CAP 14 CAP 3 - Part 15 - Pokédex Entry Poll 3

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Combee is just ridiculous. Sorry...
It's okay, a couple of people didn't get it. That stuff you see floating around in lava lamps is wax.

"He's a fool!" they say. "What idiot wouldn't vote for their own entry?" they would scream to themselves. It is those individuals, however, that make me bubble in laughter. Little do they know of my Xanatos Gambit I am running within this league of ours. If Asylum wins, I had ended up voting for the winning side. If my entry wins, then it's clear that I am still the winner. Either way, I am in a position of assured victory! I am invincible!

That and I'm giving a metaphorical handshake to Asylum for making it this far. Excellent work.
Fair Enough. =)

GRs Cousin

One thing is certain: Mollux will be the Mantle Pokemon, and that makes me happy. Plus, I really do like your entry a lot too, and it's always great just to make it this far in the votes. Preemptive congrats! ^_^
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