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couple more ideas, a hive mind parasite and a worm in a wormhole
If my two cents are worth anything, I greatly prefer the worm in a wormhole. It has a sort of brutal feel, something very uncommon to psychic types, could easily be physical or special, and I just love the idea of there being a psychic-bug-leviathan-monster that can appear anywhere within the bounds of space.
To those who like my previous design better: I've heard you. I'm putting this up for those who want me to make something more out of my mosquito. I still like my old one for its simplicity. X3

Less bulgy eyes, hands, those extra wings, hair, gem, little loop-thing, and a hooked proboscis on this variation.

If Megahorn is a concern for anyone, the mosquito (either variation) uses its proboscis and stabs the opponent. I have sketches of it that I haven't got time to scan/polish/upload.

  • TeraVolt: Alongside those other changes or not, you think?
  • ToxicPhox: Oooh, fancy. Nice design, and I do see the Bug typing in it, although it looks rather mechanical from that separated shell and inside as well. The brain says a lot otherwise, though, so it fits the typing. I'm just unsure about another monogender pokemon.
  • aragornbird: It does look more Flying-type now, but I can still figure it as psychic. As others have said, there is a resemblance to Shedinja due to the shape, floating thing above the head, spread wings, and lack of lower legs. I figure the colors and anatomy are enough to differentiate it.
  • Birkal: As I suggested, pill bug pool bug? It might make the bug look more natural, rolling up into an 8-ball shape rather than having a rigid half-dome.
  • nov: The new design reminds me of Utsuho Reiuji solely because of the star wings. If you're going with it, perhaps add joints to the limbs, as they look really inorganic currently.
  • Cartoons!: Hey, you're here again! :D I find those bugs so cute how their eyes reflect their partner's body colors. I would like to see two individuals as one pokemon, but I'm not sure if you can persuade how it would work for this CAP. Maybe they won't be able to use Megahorn, but special attacks and Zen Headbutt look possible. Heart Stamp as a flavor move would tickle me.
  • Doran Dragon: Good design. Pretty standard, but good.
  • Base Speed: I personally dislike some of the floatier designs, like KoA's and yours. Not only might they look more Flying-type than Psychic, the numerous detached limbs, well, I have a difficult time putting that into pokemon. Perhaps only have the wings float and the claws stay fixed or such.
  • CyzirVisheen: Well, as long as they don't look too mechanical, go on. What are those loops on that worm's head?
  • Yilx: While the colors and lines are nice, I don't feel this working as a pokemon--especially not after Necturna. Even if people like your moth design, try the scorpion. You'd need practice outside of your safety zone to open up creativity!
  • Asylum_Rhapsody: The overall shape of the bug is a bit geometric, yes. At least increase or decrease the levels of the head or wings to put a little depth into it. :)
  • rockspet: I'm reminded of Harry Potter from that 'scar'. I still don't really get what it is; a purple, cracked cocoon with an eye? ._.
  • Heroes and Cons: Ah, don't treat MS Paint as useless (hint). Put an hour or two of effort into it. ;D The worm is quite astronomical, I must say. Perhaps go along with that.
  • Lawrence III: As we mentioned in IRC, smooth out the shapes and trim some of those obligatory eyes. Proper perspective helps, too.
  • PuffinHour: I'm not exactly sure what your latest work is. XD I didn't think the previous one was too much like the lake trio. Similarities, yes, but direct correlation, no. The second design reminds me of Sigilyph and Kecleon, but it definitely gets the Psychic-typing across. That grimace is neat.
  • Furosuto: I'm actually not seeing too much bug in this one other than the mention that it's a worm. Why not a snake? Why isn't it, say, ground?
  • Shelmet: I see dark or rock from the texture of the six-legged scorpion. The tail resembles a moon to me, and the feet remind me of stalagmites. Even if the Psychic type is blah to determine, don't make it look like something else. X3
  • Orivexes: I'd also say to move the abdomen back rather than slightly forward, as the pose looks rather awkward and back-tilting. I can totally see Bug/Psychic, just to say.
  • Pokethan: Mmm, I'd say that you just need some artistic know-how in general. Practice otherwise. :) Less floatiness is a personal opinion.
  • Nastyjungle: I don't see Psychic-type. The scorpion could be Poison/Dark with extra eyes, honestly.
  • Thunderbuckets: Unique color palette for such a design, but I don't see enough Bug-type in it. A tiger is really stretching it without it being a tiger butterfly. The extra appendages don't help.
  • Matezoide: Feels a bit forced in typing to me, as well as crude in art. At least put a little effort into using Bezier curves to smooth the lines. :)
  • Leethoof: Vespiquen? D:
  • Steampowered: I see Bug/Fighting with that pose. It's a bit of a sensei with Aura Sphere capabilities. :P
  • GuyInCorner: I don't know, your design currently is mostly geometric. If you want to lose some of that geometry for a bug's pointed head and wings, that would help.
  • KoA: Still don't like the floatiness. D: Sorry, but that's an intrinsic part of your design I'm personally against.
  • Juicy Fruit: Hah, an eyed scorpion. At least it's not as arbitrary as Nastyjungle's... but it's still quite so with that lamp stuck on its tail. Perhaps yellow ornaments around its body can make it less stuck-on.
  • Tin: Colorful! Unique approach on Bug/Psychic, and possible. I think shading and more definition will appeal to others as well.
  • Doran Dragon: I hope you get to me in your other half!
  • 123ericn, DugoutCanoe: More orchid mantises? I suppose I can see them working as physical Bug/Psychics. I do like those flowy-looking drapes across your designs' limbs.
  • akela: The round abdomen looks a bit stuck-on on that creature, as do those copy-paste legs. I'd have to say to not be lazy while conceptualizing, as that makes the artist look bland and dispassionate for sharpening his design.
  • The Reptile: I think it's artistic style that makes your drawing look a bit realistic/stylized compared to pokemon. Smoother lines, mostly, will help the drawing. As for the design itself; it currently resembles a spider mixed with a person because of those visible muscles on the legs. Joints or more uniform limbs will help mollify that effect.


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Well, I've done some changes to the eyes as well as tinkered with some more color schemes.

Being that I didn't wanna completely bombard with the bright hues of purple or pink usually associated with the typing, I wanted to portray both types in a more subtle tone, while still trying to keep a majestic air as this is supposed to be angelic in nature.

I believe that the rather bright eyes set to an emotionless mask of a face gave this pokemon a solemn yet mystic gaze. Also, I'm sorry but I cannot compromise on the floatiness, I believe it to be one of the central design aspects of the pokemon and it makes the concept come together, figuratively of course.

Alternate color schemes:

The bigger picture is my personal favorite color palette, but do give thoughts on which is most appealing!
I do have to agree that the bigger picture has the best color palette,though number 2 would be great as a shiny version.

Small update on my fat bug.

Edit: Another (very) small update and an extra art.

The dots are now pink and are from where he absorbs blood,the black spots on his wings are meant to show his damaged (and useless) wings.

The aura on his eye varies on the situation,becoming brighter when focusing power and lighter when a move is used.

This link allows you to zoom in,wich will make the above picture look better



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Drew this kind of fast so it's a little sloppy but it was better than writing my essay!!

Kind of a silly concept; posting this more because I found it humorous than I think it's a clever design, but what the hell.

What's riskier yet more rewarding than a slot machine? Only a slot machine of death controlled by a demon bug or something.

If people think it's funny I might shade it I guess?

Also using this post to say that I love Yilx's, NJ's, Birkal's magic hat, and KoA's (agreeing that the larger picture has the best color palette but that number 2 makes a nice shiny version!)
So, I took people's advice, and added some distinct eyes. I envision this mon glowing brighter and brighter and the blue leylines spreading further across its body as combat gets more intense. Is the color too bright or too electric? If so, any other color suggestions? Should I add more of the leylines across the face, or less?

I think with the extra burst of color, it differentiates itself from Vespiquen enough.



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I havent yet worked on designing a praying mantis version, but I made a new version of my Buddhist Ant

now to continue with my comments

Juicy Fruit- The head seems a little weird, i cant understand it. I would like to see a little more detail, but I do like the submission
Nastyjungle- Very cute, with alot of badass makes this scorpion pretty cool. Though the design makes it a F-only poke, thats totally cool.
NeLLY979- Praying firefly? I think i'd like to see your design from different angles, currently I cant say much about it other than it feels really simple
Nov- Yingyangmoth makes me think mothman, which is cool. I like the yingyang idea, but I'd like to see a version that maybe a bit toned down and uses visual clues to hint at the yingyang idea. It currently feels a bit forced. The Celestial Moth is certainly beautiful and I prefer it over your yingyangmoth.
Orivexes- Another good design, I like the colors, the fairy concept flows perfectly with bug/psychic. I cant really say anything bad about it.
Puffinhour- Lulu from league of legends! What are you doing in pokemon? Nah, but seriously, this is so cute it hurts. I dont really see the connection to the spirit trio. Im much more fond of the cute fairy than the scary treehopper.
Rockspet- Im sorry dude, but i really cant make heads or tails of this design. it doesnt look bug or psychic. Is it a cocoon? If so, why does it have wings and legs? If not, what is it?
Shelmet- This would be the perfect design for a Dark/Grass type, but it doesnt look very psychic. Still, epic design dude.
Steampowered- And suddenly, "I'll make a man out of you" comes on skype. Interestingly enough it fits with your design. Currently it doesnt look very psychic. That could be fixed by maybe coloring the shell to look like a colorful junebug? The brown gives it a ground or fighting type feel. I swear, ill make a psychic type out of you!
Terravolt- Perfect. its cute, its scary, its a bug, and it has a mystical orb.
Thunderbuckets- Talking about thinking outside the box, i'd certainly not want to let this bad boy outta his. This is a really cool design, but I feel the typing could be better conveyed with more psychic type colors. Also, look up the Manticore, I'd like to see if you could maybe put some elements of that into your design.
Tin- Woah, like shamans of old are...umm...
I mean, cool bro, i feel like im on a bad acid trip looking at those wings, I like the concept, but i feel the wings could be toned down alot. Infact, i would say use alot of natural colors if you wanna go with a shaman theme.
Toxiphox- Oh yeah, you're the new guy who blew everyone away with you amazing art. Compared to your design, my ant is squished between your queen's toes. Theres nothing i could say here. Simply perfect. Definitly one of my favorites.
WPS- Oh goodness, I just wanna hug that brainspider. My biggest concern with this is it looks bug/ghost. I say keep the brain idea, but lose the skull.
Yilx- Stahp. Stahp beng so gudd yilx! Ok, enough dolan. Another basically perfect design.
Im not sure if anyone saw my concept since they were pretty big so I decided that I would post them in links. Needless to say even though I asked for critiques and comments I guess no one saw them. So I decided to post the one I like the most here. 4/Pokemon-CAP4-Sketch-Variation-1.jpg

I would like to know what people think about what they think I should change before I do the coloring. This is just a rough sketch but I would like to hear critiques on the design.

EDIT: Before anyone accuses of me of copying KoA. I was sketching this before he did his original I just took longer because I have been busy with college classes.


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Pokethan I don't think anyone would accuse you of stealing anything, as both our designs incorporate very different concepts. I say carry on and id like to see it with color.
KoA, I gotta say, the addition of those eyes completely change how I feel about your design. I liked the design already (I got a distinct Hoenn-y feel from the browns and blues), but the eyes gave the poke a real added mystery and flavour. Seriously, keep those, becasue your design is rapidly working its way into my heart. I would say to stick with the original color scheme, though. The silver used on 1 is too metallic and implies steel typing, number 2 contains colors that are too cool and take away from the more sinister nature of the poke, and the stripes on 3's apendages clash a bit too much, in my opinion.

I keep getting mesmirized by DugoutCanoe's design as well. The design has a very distinct sillouhette to it that simply doesn't look like any other psychic or bug type. I would love to see some different color schemes for this guy, just to see what it would do for the flavor of the poke. Right now I think the design is just a tad rigid. I'm sure you will fix this in future versions, but there is a real stiffness in the thorax area that could use some tweaking. Maybe changing the shape of the stomach slightly?
KoA, there's something wrong with your seraphibug's tail; I wish I could specify better what, but the part attaching that ball to the body doesn't look right. Also...I like the hollow eyes, but I think you should round the edges a little more and make them look sunken rather than cutout.
@Doran Dragon: Oh please do design a Mantis version. Right when I saw the bug/psychic combo I knew this mon had to be a Budhist/hindu Floating Praying mantis. It fits the theme so perfectly, But... I cannot draw at all. I know you will be amazing at this =)
KoA, I love your design! It's in my top 4 for which ones I'm planning on voting for when the poll goes up. I agree with you, the original color scheme is the best compared to the other 3, but for a shiny color scheme I would go with the first one.

Doran Dragon, I also love your design. I can't wait to see it in color :D
You know what would be freak'n sweet? A slake moth from Perdido street station. It pretty much fits the bill perfectly since it exist on multiple plains at once.

With that in mind, I really like the concepts from nov and tin since they have the whole moth with crazy wing patterns thing going on. I'd love to see both of those concepts developed more. Lots of good submissions to choose from though, I can't wait to see how things turn out.

Rocket Grunt

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wanted to post what i have
based on this fucked up insect occurrence (glyptapanteles wasp)
only here the idea is the wasp stays up top and controls the caterpillar
the 'nose' on the worm is the stinger needle going through its brain
then i guess the psychic wasp controls it like a zombie
not exactly a symbiotic relationship going on here
gonna change it depending on the ability chosen
its looking like weak armor so ill get some on
hope its not illusion cause thatll fuck me up
also wanna wait for stats to roll out as well
have to develop wasp-rider-controller too
but i wanted to get the idea out here
thank you
Changed it to more of a Shaman theme with an emphasis on prayer. (relying on the power of prayer is risky you know). I changed up the color scheme as well to match the shaman look. It can have some cool relationship with the night sky too, but I'll let those ppl who are good at writing pokedex entries worry about that. Does it look psychic enough?

EDIT? should I add some feathery antennae?


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I was hoping someone would do the whole zombie caterpillar thing! If you flesh it out some more, I think you'd have a great contender RocketGrunt.

Also diggin' the shaman moth Nov, definitely better than your past designs, I like the whole native look of it too. Only thing I have against it is the intricacy of the wings. Remember, this needs to eventually be sprited, so maybe reduce the whole outer space effect of the wings to a more simplistic pattern representing the stars?

In any case, I made a lil tweak on Seraphim bug, by allowing the lower part of the body more visibility. I believe this design perfectly embodies risk and reward perfectly. It's protected by a great casing, but inside it resides a vulnerable little buggy bug.

Also an animation demonstrating how it goes from being inert to rising to action (notice how it looks like it's wearing robes sort of when at rest)
That's looking great nov, and I love the animation KoA. I liked the previous version of the body more, with such as straight lower abdomen it kind of looks like it's going to bounce up and down on the ball!
Itsme, I'm really liking your design so far. The concept is simple and executed very well. What you need to do now is clean up some of the lines, particularly at the end of its tail/abdomen thing. Check for symmetry as well, as some parts of the wings look a little strange.

KoA, I kind of liked the location of the tail and orb better on your earlier designs. I feel like some transparency on the orb would make all the difference. Also, if the tail were more curved I think the design would flow a bit better. Vertical lines always look a little strange on Pokemon.

OH MY GOD ROCKET GRUNT I LOVE YOUR DESIGN. I just thought I would let you know that I am so excited to see a finished product for that poke. I love the idea, and the whole flow and flavor of the Pokemon is totally original and fun. Perhaps finding a way to make it look less bulky may help the design a bit more, though. It doesn't quite look "risky" yet, although the concept behind the design may be.
That's looking great nov, and I love the animation KoA. I liked the previous version of the body more, with such as straight lower abdomen it kind of looks like it's going to bounce up and down on the ball!
KoA, I kind of liked the location of the tail and orb better on your earlier designs. I feel like some transparency on the orb would make all the difference. Also, if the tail were more curved I think the design would flow a bit better. Vertical lines always look a little strange on Pokemon.
Maybe that's what it was that I didn't like about the tail. That said, even though I don't think you edited the eyes any, this draft got them better. Love that animation! Does that mean you're a little ahead of the game?
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