CAP 15 CAP 4 - Part 8 - Name Submissions

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Sephimoth pretty much came from Bob's suggestion and I think it melds really well and gets the point across very well.

Obviously it comes from the whole Seraph idea as well as Sephiroth and the obvious moth meld. Remember guys Pokemon names don't have to be that advanced.
Typing kinda reminds me of fortune tellers, gypsies etc. So.... Lymantria, part of the scientific name of the Gypsy Moth. Also Lymantria actually means destroyer, fitting seeing its attacking stats.


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Ehh, may as well throw my hat in with Chryseraph.

Chrysalis and Seraph, fitting as it resembles a pupa when the wings cover the body.
I like Nyktos's suggestion of combining seraph and carapace, but I'd like to tweak it just a little by suggesting Seraphace instead of Serapace; I prefer the former because it more clearly alludes to the "seraph" aspect.

I'd also like to nominate Magnanimoth, which combines "magnanimous" and "moth" while also slipping in a kickass reference to MagnaAngemon.
What do people think of Arnidivum?
Arna is Moth in Catalan and Divin is Divine in Romanian... I also think it flows nicely.

Also Papimoth?

Just throwing these out there.


It's the mixture of two words, Omniscience, which means infinite knowledge and Periculum, which is Latin for risk.
I love how many people are word-playing the word 'Seraph' in their names.
Never done a name submission before, but I guess it doesn't hurt to try, does it?

My submission is Samaoth.

In Jewish lore, Samael is the name of the angel of death and one of the seven archangels (according to wikipedia - if it's wrong let me know!). -oth is for moth, and because it sounds better than Samaesect.
Though if it's too hard to pronouce I might tinker with it. Definitely keeping 'Samael', though, I like it too much.

EDIT: How about Samasciens? Sciens from Latin, meaning 'knowing'. Partly stolen from Danmire two posts above.
Another variation on BMB's second post that also plays off the archangel vibe is Seraphimoth, which references Seraphiel, the Seraphim, and obviously the word "moth".
In order of my own preference (although they are all pronounced almost exactly the same way): Sophymoth, Sophimoth, Sophemoth, Sophamoth, Sophomoth, Sophumoth

"sophos" (Greek for wise) + <connecting vowel for smoothness> + "moth"

The Psychic typing and general angelic quality makes me think that it is a wise and enlightened creature. Also, "Soph_moth" flows well, and imo it sounds like a name GF would come up with.


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I have a simple name.


just Deus (latin for deity) plus insect. I like how it rolls off the tounge, and plus base 600 certainly sounds like something that's above the normal Pokemon!

Also I'd like to note that while we do have two mons that have sect in their name (Genesect and Parasect), Pokemon does this kind of stuff all the time. Like Groudon and Rhydon, Golem and Golduck, etc.
Conjur (kawn-jurr)
This is simply a different spelling of conjure--to cast a spell--as a nod to its Psychic typing. We've seen a few of these in Pokemon before, notably Sawk and Throh, and we've seen common words used in names such as Persian or Golem. In CAP, we have Fidgit, Strategem, Tomohawk, and a couple others.

Auroku (orr-oh-koo)
This combines aura with roku, the Japanese word for six. CAP has six wings.

Miramott (meer-uh-mott)
This combines mirage, a nod to its Illusion ability, with motte, the German word for moth.

Hexil (hecks-uhl)
Hex contains both hexa (six, as in the number of wings CAP has) and hex (a nod to its otherworldly or supernatural nature). The "il" is from illusion.

Hexere (heck-seer)
Much like the prior entry, this has hexa and hex in it. I added "ere" as a different version of seer, a nod to its Psychic typing.

Any suggestions?
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