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I did not participate in the CAP but I do drop by to take a look every now and then, and from "outside" experience, I would say changing the name isn't that big of a deal. If people are asking, "What is Scurvy?" then who is to say they don't know any of the created pokemon, including Arghonaut. Just my thoughts...


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its probably gonna get it when it evolves, because its becoming a captain guy and in war he lost his hand, so as a sailor, he hasnt lost it yet >_> <_<


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I just finished a test run with Arghonaut on my testing server.

I'm implementing it on the real server now. Look for the playtesting thread very soon. For anyone on the forums right now -- come to the server. Darkie and Bass are going to do the first official battle with Arghonaut. It should be a fun one to watch!
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