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CAP 16 CAP 5 - Art Submissions

Discussion in 'CAP Process Archive' started by Birkal, Feb 23, 2013.

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  1. Brambane

    is a Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 31, 2009
    Took a crit Draco Meteor? BETTER SYNTHESIS.

    or should I say syntheHISSSSSSS. Huh huh?

    Golurkyourself that is a quality design

    edit: i totally just realized i gave it mariguana's head structure instead of what I normally do. Freudian Slip? who knows
  2. Agile Turtle

    Agile Turtle formerly aqueous tortoise

    Feb 26, 2013
    I love this, it looks great. It allows for more of a full body view and actually lets people know that it is big and scary without your reference sheet on the bottom. The fact that you can capture height with the picture is outstanding. I'm very impressed and I can definitely still say yours is my favorite. I can already imagine its sprite in motion. The eyes are so amazing, they look like they are glowing, and they are absolutely hypnotizing. I like the color scheme a lot. Your design captures the Grass/Dark typing very well.

    lol, your design has the pine tree's equivalent to an egg on for arms. Joking aside its a fine concept in general. The pine tree hat thing seems a little off, I can't pinpoint what it is exactly, but it just feels off. The design also has pretty poor color distribution throughout it. You have a little bit of green at the top, light brown in the middle, then dark brown at the bottom. I'm not an expert, but I think that if you added a little more green like at the feet or something, it might look better. Right now it looks like a gorilla with a green hat. Its not bad, but I wouldn't put it as my favorite.

    It looks pretty cool, but I like your jackaloupe much better. What really stands out to me is the stick limbs, the glowing eyes, and the glowing tail. The moss feels like it should stand out more, but it doesn't. You say something is missing but you don't know what? Well, that left side of the neck-part where the moss is bare, feels empty, the long stretch of tail from the legs to the orb on the tail feels empty, but I don't know what you could add to it without it looking weird.
  3. Cartoons!

    Cartoons! !!!
    is an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Nov 2, 2007
    Oh stop you!

    more with the jokes (open)

    I can get away with this because Special Defense seems like the only stat that can be applied to a Pokemon because of 'I say so'.

    GoLurkYourself, you've hit the nail on the head as far as quirky and original goes. I'm with Yilx in terms of those bulb placements, but you've got this vote either way.

    Wyv, I was a fan of your dragon snapper from the beginning, that last rendering really made me enthusiastic about it. It looks funny, but also makes me nervous just looking at it, sort of like if Girafarig's tail got an evolution.

    I don't think your Troll is too creepy, Magistrum, it might give off that effect because of the more detailed rendering of the wood, but it'd work just fine as a sprite, I think. I've enjoyed the way you've cataloged his arsenal over this thread, making him really come alive.
  4. kaps


    Mar 18, 2012
    Well, I guess pinecones are in a way the eggs of pine trees

    that being said, I like the design. I agree that better color distribution would help, and even likely make the 'hat' look go away
  5. Scorpio


    Oct 23, 2010
    @ MAgistrum: Maybe people think it's creepy because of all the supporting material depicting it as a creeper. :P

    In other news, my revised design should be up soon hopefully.
  6. pux


    Sep 1, 2009
    Magistrum, don't change the face - it is creepy but very effective as a Dark-type. Looks like it could be a strong, stage 3 Pokemon. It'd lend itself to a sprite perfectly.

    I also like Golurkyourself's, although I'd like to see some work done on the shoulders.

    OldManDugan's is good, too, although the thumb is distracting.

    I also like Antarctros' but I think the flower hand should be changed to a wooden one, it doesn't really look like a hand.
  7. Cheeno


    Sep 12, 2012
    Just watched Games of Thrones last night and I was inspired to tweek my CAPmon design a little bit. LOL..


    Concept: Mushroom - Dark Knight - Musketeer ("Mushketeer")

    I actually am working on the finalized design with full color and when I was about to save; my Photoshop crashed -_- .... So this'll do for now until I regained the spirit to color it again.

    I added feet and a leaf sword and mushroom shield, to make it look bulkier and more complete. I also based the mushroom cap off a farmer's hat [due to it's ability Harvest].

    Former design of CAPmon
  8. Bughouse

    Bughouse Like ships in the night, you're passing me by
    is a member of the Site Staffis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    May 28, 2010
    Magistrum, I'd not change the face at all from the original. The creepy red vines were the best option for the eyes, imo. The circles don't accomplish the same effect. It reminds me of Spinda's face in the creepiest (and best) way possible.
  9. Eol


    Dec 25, 2012
    I think Wyverii, GoLurkYourself and BlueConcept have the best concepts right now.

    @Wyverii: Awesome. Your design is one of my personal favorites since the very beginning. Simple idea rendered perfectly (the colors are amazing) and definitely fits the theme.

    GoLurkYourself: There are very few comical CAP designs I would enjoy seeing in battles, but yours is one of them. The types are so well arranged together (it's really Grass/Dark, not Grass + Dark u know) and even with that little humorous feel, there is definitely something disturbing about that mindless stare. 5/5

    BlueConcept: Very cool. Kinda reminds me Abomasnow for some reason, which is a good thing in my case. It feels very primal, a very interesting use of the types.
  10. Rowan

    Rowan The professor?
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnus

    Jul 21, 2009
    Obviously some fantastic designs in this thread, just gonna comment on a few of my favourites:

    @BlueConcept: I really like this idea and it suits the typing, but I agree that the colours are a bit dull. It's a solid design but I wasn't really drawn to it at the first glance because of the mainly grey colour design.

    @DougJustDoug: I love this. It works extremely well with the typing and stats. The head looks a little off to me, it looks kind of flat. I might be just looking at it wrong though.

    @Magistrum: I don't think this looks overly creepy, just creepy enough. I can imagine it being a Pokemon, I personally wouldn't change anything.

    @Mos Quixote: Fantastic design! This is probably my overall favourite, but I can see why others would dislike it due to it being quite a light-hearted jokey design. Reminds me of a Grass-type Probopass, who has a lot of haters. Nevertheless you have my vote.

    @Nov: To be honest I preferred your earlier rabbit-like design, it was fantastic. However I do understand why you changed it because it didn't look like it suited the stats. The newer desing looks kind of odd to me. I feel like the legs don't really match the body. I would have preferred it if you just edited the old design to make it look slightly slower and a bit more bulky.

    @the flexistentialist: This is really cool! I think the bulkier design looks a bit top-heavy though as if it could topple over really easily. I think maybe the shoulders are too wide?

    @Yilx: I just wanted to throw my support behind this design, I wouldn't change anything. Fits the typing and the stat limits really well.
  11. Hollymon


    Feb 22, 2013
    Okay here is my new design! I haven't posted anything lately so I bring to you coconutmon!!! It is probably gonna be brown cause its a coconut and the leaves are supposed to look like palm tree leaves. I will post a side on if people like it but if you don't I'll design something else. I had to scrap holly on as it was too small for the bulky looking stats and it was not getting much attention! Hopefully this will though.[​IMG]

    So far I like eol the best as it is very dark and also grassy! But I do like anarctros's frankenstump aswell! (Sorry if I spelt your name wrong!)

    It's supposed to be viewed on the side sorry I forgot to change the orientation!
  12. Chomz


    Mar 5, 2009
    golurkyourself: That design is fantastic. Nuff said.

    dracoyoshi: I like how the typing and concept are very easily readable. I'm not sure if it really distinguishes itself enough from the snake Pokemon that already exist, though. May be an iffy fit with the stat spread too, depending on how voting turns out.

    also, cartoons, I command you to stop making concept art that makes me go "HNNNNGGGGGGG"

    it's so cute
  13. levren


    May 11, 2011
    alright time for me to try my hand at this again, hopefully I can make a final submission this time
    got the idea for the sloth when I was thinking of nocturnal animals (for a dark type theme) then started to think what I could do for the grass typing and figured I'd do a moss cover sloth. thinking I need to darken the moss more and maybe the face since the dark type vibe isnt coming across for me.

    Input would be greatly appreciated and criticism too.
  14. CyzirVisheen

    CyzirVisheen Am I poplar yet?
    is an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Jul 2, 2007
  15. Sonic The Hedgedawg

    Sonic The Hedgedawg

    May 13, 2010
    @ Cheeno Something about the new, musketeer direction you've taken your CAP art submission screams "fighting" not "dark".
    The noble and chivalrous image that a musketeer evokes just doesn't seem to mesh wih a "dark" typing nearly so well as it does a "fighting" type. Game Freak has even pursued musketeer references, and have made such fencers part fighting rather than part dark.

    @ Wyverii Your skill is incredible, and I enjoy the fact that you show your pokémon from various angles in your last post, but, and maybe it's just the shading or something, but the non-dynamic face 100% forward pose of your drawing just makes the CAP submission's dimensions look . . . peculiar, like it has a gigantic butt with thick legs and even it's "hand-vines" are fairly large, but it's head and surrounding plumage (normally large, showy parts of a flower) are surprisingly dainty.

    @ Magistrum Topic: eyes/mouth/chest
    I wouldn't mind the red vine spirals if the goal was to make the tree bark look as if it were posessed armour (something a ghost/grass type may do well to evoke), but since theCAP submission clearly has green, goblin-like apendages and ears protruding from the bark (clearly an impish beast WEARING bark armour), the hollowness evoked by the red spirals is somewhat . . . disconcerting. And not in a way that furthers its dark typing either, the mischeivous gremlin wearingthe woody armour as well as the dead-ness of the once living tree used to make the bark armour plates do enough to evoke that image. Instead it creates this disturbingly weird problem where you ca SEE the arms and legs of this creature which is CLEARLY there, but then its torso and face are just . . . not. And it's not that tey are covered up either, because there are holes in the bark he is wearing where a face should be, and they aren't obscured by darkness either, because you can see the luminescent vines of the tree itself... which just doesn't make anitomical sence unless the creature beneath has a crater in place of the face and a massive concavity for its torso as well. and, again, this style would work really really well for a ghost type, especially with less organic looking apendages, but for the rest of the theme you've got going on . . . I just . . . I don't know. It's still amazing looking, but I think that getting rid of the weird glowing red bits in its chest and mask would really really improve the design because, honestly, they don't ADD a lot being there, and kinda serve to just confuse and muddle the intent of the design.
    Simplifying the art with either
    A: Darkness obscurring the creature's face and chest
    B: Glowing eyes and/or teeth from beneath the mask
    would just make the design perfect IMO.
  16. Cheeno


    Sep 12, 2012
    Noted. But it's more of a dark knight than a musketeer. [Although the mushroom cap design gives it a little bit of musketeer look]. I have edited it to look more like a Dark Knight Mushroom and I've noticed that it kinda looks like Bisharp so I have to give it some edge to differentiate it. I'll post it here when I'm done.
  17. OldManDugan


    Jul 23, 2010
    Another possibilty

    Seems like the angler toad didn't really capture anyone's imagination; so here is another thought:

    Vampire potato (Tubercula?)

    Shunning sunlight, these beasts roam the night searching for sleeping Pokemon to drain.

    Should I flesh out this concept instead of the toad? If not, any recommendations for the toad's design?
  18. BlueConcept


    Mar 12, 2009
    A revised Pinekong, taking into account some of the suggestions I got from those above:


    Again, still working on colors because I'm not too hot on how the pinecone arms look, but otherwise, please tell me what you think. :)
  19. Chomz


    Mar 5, 2009
    BlueConcept: Nice art, but the design itself reminds me too strongly of Abomasnow IMO. Also, the Dark typing is not very clear.
  20. Cheeno


    Sep 12, 2012
  21. Magistrum

    Magistrum Ufufu~♪
    is an Artist

    Jan 10, 2013
    A lot of feedback this time, and varying opinions at that! Thanks for the support!

    Reaction to given feedback:
    Show Hide

    Aww, I thought that the Cradily's fake-eyes-inspired features made it a more pokemon-y feel. Will work on this though; when I asked my sister[who also plays pokemon] on which face looks good she actually preferred the same choice as yours.
    Yeah, I like it too, although not as much as the original one. I actually have made other body builds/types, but with the current stat spreads being submitted, I think the current body build fits it the at the moment. In the stat submissions thread, the most common SpDef build sits at 130 while the speed department, although varying, has a majority with middle speeds. The currently existing pokemon with those stats are Umbreon, Cresselia and Uxie, all of which are actually more slender than my capmon. I actually believe that higher SpDef does not mean bulkier build, but rather it's the Def and/or Speed that influences the body type. Nov's first design or Eol's design, for instance, can actually pull off a SpDef build with just the right supporting explanation. Although, it's a different ballgame when the final speed stat be lower tier or high tier, then that will be the time to consider its appropriate build.
    Haha, I am glad that shone through. I wanted to give a feel for my capmon that it has an obnoxious, mischievous and/or trollish attitude to bring humor and not just focus on how intimidating and creepy he is.
    pux, srk1214 and Corkscrew, I also, personally, prefer the original, since my supporting arts already depicted on how the vines represent some of its basic facial expressions [especially in the solarbeam and tail whip ones]. However, as I said with alexwolf, I will continue to work on this; now I actually think I got myself in another internal crossroads on which direction to go. LOL on the Spinda comment though; it made my day because i adore Spinda.
    First of all, thanks for the constructive criticism! ^_^

    I believe pokemon has already tiptoed into the borderline of anatomy, considering what i believe to be anatomical oddballs such as Sigilyph[how exactly does it fly? just psychic powers i guess since there's no way it'll fly with those wings] and Lickilicky. [say what you want about its tongue being safely proportional, i still think a heavy chunk of muscle that makes its long blobby wide tongue would make him tumble. Shortening its pre-evo's counterweight tail gives it no favors, either. Chameleons are small, narrow-tongued and four-legged for a reason.]

    But I digress. On the matter at hand, though--- with the chest/torso/abdomen part, I actually think it is the least problem of all since the forest troll concept I go with explains it. Forest trolls are illustrated as having vines/plants/tree parts growing on its body, and can be confused with treants if not for some of its organic, ogre-ish body parts. In relation to my design, it's a tree hollow with a vine spiraling around, which is actually a part of the plant features growing on its body which I made subtle by adding the darkness. Otherwise you would'nt want me showing you a vine sticking out from somewhere privy. Another is the "leafy muffler" it wears, which I will also point out as not merely cosmetic but actually part of its body.

    On the justification of facial features, you may refer to the back art of my capmon. I gave a mild hint on how its troll head part relates to the mask part, which is almost only half the mask in terms of width. The other dimensions of that green head, though, is the mystery. Is its troll head small and circular? Is it long? Does it square at the bottom? Does it actually conflict with the eye or mouth part of the mask at all? And with the justification of the abdomen vine, is the mask actually a mere mask, or is it actually the real face?That is the mystery I wanted to portray.

    And some feeback:
    Show Hide

    Eol: Awesome coloring! And the harvest support art is awesome too[though frankly I can't guess them all without reference, too bad for me x_X]

    Cheeno: I dunno if the weapons direction is a good route to take with the design. But if you wanna pursue it, you might want to give it a more organic feel? Perhaps a thorned sword or a briar whip? Some carnivorous plants might have a say on that. These are mere suggestions though, since I think it fell less of a dark type. [although this can be negated by a good color scheme]

    OldManDugan: I feel your Gentleman Frog capmon has more promise. It has the harvest thing going with it, not to mention I find it more adorable than Vampire Potato. Although a minor suggestion, I think it would be better if you just reduce the fingers on the frog's forelegs to three, since 4 fingers makes it less of an amphibian IMO.

    BlueConcept: If you're still hung up on the pine cones, maybe giving it a dark brown tone would help? That's the common color of pine cones anyway, so that it feels more pine-y and less rocky.

    nov: It kinda reminds me of Boitata of Ragnarok Online which is not bad at all in itself and has mythological references which is a definite plus, but I miss your jackalope.

    Wyverii: I think it just leveled up its swag! Awesome pose, colors and concept!

    Golurkyourself:I liked the concept; I've known baba yaga by ragnarok online which portrays it as an old witch, but this is something fresh and interesting. Good job!
  22. mcFlareon


    Mar 27, 2011
    Didn't realise my last post was still the color scheme choice one. Well I finally settled on one though.


    Although the design might change depending on the final stats poll, it's can pass on as bulky on Special Defense at least but have to see the other stats to see if the design still fits.

    Now for some comments:

    BlueConcept- I like it's simplicity and it's kind of quirky/funny with the pinecone arms. I would play around with the top of its head though instead of just the tip of a pine tree, maybe try something different so it doesn't look so..basic I guess? (not sure if that's the word I'm looking for)

    Cheeno- I say keep the horns. Gives it more character. Maybe even add some raised textural elements (search toadstools and look for ones with more textures/bumps on the cap)? Not quite sure about the integration of the weapons though, I can see that it's part of the body but it somehow still needs to be integrated more naturally somehow in my opinion.

    Dougjustdoug- Love the concept, really captures a good balance of Grass and Dark types. Just a suggestion, maybe try adding a subtle dark green colour on the black parts? Just a teeny bit to help marry the design elements together. Not sure the current way the vines surround its neck looks right at the moment, I would try some different ways of doing it- maybe an X across the chest or something? Just experiment. Otherwise very strong with the thorny vines concept.

    Dracoyoshi- Really like how this design evolved. Love the golden apple. Are the green bits on its body spikes or a plant part/leaf? Maybe needs more definition on that aspect.

    Golurkyourself- Very inventive creature. Love the colour scheme and it's very distinct.

    OldmanDouran- As someone who works with potatoes I really love this inventive concept! Love the idea and how you integrated the growing roots which also make for a pretty cool colour scheme. I think you can play around more with the body shape though. I wonder if you want to add more potato 'eyes', whether they are actual eyes or not :p

    RocketGrunt- Very strong design, I love the dark gothicness of it. Love the arms and its quirky 'hat'.

    Yilx- Pineapple boss fits really well with the current bulky stats direction i've seen when I glanced on the other thread. Love the personality.
  23. dwarfstar

    dwarfstar mindless philosopher

    Apr 7, 2011
    Dugan, the toad was awesome, right up there with Dracoyoshi's snake and Yilx's pineapple banchou.
  24. Cretacerus

    Cretacerus Survivor
    is an Artistis a Smogon Media Contributor

    Apr 7, 2012
    Love the potato monster :) The concept and colour scheme make it a very unique design, which easily stands out, while still looking very natural with the typing. Would definately go with this instead of the general toad idea.
  25. noobiess

    is a Pre-Contributor

    Nov 28, 2009
    Even though I love my voodoo lily pokemon, I realized it wasn't something for CAP (since Necturna is too similar) and the stats and ability are just not matching. I felt like I had to force my design to fit description of CAP5 so I decided to make another design.

    So I present:
    The wolf pokemon
    Maybe this one needs a little explanation... This pokemon disguises itself as a bush to attract it's pray. When they are close, it attacks.
    So for example: An innocent mareep in standing in the meadow and suddenly sees this bush with delicious berries. It tries to eat one and then... Wam... LAMBUSHED!

    I hope I have some time to work on the design because I really like the concept. Maybe I should add a tail or something... Here are some other sketches of the design.

    Here are some comments:
    Show Hide

    Calad: I love the design and the colors. The only thing that bothers me a bit are the light green things on its head. I feel that they could be integrated better into the design.
    Chomz: I like the colors but I think the inner color (the green) should be lighter and paler. I think the fresh green draws too much attention to that part of the design.
    Harle: Maybe you should change the type of leaves. I think a grape leave would fit really nice with the vines of the body.
    the flexistentialist: I’m loving the design more and more. I only find the feet a bit weird because it doesn’t look mobile at al.
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