong enough to defeat me? Well, try these on for size!" He launched every manner of attack at noobiess, including Chebyshev's Ray and the Rising Sun, but none of them dealt any visible damage. Sprite Poll 3 decided to come at noobiess head-on with a Sigma-Algebra, but noobiess's counterattack was too powerful, going clean through Sprite Poll 3.

Sprite Poll 3 staggered back. "Grr... Why, you... I'll destroy you and everything on this world! Then I can remold it in my image!" He flew up into the sky and began charging up his attack. "Let's see how you like my Monte Carlo Attack! It can even destroy beings that can't be destroyed with analytical techniques! If you dodge, the whole world will feel its wrath! Any last words?"

noobiess calmly replied, "Actually, one phrase does come to mind." He began his counterattack...


"Necturine! Sketch that one! Hurry! YEAH! Our friends are going to be so shocked when they see our daughter using this move. It's gonna be awesome."

Smeargle and Necturna are preparing for a party. Necturine has grown a lot since that fateful Valentine's Day when it was conceived, and especially since March 4, when she was born and her parents had seriously considered calling her Facegrabber. This is a good day.

The party guests are beginning to arrive. All of the users are invited. Ice-cold Claws is sure to brag about his performance and line delivery in the TV show that must not be named, while tennisace's and bugmaniacbob's lines may become the source of much amusement as well. As for the ATL, well, I'm relieved that this is finally over, and grateful for the experience. I wasn't sure of what was going to happen because of the many varied opinions on how many pre-evos Necturna should have, and I even said that Necturna's flavour was a bit of a trainwreck. I think that we have done some good work on this pre-evo project, though. Maybe we'll even see it in action if CAP LC ever comes into existence.

This project comes and goes at a time when I'm not really sure on what my own future will bring, both inside and outside of Smogon. It was largely for this reason I was so hesitant to take the mantle when Rising_Dusk offered it to me. Maybe my spontaneous story OPs were a way to escape from the turmoil I was experiencing irl. There were many times when I wished I was more involved in the threads themselves than I ended up being able to be. At any rate, I hope I have done a good enough job as the guy who made all these threads and tried to guide the discussion, and I hope that the project has been a source of much entertainment, whether it be from my OPs or from the ins and outs of the discussions, or from the actual polls. The ones at the end got really close, especially the sprite polls!

The height and weight are some of the last things that need to be decided (icons would be great, too, since Necturna has them). I would like to base the height on Mos-Quitoxe's comic, where Necturine's "body" is roughly as large as Ursaring's head. Ursaring is 1.8 m tall, so 0.1-0.5 m would be a good range for Necturine. 0.2 m is 1/9 of Ursaring's height, which is too small, while 0.3 m is 1/6 of Ursaring's height, which is too large. However, I note that the stem contributes significantly to Necturine's height. Thus, Necturine's (tentative) height is 0.3 m (1' 00"). Weight I'm not as certain about, but I think 1.8 kg (4 lbs, same as Sunkern) is a good value. If there is significant disagreement with these figures, then they could be reconsidered.

And since my previous outburst has made this post terribly long already, here is the final product for Necturna's pre-evo!

Name: Joltik
Typing: Bug / Electric
Abilities: Compoundeyes / Unnerve / Swarm
Base stats: 50 HP / 47 Atk / 50 Def / 57 SpA / 50 SpD / 65 Spe
Gender ratio: 50% male, 50% female
Height: 0.1 m (0' 04")
Weight: 0.6 kg (1.3 lbs)
Pokédex color: Yellow



01 String Shot
01 Leech Life
01 Spider Web
04 Thunder Wave
07 Screech
12 Fury Cutter
15 Electroweb
18 Bug Bite
23 Gastro Acid
26 Slash
29 Electro Ball
34 Signal Beam
37 Agility
40 Sucker Punch
45 Discharge
48 Bug Buzz


06 Toxic
10 Hidden Power
16 Light Screen
17 Protect
18 Rain Dance
21 Frustration
24 Thunderbolt
27 Return
32 Double Team
42 Facade
44 Rest
45 Attract
46 Thief
48 Round
53 Energy Ball
57 Charge Beam
70 Flash
72 Volt Switch
73 Thunder Wave
76 Struggle Bug
81 X-Scissor
84 Poison Jab
87 Swagger
90 Substitute
93 Wild Charge
H1 Cut


Cross Poison
Faint Attack
Pin Missile
Poison Sting
Rock Climb

Pokédex entries

Attaching Pokémon

Black: Joltik that live in cities have learned a technique for sucking electricity from the outlets in houses.

White: They attach themselves to large-bodied Pokémon and absorb static electricity, which they store in an electric pouch. just kidding

(Note: The animation does NOT quite match the still sprites. I'm putting it here in case it proves useful somehow.)

(Icons maybe?)

Name: Necturine (credit: Vader~~)
Typing: Grass / Ghost
Abilities: Anticipation / (Telepathy)
Base stats: 49 HP / 55 Atk / 60 Def / 50 SpA / 75 SpD / 51 Spe (credit: Elevator Music)
Gender ratio: 100% female
Height: 0.3 m (1' 00")
Weight: 1.8 kg (4 lbs)
Pokédex color: White

Movepool (credit: Deck Knight)


0 Leer
0 Vine Whip
7 Ominous Wind
13 Shadow Sneak
19 Toxic Spikes
19 Will-O-Wisp
25 Hex
31 Natural Gift
37 Pain Split
44 Shadow Ball
50 Power Whip


TM04 Calm Mind
TM06 Toxic
TM10 Hidden Power
TM11 Sunny Day
TM17 Protect
TM19 Telekinesis
TM21 Frustration
TM22 SolarBeam
TM27 Return
TM29 Psychic
TM30 Shadow Ball
TM32 Double Team
TM41 Torment
TM42 Façade
TM44 Rest
TM45 Attract
TM46 Thief
TM48 Round
TM53 Energy Ball
TM61 Will-O-Wisp
TM66 Payback
TM70 Flash
TM77 Psych Up
TM85 Dream Eater
TM86 Grass Knot
TM87 Swagger
TM90 Substitute
HM01 Cut


(Grass / Field)

Giga Drain
Future Sight
Leaf Blade
Leaf Storm
Natural Gift

Pokédex entries (credit: Kaprikorn)

Thorn Seed Pokémon

Black: Necturine use trees as conduits to access the spirit world. When they attach, they are often mistaken for berries.

White: Graveyards are often built around trees covered with Necturine. Some believe that they guided spirits to the afterlife.

let's dance

djanxo unchained

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Absolutely fantastic piece of work here. Joltik will forever go down in CAP lore as the greatest piece of work to ever come out of this project. Bravo.


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capefeather, you used the wrong image for the Pre-evo that we created. Please be more aware in the future so that mistakes like this don't fall through the cracks!! Thank you.

Birk-a-dit: Oh wow, capefeather edited his April Fool's topic to be the final product. Great work everyone; can't wait to get rolling on CAP3 =)
Let's dance indeed! This little gal is somehow incredibly cute and horrifying at the same time.

Although, personally, I think Joltik should've been the pre-evo.
Hell yeah. Pretty amusing story there capefeather (though slightly sad for me :< )
Ice-cold Claws is sure to brag about his performance and line delivery in the TV show that must not be named
Maybe, but this fella will always be my bragging material.
In all seriousness though, I enjoyed your all pre-thread stories. Great job!

And a great job to everyone else.
I think Necturine here allowed many underappreciated artists to shine:
the epic Mos_Quitoxe finally had a winning art design, and
Noobiess (whose sprite thread I've been admiring) became a champ as well.
So yes, thank god for Necturine.

See you guys in CAP3! (in all the art-related sections of course. I'm not a competitive scheming-whatever guy)


Was fun while it lasted
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Adorable. Many congratulations to one and all and other such things.

Briefly so this post isn't a total waste:

cape said:
Pokédex color: Black

Also YAAY something I suggested won a poll for once HUP HUP HUZZAH


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This came out really well imo. To bad I really didn't contribute. i've already got a concept lined up for CAP3 though, so I'll be more active.
Uh, crap, I didn't even think about the Pokédex colour D: I also assure Lady Salamence that I was not drunk in writing all that.

Birkal: The thread came in so late that I felt kind of badly about posting the "April Fools'" version in the first place, and I didn't think it would be appropriate at that point to make ANOTHER final product thread just to change Joltik to Necturine. I mean, I guess it might have been another excuse to milk "the story" a bit further but other than that...

I also kind of wanted post #7 for this but oh well...

POWER LEVELS (because the parody wouldn't be complete without it)

Art Polls

bugmaniacbob: 500,000
prem: 750,000
DarkShiftry: 1 million
tennisace: 1.4 million
Vader: 3.5 million
jessifer: 13 million
thornchild: 13 million
MLaRF: 18 million
noobiess: 25 million
paintseagull: 29 million
Quanyails: 29 million
Birkal: 32 million
Mos-Quitoxe: 74 million

Art Poll 1: 29 million
Art Poll 2: 63 million

Super Moderator tennisace: 70 million
Super Moderator Vader: 175 base Speed million

Sprite Polls

Sprite MikaDo: 20 million
Sprite crysthehamster: 30 million
Sprite Juicebox 001: 40 million
Sprite ikasu: 60 million
Sprite zyrefredric: 60 million
Sprite nofacej: 220 million
Sprite Quanyails: 380 million

Sprite Poll 1: 340 million
Sprite Poll 2: 340 million
Sprite Poll 2 (single bold vote): 1.4 billion

Sprite Poll 3: 3.2 billion
Phantom Polls: 2.2 billion
Sprite Ice-cold Claws: 1.6 billion
Sprite noobiess: 1.6 billion
Glitch noobiess: 80 billion


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80 billion!?! o_O

I'm glad these guys are on our side.

But in all seriousness, Necturine turned out really well. Great job everyone.

djanxo unchained

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Oh, for real this time. Great work on Necturine~, everyone. Necturine~ is such a cute Pokemon, while still remaining creepy as well. I think Necturine~ is a really appropriate prevo to Necturna, and I hope more prevos like Necturine~ can come about in the future.

(Seriously, why the ~?)
This was the first CAP project that I have participated in, IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to all of you for the great competition and fun that I had in contributing to this CAP!

In all seriousness, I love the way that Necturine turned out in the end. Congrats go to the winners of the different polls. I hope to see you all competing for top spot in CAP-3!
btw, the question about the ~ was meant seriously. The ~ wasn't actually included on the name during the polls, just in the original post, and has suddenly reappeared as if people voted for it. They didn't. And why would they? What's it there for?
I'm surprised at the serious reaction to the tilde. After all the zany OPs, people get weirded out by a playful nod to the original submission post. I guess it's what happens when final products don't go up on site... It's hard to tell what's official and what isn't. i.e. It's not "official", and I doubt the tilde would be treated as such even if I insisted on it for whatever reason. Is it even possible to put a tilde in a Pokémon's name?

Speaking of the OPs... it's weird how they even happened to begin with. Most of the OPs I'd done previously, as well as some of the ones that would happen afterward, had a sort of overly excited zaniness to them. However, I really had nothing for the art poll OPs. There was a point where it seemed like I was just trying to outdo reachzero's art poll OPs instead of actually injecting my personality into it. However, a random DBZ reference I posted, combined with the disqualification of one of the entries, gave me an out... and we all know the rest.

The nature of the art and sprite polls made it difficult to figure out how much "material" I'd be able to work with. Mos-Quitoxe's quick and decisive victory in the art polls shortened everything considerably; with the sprite polls, although four entrants for the second poll were plausible, ultimately three advanced, killing the possible Sprite Poll 4. All of this led to "Cell" being rushed and dying a lot like Bojack.

As a final aside, I'm going to reveal one idea I decided was way too much: someone professing his love for Quanyails in the sprite poll 3 scenario. I thought maybe one of the overly dramatic characters like tennisace or bugmaniacbob, or one of the finalists, would fit this to make a little subplot. I ultimately felt it would be crossing a line, though. It's the kind of thing that could become memetic outside of this little project. Then again, I have to wonder if I hadn't already crossed a line in making these OPs and making people say and do the weirdest things...

...Anyway, yeah, the tilde is not something to get all serious about. I'll probably edit it out, whatever.

Art Poll 1

<+capefeather> I was originally just trying to come up with an excuse for extending the deadlines
<+capefeather> but it turned into... something else...
<EspyOwner> Oh my God
<EspyOwner> That's more entertaining than it should have been, cape.

<+capefeather> I think I overdid tennisace's line
<EspyOwner> Yeah probably
<EspyOwner> but it's nice anyways, I liked reading it.

<bugmaniacbob> wow cape
<bugmaniacbob> that was graphic

<bugmaniacbob> and there I was thinking you would do a standard "sounds can be heard coming from the egg" gag line
<+capefeather> lol
<bugmaniacbob> well, I'm glad I provided a source of merriment, at least

<Destiny_Warrior> capefeather
<Destiny_Warrior> I am glad you wrote a story for art polls

Art Poll 2 / name submissions

<@Birkal> lol cape
<@Birkal> you are a riot <3
<@Birkal> love the writings

<@Birkal> I really do need to start saying radical
<@Birkal> more often

<+Mos_Quitoxe> oh my
<+Mos_Quitoxe> I'm gonna have to live up to this narrative now and submit my own sprite :V
<@Birkal> yeah like dang
<@Birkal> I wanna submit a sprite
<@Birkal> just to continue the story

<paintseagull> sorry to ruin your nice OP's capefeather but [an incident with the art polls] really didn't make any sense

<%SgtWoodsy> here's a video of mos going super saiyan
<%SgtWoodsy> all i have to say is fucking tribes ascend

<Destiny_Warrior> I like stories
<Destiny_Warrior> especially the kind you write
<@capefeather> how do you not know that I "submitted" Facegrabber
<Destiny_Warrior> I haven't seen
<Destiny_Warrior> the latest2 threads yet
<Destiny_Warrior> I'm lookinag at them now
<&Birkazzz> You should read them
<&Birkazzz> It's RADICAL, just amazing.
<Destiny_Warrior> looking at em now
<Destiny_Warrior> lol yeah
<Destiny_Warrior> loved that one about mos
<&Birkazzz> I was worried that I would be sad from the lack of ducks :<
<&Birkazzz> but these stories have been great, haha

Sprite Poll 1 (i.e. I have taken crazy to yet another level)

<&Birkal> hahaha cape
<&Birkal> I am loling at this
<&Birkal> great work

<@capefeather> you know, I've been thinking
<@capefeather> CAP flavour polls are quite violent
<@capefeather> maybe they're just misunderstood

<@capefeather> what is a supermod's most intense infraction anyway
<+jas61292> lol cape. I like the story btw

Sprite Poll 2 (i.e. I have taken constipation to yet another level)

<&Birkal> hahaha capefeather
<&Birkal> The writing looked like Theorymon's:
<&Birkal> and he wrote down all the rules
<&Birkal> I lol'd

<Wyverii> Wait a second, I never actually read the op.
<Wyverii> "Constipation"...

<Wyverii> Bmb seems to be the buttmonkey in your little story.
<@capefeather> I only mentioned him twice though
<Wyverii> Well you gotta admit, he was killed once, and now he's... er.
<Wyverii> Trying to go super saiyan.

Sprite Poll 3 (i.e. I have taken indecision to yet another level)

<+jas61292> cape! That OP! That was wonderful.

Final Product / General reviews

<&Birkal> hahaha
<&Birkal> excellent work, cape

<&Deck_Knight> Well, at least someone was in the April 1st spirit today
<LadySalamence> Yeah haha
<&Deck_Knight> TBH I didn't expect the ending since I thought. the zanyness in the OPs was way overboard for the last bunch of polls, but whatever man

<+jas61292> cape... that thread just made my day
<%SgtWoodsy> it's april 2nd
<%SgtWoodsy> stop making april fool's jokes on not april fool's day
<+jas61292> not here
<%SgtWoodsy> don't care

<Wyverii> Oh god
<Wyverii> I just saw the recent thread

<Wyverii> Also has vader's avatar gotten -even bigger-?
<+jas61292> I was wondering the same thing
<@capefeather> my theory is, supermod avatars get bigger and bigger as time passes
<@capefeather> soon they'll be all you see

<Destiny_Warrior> why does necturine's final product
<Destiny_Warrior> have joltik pictures?
<&Deck_Knight> capefeather made a funny.
<LadySalamence> april fools
<&Deck_Knight> It also has Joltik's Movepool lol
<Destiny_Warrior> yeah
<Destiny_Warrior> I noticed
<&Deck_Knight> He even rememberd Joltik doesn't learn Thunder!
<elevator_music> central limit attack
<elevator_music> x.x
<@capefeather> lol
<@capefeather> I went so overboard lol
<+jas61292> And it is awesome
<elevator_music> lol monte carlo
<@capefeather> I should have mentioned Markov Chains

<&Deck_Knight> I think we can keep the last part of the process open, and shift it along as we get to the next part (So we'll Have Part 5 Discussion move out when Part 7 Discussion moves in)
<&Deck_Knight> Err, rather, in the main forum, not "open"
<&Deck_Knight> Just as long as we don't have capefeatheresque meandering story OPs >_>
<+jas61292> what's wrong with those?
<&NotBirkal> nothing
<&NotBirkal> absolutely nothing
<@capefeather> lol
<@capefeather> to be fair, I doubt I would have tried that as a TL
<Destiny_Warrior> those stories are
<Destiny_Warrior> BRILLIANT
<@capefeather> and hey, you get to remember past poll threads and how CAP used to work over the years
<@capefeather> though that part in particular sounded a lot better in my head

<&Birkal> oh wow capefeather
<&Birkal> way to edit your post
<&Birkal> lol
<&Birkal> now I look like a loser, haha

<+jas61292> lol cape: Necturine~
<+jas61292> I'm sure you'll make vader happy with that

<@capefeather> I just realized I inadvertently linked everyone who watches that hare hare yukai video to smogon forums
<&Brbkal> lol
<@capefeather> same for that immavegeta video
<+jas61292> Ahaha, cape, you put in power levels. That is fantastic.
<@capefeather> lol
<@capefeather> "80 billion!?! o_O"
<@capefeather> lol
<+jas61292> That's so powerful it's scary

<&Deck_Knight> I disliked that post because all power levels were over 9000
<+jas61292> lol Deck
<+Mos_Quitoxe> but over 9000 is perfect ham level!
<+jas61292> Though, having everyone over 9000 might be a bit of an exaggeration
<&Deck_Knight> In fairness, at least you didn't get up to Obama deficit numbers.
<+jas61292> lol
<+DHR> xD
<@capefeather> "Obama deficit numbers"
<@capefeather> you have to consider which saga I was ripping off though

<Texas> capefeather
<Texas> why was i absorbed into sprite poll 3 :(
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