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CAP 14 CAP 3 - Concept Submissions

Discussion in 'CAP Process Archive' started by Wyverii, Apr 9, 2012.

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  1. Isn't this basically identical to the concept that spawned Stratagem? Break the Mold? Or did I miss something? Don't get me wrong, I like the concept enough not to mind it being redone, but I'm not sure that it's going to fly. Even capefeather's Break the Mold 2, which was submitted on the first page, changes the concept up a bit by centralizing the concept around a move or ability instead of a typing.
  2. Scorpio


    Oct 23, 2010
    @MLaRF: Ok, I changed up the justification in my submission, take a look at it and tell me what you think. The old justification was written back in Gen5's CAP1, so it's pretty outdated.
  3. SJCrew

    SJCrew Believer, going on a journey...
    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jun 22, 2008
    Before someone comes in and flays you alive for this, I want to point out that the SkarmBliss combo has been losing relevance since Gen 4 and with the standards of power in Gen 5 having increased considerably, I can safely say that the old defensive core is altogether no longer a threat. Sweepers that can't singlehandedly break both Skarmory and Blissey have been demoted from "troubled" to just bad.

    Aside from that, I really like your idea. It forces us to tread new ground without creating a different game, only 'breaking the rules' a bit. My sole fear is that the stigma against creating brand new moves or abilities for a concept is at an all-time high and because of it, your idea might not be met with the serious consideration it deserves. But I think this is plenty creative an idea to where creating a new move or ability wouldn't be seen as an escape from having to meet the concept within the confines of the game content we already have (which is pretty much impossible in this context, but alas).

    Would bench attacking on a single Pokemon upset the nature of the game too much? What sort of restrictions would the move or Pokemon require for balance? The excitement is giving me shivers.
  4. tahu

    tahu Within me there grows a rhythmic savage beast
    is a Pre-Contributor

    Sep 16, 2011
    First concept submission! :D

    General Description: A Pokemon that would be able to effectively counter and defeat the most common stallbreakers in OU.

    Justification: Let's face it. Stall as a playstyle was nerfed pretty badly in the generation shift. This is in no small part due to the myriad of powerful stallbreakers, most notably CM Reuniclus. Now, if stall had something capable of defeating these stallbreakers, we could bring it back to the table as a much more viable playstyle.

    Questions To Be Answered:

    • How would Anti-Stallbreaker go about defeating a range of threats from CM Reuniclus to MixMence?
    • How else would Anti-Stallbreaker be contribute to its team?
    • How would offensive/balanced teams be able to make use of Anti-Stallbreaker?
    Explanation: The real underlying thing to this concept is not just being able to beat Reuniclus, but defensive versatility. As just about everyone knows, almost every wall in OU is very one-dimensional. Most wall's sets are recovery/status/weak attack/filler. This one throws that stereotype out the window. Since there are so many good stallbreakers in OU, and Anti-Stallbreaker has to be able to check most of them, it has to be a versatile defensive threat. A good example of what this should end up like is Jirachi, arguably the most unpredictable Pokemon in OU. A bad example is non-SubProtect defensive Gliscor, Which can only do one thing and is easily forced out.
    so, that's my first submission. Feedback is greatly appreciated!
  5. MLaRF


    Aug 14, 2010
    Muru fuudbuck:
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    Nauris: The problem is that there are a lot of pokemon who have psycho shift, can run a set revolving around it, and have other options available, but are still not used too much (for instance, flame orb+restalk crescellia). Toxic, Will-O-Wisp, Spore, Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave, and even Hypnosis and Sleep Powder are just as useful as Psycho Shift, and the only benefit the shift really has is combining restalk for 2 different status options.

    Jelliscent: I suppose you do have a point with the fact of wobbuffet being able to carry on after one KO. Though we have to remember that, like wobbuffet, it won't be able to take down everything, there will be some popular pokemon that can counter it.

    Wyverii: Sorry about that. I wasn't trying to say that we should combine concepts, just that some concepts are good ways we can approach other ones, so the broader ones can be completed by using the more specific ones, and the more specific ones can fulfill the broad ones.

    Juicy: Really cool. Like how you've taken it.

    Boo: Aw, the name made me imagine a mon who would make silliness more prominent. I'm kinda disappointed. I like the justification, but this sounds like it would be so scary to face.

    Winterpeterl: I kinda like this concept, though the name is quite misleading, because one set would really not make it "custom-made." However I would like to remind you that Wobbuffet, the example given in your description, doesn't quite have "no counters" as it can be taken down by strong super-effective attacks thanks to its low defenses.

    DetroitLolcat: Didn't you post this on another page? Unless you decided to delete the older post after I checked like half an hour ago.

    Papainfernape: Cape already suggested a very similar concept with "break-the-mold 2."

    Galladiator: I believe I stated in one of my previous feedbacks that I would like to see something along these lines, feel free to quote it if you find it.

    FlareBlitz: I quite liked this idea at first, but I absolutely loved it when you said that it would fail at an inopportune moment. Focusing on emphasizing its benefits and liabilities like that is quite an awesome way to approach a concept like this.

    DarkShiftry: Simple and brilliant, like some other guy's concept I mentioned. I just love it. Also, I couldn't find any spelling or grammatical mistakes, so good job on the linguistic front.

    Qwilphish: See my response to the leech concept someone else posted, because this seems very similar.

    Scorpio: I don't remember what the old one was, but the new justification is cool. G'job.

    Blue Cheez: This seems... way too overpowered. The point of only having one pokemon out at once is so that you can choose who takes the damage, and this concept completely negates that; it just seems like it would be too radically powerful to negate half of the entire point of switching, which is a very large part of the competitive gameplay.

    Tao Tahu: Simple, and I like it. Justification in responses to other guy's anti-meta concepts.

    Bruno Magno: What is really the purpose of this? Any other concept can fit these guidelines. "Special Ghost" as a concept is just too lacking, in my opinion. In fact, I think Necturna might fit this concept.
  6. Powergrid


    Mar 1, 2012
    Qwilphish, pretty sure you didn't mean to, but you ripped my idea! Check the Leech concept on Page 2 by me, and tell me your concept isn't what I posted, only wordier?
  7. RemembranceOfAppa


    Apr 10, 2012
    Name: Wild Card

    General Description: A pokemon with average typing, stats, and movepools that can use Transform to turn the tables on the opponent.

    Justification: Transform is pretty much nonexistent in the OU Metagame. The possibilities it could create are endless, yet the restrictions it creates on the user are also interesting from a Player's point-of-view. It could easily guarantee a victory for the user, or a devistating defeat for them, depending on how effectively Transform is played with.

    Questions to be Answered:
    -How much would the move Transform effect the OU Metagame if used effectively?
    -Can the move Transform Make-or-Break a pokemon without pushing it too far to one side of the spectrum?
    -How effectively can the move Transform serve as a...
    A) Counter
    B) Offensive Force
    C) Defensive Force
    ...on a Pokemon who doesn't have to rely on Transform to function, but takes strength from it when needed?
    -With Transform requiring a turn of inactivity, what precautions must be taken to prevent the opponent from abusing the turn?

    Explanation: Transform is a move that is seen on only two pokemon, and has never had a competitive use. Ditto's one and only move is Transform, but what more is Ditto used for other than a Breeding-Slave banished to NU? Mew is at the opposite end of the spectrum, where Transform is one of its MANY options, but Transform is severely outclassed by it's supportive, offensive, and defensive movepools. What if Transform could find use in OU? Behind a pokemon with usable stats and typing, it'd presumably be balanced enough to not create a massive stir in OU, while still having a strong presence in the Metagame.
  8. Juicy


    Jun 7, 2011
    - MLaRf

    Thank you, but it doesn't look like it's getting slated. So...


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    Like this concept, but it is very similar to the concept "leech" which has also expanded upon this idea.

    -Toa Tahu

    It might be a nice idea, perhaps to give the time needed for other pokemon to set up interesting field moves such as gravity or trick room in a fast-paced metagame. I think a mention around this would be useful.
  9. Pokethan


    May 4, 2009
    I decided to edit my idea again but I didn't really change it I more edited it to make it more clear what I was trying to go for. Basically I have been doing some fine tuning.

    Name: Odd One Out

    General Description: A pokemon that has access to all the good lower than base power 60 moves and can use them effectively. It also has access to moves that are only exclusive to a few Pokemon.

    Allows us to look at moves that are uncommon on pokemon's movesets but could still be good if used right. (Vacuum Wave, Flame Charge)
    Lets us see if any uncommonly used moves can be effective if used properly in the current meta-game.
    With there being a lot of priority moves that all have 60 base power it gives us an opportunity to make a unique pokemon in the metagame that doesn't require any speed to be effective if we choose to.
    Allows us to also see how effective certain moves can be if they weren't limited to only certain pokemon. (Shift Gear)

    Questions To Be Answered:
    How effective can these lower power moves be if used correctly?
    Can a pokemon with a massive movepool of these moves function well in OU?
    How effective could these moves be if they weren't so limited?
    Just how would the metagame react to having such a pokemon enter it?
    Could a Pokemon like this function in the OU meta-game since these moves aren't seen very often because of their low distribution?

    Explanation: There are a lot of Pokemon that receive moves that actually would be very good moves and are very usable except for one thing, they haven't been distributed beyond only a few Pokemon that can't use them properly. This gives us an opportunity to make a pokemon that can use these exclusive moves and see if these moves would be usable if they weren't so poorly distributed.
  10. SJCrew

    SJCrew Believer, going on a journey...
    is a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jun 22, 2008
    Since no one has responded to this yet.

    @ Lisalo: Half Life is a concept done in full by Healing Wish! This strategy is currently being employed in full by ladder players using Sun teams with Lilligant and has been used since Gen 4 with Cresselia and Lunar Dance, as seen in Cresselia Push. If you want to know what happens when teams are forced to counter strong threats twice, try it yourself now!
  11. Jake Of Johto

    Jake Of Johto

    Apr 21, 2010
    Name: Jack Of All Trades

    Description: The basis of this Pokemon is to create a pokemon that can be one of many different types, yet still look the same (for instance a Dark type incarnation and Steel type incarnation can't be told apart from one another based on it's sprite). In addition it would also holster an average to above average all around stat spread and have a wide and varied movepool.

    Justification: This pokemon will allow us to learn how dependent we are upon the use of the view team option and how predictable opponents factor into win-loss records. It will also create a new niche that has been attempted by many pokemon, but failed in the long run: omnipresence.

    > How does the ability to fill virtually any niche with one Pokemon change the team making process?
    >How will an entirely unpredictable pokemon change battle strategy?
    >How dependent are we on the use of the team preview before a match?

    Explanation: I had the basic idea of creating an ou arceus. So i pitched the idea to a friend of mine and with some back and fourth, we created the Jack Of All Trades pokemon. The way I look at, this pokemon will either have an ability of something that allows it to change it's type, but, no matter what the type, it will still look the same. This means that when you see it on the preview team thing before a wifi battle, it'll be a complete mystery as to how you need to defend against it. It's base typing could be normal, but i think making it a base [???] type would be really cool. Theoretically it could be restricted to very specific types, but i think giving it the ability to be any type makes it more appealing. With a varied movepool, it could play a role as a boltbeamer, a rest-talker, a dragon dancer...virtually anything would be fair game.
  12. Birkal

    Birkal caw
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    Super Moderator

    Oct 12, 2010
    Wow, I am really liking a lot of the concepts already submitted! I share a similar draw to concepts like Break the Mold 2, Psychological Warfare, and Snow Emergency for the reasons listed in this topic by other users.

    One of the concepts that doesn't seem to be getting a lot of hype, however, is Jellicent's One for One. Explosion played a large role in Gen 4 and its absence is quite unsettling in Gen 5. We do, however, now have access to Final Gambit, which is one of my favorite new moves. Seriously, try out Final Gambit Scarf Victini sometime; it is a riot. There are plenty of really cool toys that we could play with here, from Destiny Bond to Final Gambit and even potentially using something like Healing Wish to allow for the perfect set-up. I think this concept has a lot of potential and could give us a very good insight on how "sacrificial" plays operate.

    I've renamed my concept to the "Boot to the Head" to differentiate it from Decentralizer since the two concepts have quite a few differences. I've updated my submission to reflect those differences by reformatting my questions and adding to my explanation. And now for some responses:

    The Boot to the Head might very well be an "anti-Sand Stream" and "anti-Drizzle" Pokemon; that is up for the CAP community to decide. The concept is pretty open-ended like that. Ideally, we'd want to defeat both the Top 6 and the playstyles that they bring about, so much discussion will need to take place on accomplishing that goal. The Boot to the Head might end up being an anti-weathermon, or it might not be. The creative potential for my concept is vast!

    This is the wrong message to take away from my submission. B2W2 is nearing us, but that doesn't mean we need to pick a "simple" concept in order to get CAP3 done before their release. The CAP moderators will be working on the timing of this project, so please do not worry about this nor let it factor into which concepts you end up voting on. I highly doubt that CAP3 will collide with the release of B2W2. And if it somehow does, then we'll press on regardless and test CAP3 in our current metagame. Thanks!
  13. Dragontongue195040


    Jan 24, 2012
    Here are my thoughts:

    Qwilfish: Powergrid is right, your idea is great but it's very similar to his. Maybe you could twist it a bit so it doesn't match it?

    Toa Tahu: Your idea is great but also very similar to many others' ideas. The general idea of wallbreaking has first been posted by AOPSuser.

    RemembranceofAppa: Another interesting gimmick. I have to say, the concept of transform really throws many players off when they see this. Imposter ditto is one of the most annoying things to deal with, as many threats in OU are countered by themselves (etc Heatran, Jirachi, Forretress, Ferrothorn, Scizor... plus other non steel types lol such as Blissey, Politoed, or Venasaur.) The amount of possibilities for this are endless. Just as Necturna brought forth the gimmick of Sketch, I think that if we could carry this out nicely it would work out very well. Great job.

    Pokethan: This is quite much similar to Techinician, though I see how it could be used effectively. I like your idea of spreading uncommon moves to better pokemon, as, when you think about it, moves such as Gear Grind or Vacuum Wave do seem to be pretty powerful, only limited by the fact that the pokemon that have access to them can't use them well. However, I don't think this will work out well be this restricts the potential of the pokemon to offense (because if you think about it, Growl will never be as good as Screech, and neither will ever be as good as Swords Dance.) and in offense, the stronger power-ed move is generally better than the weaker one, unless like I said it is used by a Technician user. I've seen many failed attempts at making moves like Ancient Power and Icy Wind effective in OU- maybe they're feasable in UU or lower, but in OU it's too speedy to take time to take chances with moves like those.

    Jake of Jhoto: I see where you could go with this. Having a pokemon that has access to multiple typings could really throw many people off and render Team Preview quite useless in that department. However, this would once again be a victim to raw prediction, for once they see you spout forth a Thunderbolt and an Icebeam then they'd basically know your set and then find a way to counter it. Also, you don't mention anywhere that you get to choose what type you get, so relying on luck really won't let you become a top tiered threat. Wouldn't it suck if you became an electric type and your attacking moves were rock and electric type?

    That's all I got for now. The ideas posted are all very creative and interesting, I think that they just need some improvements and fixups. I can't wait to see what we finally decide and stick with!
  14. bugmaniacbob

    bugmaniacbob Was fun while it lasted
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    Sep 19, 2008
    2.5 hours to go, but oh well

    I think it would be fair to say that just about every Pokemon that exists employs some of what Psychological Warfare is going for. I don't think that Ferrothorn is the best example, though. I find that it's far more threatening in terms of being able to set up hazards and wall key threats than manipulating the opponent; of course, it can be pretty damn stressful to deal with in the right situation, but then all Pokemon are to an extent. I can't honestly say at the moment that I can think of a Pokemon in OU that exactly fits the Psychological Warfare criteria, as they all have archetypal niches or are just plain offensively threatening. This is a legitimate direction to take the concept; I just don't think it'd be particularly interesting or teach us anything we don't already know.
  15. Argorine


    Apr 3, 2012
    Powergrid and I wanted to combine our two submissions to see what could be made. The result is a better concept than what was submitted before.

    Name: Healthy Hitter

    Description: A Pokemon whose power is based on the acquisition of hit points and not as much as hitting hard.

    Justification: The concept is focused on the idea of a pokemon's hitpoints. If you take the idea that a sweeper is dependent on being at full health to be successful, that ends up deciding whether it will become death fodder or needs to be passed a wish later. What we don't see often is a Pokemon whose power is from that, Conkeldurr with drain punch would be the closest Pokemon. This pokemon should be able to be feasible at low health.

    Questions to be Answered:
    -How does this Pokemon get balanced so it isn't overpowered? Simple question, but it could very simply go from a Pokemon that's pointless to uber if paired correctly, definitely if there isn't a good counter.
    -How does the ability and typing work together so the Pokemon can take advantage of getting health?
    -What moves can the CAP take advantage to get health? Does is just utilitize a simple recovery move or use an obscure move different from its typing to leech health?
    -How does it work with the team? Does it take advantage of any weather?

    What deems a Pokemon as death fodder? Many times it's when a Pokemon is at low health and doesn't serve a good purpose on the team anymore. Like a Ttar whose goal was for sand, rocks, and pursuit trapping a poke after taking hits. Or if a Banded Terrakion that's burned. Healthy hitter would not have such issues, and could come in on, say, a water move and get health and retaliate with giga drain to become fully healed to then continue to deal damage.

    What could this Pokemon look like? There are a good amount of options. A Pokemon with a quad weakness to electric can switch into a volt switch with volt absorb, or something with a water weakness and come in on a scald with water absorb. Several Pokemon use a recovery move if they don't feel threatened, but Snatch could be a neat way for this poke to 'set up' on it.

    On teams, it doesn't seem to be a great early game sweeper, as it relies on lower health Pokemon to 'sweep.' Much like Lucario, it would clean up.*

    Choiced items don't seem reasonable on Healthy Hitter. But neither does life orb. I could take advantage of big root to simply stay longer versus killing faster.
  16. Theorymon

    Theorymon Let's a do the truffle shuffle!
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    Jan 14, 2009
    Name: Extreme Makeover: Typing Edition

    General Description: The idea here is to create a Pokemon who's typing, while normally considered poor defensively and/or offensively, becomes a strong selling point of the Pokemon itself via help from an ability, stats, and/or movepool.

    Justification: There are a lot of typings we scoff at on a daily basis because of their serious flaws, often forgetting about their strong points. For example, Poison is a really terrible offensive typing, but a decent defensive typing, while the Ice typing is good offensively, but awful defensively. Instead of just accepting that some typings will just ruin a Pokemon, this CAP concept aims to take that "terrible typing", and find ways to fix it (usually via ability, movepool, or stats) to the point where the formerly terrible typing becomes the CAP's strong point! The reason this CAP could benefit OU is because a Pokemon who makes a "bad typing" into a great one could find many unique offensive and/or defensive niches that aren't currently found!

    Questions To Be Answered

    -What does it take for a Pokemon to overcome its "bad typing" so much that its typing becomes good? Are the stats the biggest contributer, is the ability the thing that saves it, does movepool make it a force, or is it a combination of the above?

    -How does the typing makeover effect the Pokemon's playstyle? Does the Pokemon become a unique wall that uses its makeover to overcome its typing's normally fatal flaws, does the make over make a terrible offensive typing into a fearsome sweeper, does the makeover make it into a formidible combination of deffense and offense to a typing that brings it neither, or does the makeover bring forth something none of us see coming from the typing?

    -Which resistances and immunities are the most relevant to the metagame? Sure, this concept is aiming to have a "bad typing" become good, but part of that will require the bad typing to have some key resistances and/or immunties to certain typings to defend against or set up on, while still having a very unorthodox competitive typing. This works the other way around too, what are the typings most relevant to hit super effectively or at least neutral?

    -How will the rest of the OU metagame react to this extreme type makeover? Will Pokemon start carrying moves they normally wouldn't carry to break through a new defensive threat, will some Pokemon take on new defensive roles due to resisting the unorthodox STABs CAP 3 may carry? Or will This Pokemon, despite being a very real threat, not have many "custom made sets" to beat it, being more of a Pokemon that is a reaction to the metagame than causing a metagame reaction?

    -Finally, how will this effect the teams CAP3 is on? Will this be the kind of Pokemon who needs a lot of support to become a threat, will this Pokemon be more of key team member to execute another strategy, or will this be the kind of Pokemon that's part of the glue that holds the team together?


    Alright first let me get something out of the way: I don't exactly envision us making something like "another Volcarona", or "another Ho-Oh". Those two are more examples of Pokemon who succeed despite the problems their typing give them. While we could go that way, I envision this concept as more of a way to make a normally terrible typing good, not just a good Pokemon with a bad typing! Now some of you make think this concept could get a bit restrictive, but there are actually a LOT of ways this concept can go! I'll divide the rest of this Explanation into Defensive and Offensive examples, and also examples of Pokemon in existing metagames that illustrate what I'm talking about. Just one thing to note, these aren't the only possible ways a CAP under this concept can go! The below are just merely examples of how we could form this CAP, there are plenty of other avenues this CAP could go and explore that I don't mention!


    -The first thing that will probably come to mind when it comes to giving a bad defensive typing a make over is giving it an ability that gives it an immunity to a 4x weakness, abilities like Levitate, Sap Sipper, Flash Fire, Water Absorb, Lighting Rod, etc. This is certainly a direction this CAP can go, because there are plenty of typings that are considered terrible on a Pokemon just because its stats don't gel with a nasty 4x weakness!

    -When it comes to abilities, there are others that can aid the quest of turning a bad typing into a good one! The most obvious example is Magic Guard on a Pokemon that has the often ruining 4x Stealth Rock weakness, but this isn't the only way! Another solid example that isn't seen at all in OU is Solid Rock, which could be perfect for a Pokemon who has a lot of nasty 2x weaknesses.

    -Simply having stats in the right places can do wonders here in making a bad typing on paper become a good typing in practice! For example, lets look at Blissey and Chansey in OU. Normal is a pretty bleh typing, in fact these two are the only Normal types in OU! However, that massive SpD is what shows the strength of Normal being neutral to almost everything and having only one weakness!

    -Solstice brought up a pretty good point on IRC that I forgot to mention! Having resists in the right places can be a huge help! The great example he brought up was Celebi. Celebi has 7 weakneses, including a nasty 4x weak to Bug. What made Celebi OU (and makes it work in Ubers hehehehehehe) is that it brings along aweome resistances to common attacking types like Water, Ground, and Fighting, and it certainly has the movepool to take advantage of these kinds of resistances!

    -There is also one great example of a Pokemon in OU and Ubers, who's typing, while normally pretty bad defensively, works wonders because of its ability: Tyranitar! Dark / Rock has a normally devastating 6 weaknesses, including weakneses to common types like Water, Fighting, and Ground. What really saves Tyranitar here is of course, the SpD boost it gets from Sandstream. This, in combination with its great defensive stats, makes Tyranitar FAR more difficult to take down than it seems! Combine that with great offensive stats, and being one of the best Pursuiters around, and you have a great example of a Pokemon turning a normally terrible typing into one hell of an asset!


    This concept may seem like it would be very biased defensively, but thats not the case, there are plenty of ways to make this CAP focused on offense!

    -Sometimes, a great move is what can turn a bad typing on a Pokemon into a good one! I'm guessing a lot of you are thinking "Like Quiver Dance on Volcarona?", and while that is an example in some ways, I have another example that some of you might not expect: the classic god of Pokemon, Mewtwo! Last generation in Ubers, Mewtwo's typing actually really sucked, it had a terrible stab plenty of Pokemon resisted, to the point where it didnt even bother using a STAB, AND it also had a pretty meh defensive typing too! That all changed this generation when Mewtwo got Psystrike, the 100 BP Psyshock clone. Because of Psystrike, Mewtwo has become one of the most fearsome mixed sweepers in Pokemon history, suffering none of the consequences most mixed attackers do, and in the process, making a Psychic resistance extremely important and a Psychic weakness a very big flaw unlike last generation! So TL;DR, giving a Pokemon the right offensive movepool can go a long way twords making its bad typing become good!

    -We could go with a Pokemon that has a great defensive typing, but a terrible offensive typing. The catch here is that this would actually be an offensive Pokemon, that uses its defensive typing to either launch off powerful attacks or set up. A great example of an already existing Pokemon that does this is none other than Steel Arceus in Ubers! While Mono Steel is still a great defensive type, its a pretty sucky offensive typing. Steel Arceus gets away with being offensive anyways as an awesome Calm Minder, it uses its great defensive typing to set up, and takes advantage of the fact that Steel effects every type to use Judgement as its only attack, and use a nice support move like Roar in the last slot!

    -Offensive Abilities can also go a long way twords making a bad typing into a good typing! A great example that user Deck Knight has mentioned a couple times is a Rock / Fire type with Rock Head. Normally, Rock / Fire reminds us of how much Magcargo really sucks, but imagine if Magcargo had Flare Blitz and Head Smash? Sure it'd still have an SR weakness and a 4x weakness to water and ground, but it'd sure be able to hit hard!

    -To expand on the point made above, having stats in the right places can go a long way twords making a Pokemon with a bad typing appealing, ESPECIALLY SPEED! Lets bring up that hypothetical Rock / Fire Pokemon again. If we want to make this thing offensive, why not give it lots of speed to make it so it can hit stuff before getting nuked by a Surf? Making the Pokemon super fast isn't guaranteed either. For example, we could make something like a bulky Dark / Psychic Pokemon with just enough speed so it could reasonably out speed most Scizor, and then Fire Blast its ass!
  17. Scorpio


    Oct 23, 2010
  18. Jake Of Johto

    Jake Of Johto

    Apr 21, 2010
    I'm sorry if i didn't make it clear. You would have the option of choosing your typing in some way or another. Basically, multitype or something to that effect, but without physical appearance changes like in arceus. Essentially a hybrid...ish....idea between kecleon and arceus.
    Thanks for the feedback, it's much appreciated.
  19. DarkShiftry


    Nov 8, 2011
    Transform changes your Pokemon, so the Pokemon itself doesnt really matter as long as it can use the move comfortably, so in that sense there is already a good user of the move in Mew, and the fact that Transform sets are not used as much shows how it's not really effective in that sense, there is a reason it's outclassed, and any other Pokemon would function the same way so I see no point on this concept.
  20. RemembranceOfAppa


    Apr 10, 2012
    While I agree that the pokemon's stats and typing don't effect Transform, the ability to effectively fit Transform into a movepool in order to use it as an offensive/defensive option would be interesting to see in the Meta Game. The opponent would know that the pokemon has Transform, so they would have to play accordingly. Mew is a different story. Mew has many other possibilities and uses that are far more advantageous, and while it's able to use Transform, a player will know that it won't have it since the opponent would have a more standard set for Mew (BP, for example).
  21. Qwilphish

    Qwilphish when everything you touch turns to gold

    Apr 7, 2012
    @Powergrid I am extremely sorry for posting my concept without going through all the previously posted concepts first. I can assure that if I had seen your post beforehand I wouldn't have posted mine. The only reason I posted it was because I flipped through my game files and the idea popped in my head :P Sorry for the confusion and hope your collaboration Argorine goes awesomely :)
  22. Deck Knight

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    May 27, 2005
    Well folks, this rodeo is over. I've decided to pare down the number of options to 7. In order of their submission:

    The Deceiver
    Break The Mold 2
    Double Team
    Boot to the Head
    Hyper Offense Revival
    Extreme Makeover: Typing Edition

    These concepts represent to me the kind of concepts that allow us maximum flexibility in achieving something ambition and getting us to challenge our ways of thinking. Each one presents a daunting task that will stretch the limits of our understanding and knowledge on an individual and team-wide basis.

    I'm very proud of the jobs all our contributors did in making their concepts. I decided in the end I wanted concepts that could go broadly in a multitude of directions, and hash that out during the Concept Assessment. CAP 3 is going to be huge!
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