CAP 7 CAP 7 - Final Product

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There's a 12-character limit for move names, though, isn't there? So, there would definitely be reason to change the name of Shadow Strike, given that it's too long. Spectral Strike, unfortunately, is no better. Given it's pretty much a ghost-type Crush Claw, I would suggest something like Shadow Crush or Soul Crush or something like that.
or like
Soul Crusher

because it's impossible to come up with a better attack name than soul crusher


np white zombie - soul crusher
Weight should a bit higher than Mightyena, Absol, and Houndoom. Absol is weighs the most of the three (103.6 lbs), so something like 125.7 for Kitsunoh should be fine, and the hight should be between 3 to 4 lbs.
Metal force I agree with the weight and almost with the height. I am just self conscious because i am six pounds tall (I know i should not be mocking you but i do agree with you outside of units). Kitsun sounds cool but this poke seems more like a unevolved poke.
Shadow [name] is so unoriginal... seriously, go with Spectral [something]. Not only it sounds new and refreshing, but it also doesn't get confused with a pokemon colosseum/XD attack.
Remember, 12 letter limit on attack names. Spectral takes up 8 space already, leaving you with only 4 spaces left, minus any actual spacing. Some name suggestions.

Spectre Claw

Spectral Cut
Mirage Smash (Mirage Fang sounds better to me)
Eerie Blow

....I'll stop because it get's any sillier.
Just a quick post (don't expect many more anytime soon) to say that I love who CAP7 turned out and to submit the move name Spectral Charge.
Congrats, Mag on an efficient, cleanly run CAP.

Also, I don't know why everyone's so keen on making a sneaky, fast, fox-like thing the size and weight of a cow!
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