CAP 14 CAP 3 - Part 7 - Second Flavor Ability Discussion

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If I were to take one thing from the Drought discussion, it's that the perceived competitive rating of our final flavour ability should have no part in this discussion, as it is not until later that we decide whether this ability will actually be released, and it is THEN that we decide whether the ability is competitive enough for us to restrict its release. To that end our ability should be decided on FLAVOUR ALONE. I have listed what I feel are acceptably flavourful abilities in the spoiler (I've tried to be quite liberal, but there's no guarantee I've been exhaustive. I have also put my top favourites in Red).

- Liquid Ooze
- Suction Cups
- Gluttony
- Sticky Hold

- Sniper
- Weak Armor
- Limber
- Tangled Feet
- Damp
- Magma Armor
- Poison Touch
- Aftermath

- Cute Charm
- Klutz
- Shell Armor
- Slow Start
- Stall
- Wonder Skin
- Clear Body
- Flash Fire
- Heatproof
- Hustle
- Overcoat
- Regenerator
- Shed Skin
- Stench
I'm confused, if Unreleased Drought is flavor (which I agree with) then why ever release it? It ceases to be unreleased at that point and also ceases to be flavor. If this is a flavor ability discussion why are we intending to create something that isn't flavor (even if it is just a time delay)?
We will be banning unreleased DW Drought from the slate.

I make to make this perfectly clear. This was not banned due to the ability itself, but rather because of how people here have handled it. Posts about majorities, going against the voters and conspiritorial, 'a small amount of influential members of CaP back this!', rubbish is still going about even after my warning to keep it to flavour.

In addition, this has no impact on unreleased DW abilities in future. Nor can you say that the moderators support no unreleased abilities or no unreleased DW Drought. Anybody that does attempt to treat this as some sort of 'victory' or fuel against a similar situation in future will be ignored or warned.

People who have not heeded my warning will be punished. I hope you are ashamed of yourselves.

For now, lets enjoy what little time we have left with some nice flavourful discussion.
Since the first two abilities are refering to the lamp and the aquatic lifestyle of cap3, i find the third ability should be somehow connected with the poison component.

Therefore i support Liquid Ooze and Poison Point

They both have the advantage of being competitive neglectable, since
- cap3 isn't treatened by health-leeching moves due to its typing
- many users of contact moves have a steel typing or the guts ability, and others don't mind poison very much (unlike flamebody's effect)
- Furthermore both abilities are highly situational, which alone already restricts their competitive value.

Edit: Also, i find it of sad that drought was banned after being the most lively discussed ability here.
Poison Point doesn't really make sense to me. The only even kind of pointy thing on Mollux is the tip of its lamp. Poison Touch would make more sense imo.

Slow Start is probably my favorite suggestion at the moment. Mollux's attack is so bad the drop their doesn't even matter, and it would give the funkiest bit of viability in Trick Room. Makes a lot of sense, as this is a snail, which are supposed to go pretty slow.
@Drifblim Slow Start is the ability if a legendary Pokemon and I think that it should remain so. If you want an ability that makes Molux slower, Stall provoque the Pokémon always attacks last.
Okay, with Drought being banned, I support Liquid Ooze or Gluttony for the slate.
Gluttony because of how cone snails eat and Liquid Ooze because absorbing the lava lamp liquid and wax/lava can't be healthy. The shell is the most likely part of CAP 3 to be attacked because of the size of it, so even if the body is not toxic, Liquid Ooze can work.
What about a special variant of Hustle? I mean an ability like Hustle but for Special Attack. This ability is worse then Illuminate and is only usable with a Coil set. In addition it slighly weakens Trace users, especially Krillowatt, which may be a check for Mollux. If we would give it a tertiary ability, I only support this one or not any.
Drifblim said:
Poison Point doesn't really make sense to me. The only even kind of pointy thing on Mollux is the tip of its lamp. Poison Touch would make more sense imo.
Cone snails actually have a venomous "harpoon" concealed in their proboscis, Which they can use to sting any food or enemies that get too close. It isn't in the art since you never really see it on a cone snail, but this would probably be the "point" in Poison Point.

I like the idea of addressing the harpoon with our third ability, so one of the poison abilities or Sniper seems appropriate to me.
I like the idea of Hustle. Along with Coil, it could produce a very gimmicky albeit somewhat usable Coil set with a lot of support. Still, it wouldn't be very competitive with all the EQs around, but would prove fun to use IMHO.

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Just so I can keep this up-to-date:

I'm still trying to choose abilities that offer some kind of theoretical drawback to keep the power level around that of Illuminate's.

No Tertiary Ability
Poison Touch

I got rid of Tangled Feet since it really is about birds, as funny as the pun is. I added Hustle because it's only possible competitive use involves a fun, flavorful gimmick set (and if Mollux want's to use Flame Charge it'd prefer the accuracy over the power for example), Klutz because it prevents boosting items, Poison Touch because the moves it's used with and its effect can be randomly detrimental, and Stall because I liked it more than Slow Start and it isn't a legendary ability.
On a non-flavor basis, Hustle might be cool to see and/or use, and much like other Pokemon that get it in lieu of a better ability (IE Togekiss), it probably won't be used much.

Flavor-wise, I still really prefer Sniper for the thing. In my mind, it's the single best ability to give Mollux a good link to its real-world counterpart, the cone snail. I was thinking of other abilities that might get that across, like Quick Feet or Speed Boost, but Sniper makes more sense, and Hustle might actually work for the quick movement speed of the cone snail otherwise too.
I too wanted to throw my weight behind Sniper, because it suits the cone snail concept so well, and I don't feel the small chance that hax works in it's favor and Mollux scores a 3x crit is that big of a competitive difference to make it game-changing or nichemaking. Too bad about DW drought, though, I liked the idea.
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