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Time to see the usage stats for my team^^

Hydreigon: 21 Heh, first Deino around for a loong time, now it looks like it has become pretty popular though^^
Gengar: 32 Well, I wasn't the only one who started with this guy back in February, and for good reason
Kitsunoh: 27 God how common this thing has become? Is Gengar really this frightening? If you aren't Jolly he'll fuck you over anyway one way or the other^^
Chandelure: 17 Glad to see another previously underused mon the love it really deserves. Probably one of the best gen 5 mons, especially given how narrow his movepool is.
Revenankh: 13 Good level of usage currently, but I predict it will raise as people realize the full extent of its usefulness (especially in doubles and triples)
Spiritomb: 3 Considering this guy counters some of the most fearsome threats of ASB (and that he's hella cool), I'm surprised to see it this low in usage. Cm on guys, don't be afraid of selling your souls!

Privatyke: 18 A good mon in its own right, although I suspect a bit overrated. There's quite a lot of relevant stuff which can beat him 1 on 1, regardless of Iron Fist
Cyclohm: 47 Eh, no reason to NOT get this guy really. He's first in usage for a reason (although the loss of Sheer Force hurt him significantly)
Zoroark: 10 Sometimes he's very good, sometimes he's really worthless. Once Switch=OK Single battles become more common, I may consider it. Until then, he just looks... not enough. To me, at least.
Mankey: 4 Four people here forgot Gallade and other stuff exist. Or maybe, four people just realized how cool Primeape is (although Mienshao sucks a bit less and is really cooler).
Sableye: 6 Another underrated Pokémon. If people played doubles more often, they'd see why Sableye is so good. Maybe there are too many Fidgit around for him to shine?
Slowpoke: 12 Well, who doesn't appreciate his bulkiness as a Heal Pulser/supporter in general? There is little reason to venture in TLR (or raids, if you aren't their creator like I am) without one of these
Foongus: 3 Once people start realizing how good is Amoonguss at stalling TLR Pokémon, maybe its usage will rise. Until then, Amoonguss will be a good, albeit very niche, choice with unique perks.
Okay, time to check my usage. Format will be:

Pokemon: Usage Comments

Aggron: 19 Thank you ASB for finally noticing the raw destructive power of this Pokemon. It can bust its way through most anything with sheer force.
Pyroak: 29 Whoa when did this thing get so common? I can't say it's not a great Pokemon, but I'm not sure if it warrants this much usage...
Machamp: 17 Hmm. I haven't seen many (any) of these around but it's nice to see people finally noticing this great Pokemon.
Bronzong: 8 I call underrated. In Items=Off matches this Pokemon is shit because it gets Taunted and doesn't exactly have the best damaging stats...but with a Mental Herb it's one of the most aggravating Pokemon to face in all of ASB.
Kitsunoh: 27 A good mon (and goes about even with Gengar which is nice), but I don't think it needs THIS insane amount of usage...
Chandelure: 17 Yes, nice to see a great Gen V mon finally getting some love.
Marowak: 7 What. Have any of you guys noticed that this thing has 8 Attack with Thick Club?
Aerodactyl: 8 Less than he deserves. Blazing-fast Taunt is useful in so many situtations, especially in combination with Bide and good attacking stats.
Excadrill: 10 Time for a quick lesson. In the sand Excadrill has an effective 176 Speed. He gets a boost on Earthquake, Rock Slide, and Metal Claw. He also stops Levitate Pokemon dead. Why do you think he sucks again?
Skarmory: 5 Ummm...tbh this deserves a bit more, but not a lot more. He's pretty much stopped cold by quick Taunts, but his STAB Sky Attack is an underestimated attacking force.
Lucario: 29 Superpopular and for good reason. Ridiculous mixed attacking, huge movepool, etc.
Klink: 5 Well, at least Dig is actually a good move. And Lock-On+Zap Cannon is nifty. But other than that...not much.
Magneton: 16 Happy where he is. Good but not amazing special attacker.
Mawile: 2 WHAT? Do people like not notice that he has Intimidate and Sheer Force and lots of other support goodies? He's not great but 2? Seriously?
Scizor: 18 No complaints. Good physical attacker with neat support options, but that's it.
Registeel: 1 (N/A) Ummmm...
Beldum: 17 I actually think this is underrated. A well-built Metagross is nigh impossible to stop (Flora....)
Pineco: 2 EH? This guy is pretty good actually. Pain Split, Volt Switch to shake off Taunt, and like a bajillion support options? He deserves higher than 2.
Granbull: 3 A competent attacker and nothing more. Maybe a bit higher, but really...
I may as well do this... (for about half of these, it is pretty much what smashlloyd said)

Bisharp: 17 Not that great, in all honesty. If it gets a good match-up, it is hard to counter without a fighting move. However, it really can't handle many things.
Swampert: 10 Grass is not really a popular type, and Mirror Coat+Counter says hi. Since everyone is now impressed with Gastrodon (ty Deck), people should be at least as impressed with Swampert, as they are quite similar.
Magnezone: 16 Doesn't have a good movepool. Thunder Wave and Magnet Rise are very handy. It is mostly good for spamming powerful Electric moves, esp. with a Magnet on. It can also destroy Ingo.
Chandelure: 17 Sort of the same deal as Magnezone, but it does have some Ghost type tricks. +Spe with 6 SpA is very nice, btw.
Exeggutor: 5 I have hardly used this, so I can't say very much, but it basically annoys with powders and kills with Solarbeam.
Machamp: 17 Dynamic Punch :) But seriously, 6 Atk and some very handy and powerful STAB moves are quite good.
Dragonite: 35 Kick-ass mon, has great coverage, and Multiscale is super awesome.
Scizor: 18 Another mon that I pretty much use for 6 attacking stat and maybe a nifty trick or two. (The list is now Magnezone, Chandelure, Exeggutor, Machamp, Scizor)
Metagross: 17 Totally UT right now, and it needs a nature change, so right now mine is crap. (add to list in Scizor's comment)
Ferrothorn: 12 Only good for large switching battles.
Aggron: 19 I got this before the change to Heavy Metal, because I quickly saw that is has very hard-hitting STAB moves.
Krillowatt: 19 It has Hydro Pump and Thunder (summon the rain!!!), as well as high speed, high HP, and Mirror Coat+Counter. (I only got it for Mirror Coat and Counter)
Lucario: 29 Soooooooooooooooo awesome. All who don't give it +Spe are foolish. Tons of attacking options, can go mixed, and if nothing else works, it can spam (perfectly accurate) HJK and (fairly accurate) Focus Blast.
Kitsunoh: 27 Again, "All who don't give it +Spe are foolish." But anyway, it has many moves to piss off your opponent (although some are common): Yawn, Will-o-Wisp, Toxic, Double Team, Imprison, Perish Song+U-Turn, Trick Room(+Metal Burst), Pain Split, Fake Out, Magic Coat, Trick, Roar, Dig, Taunt, Torment, Thief, and maybe a few more.
Steelix: 9 See: Deck's tournament matches.
Duclohm: 47 It was probably much better when it had Sheer Force.
Excadrill: 10 See Scizor's comment (and add Excadrill to the list).
Porygon: 20 Add to list.
Sneasel: 12 Add to list.
Rebble: 18 Add to list. (does good in Battle Hall)
Axew: 7 Once it becomes a Haxorus, it will become a major addition to that list I have going: 7 Attack!
Pokemon: Usage Comments

Abomasnow: 5 Meh, he has his uses. The annoying thing about using him is his 4x Fire weakness. The good thing about using him is Hail and potent Ice-type moves, along with Leech Seed. I do seriously wish Grasswhistle had enough acc to be reliable though...
Syclant: 24
Krilowatt: 19
Camerupt: 9
Froslass: 4
I am seriously on the fence about whether or not to trade this thing for an Anorith. While on one hand it gets Sucker Punch and Bug STAB Rock Blast, it's 1 TC for a very good reason, and Anorith and Crustle do the Bug STAB Rock Blast gimmick better on the whole. Meh, maybe my experience will improve when I finally unlock Overcoat...
Eevee (for Glaceon):
Mankey: 4
Zarator: The reason I got Mankey despite my other Fighting types (Tomohawk, and eventually Voodoom, Conkeldurr, and Lucario) was Pay Day-not everyone participates in ASB as much as you do. That being said, it has a good movepool.
Planned Team Members:

Gallade: Meh, great supporting options for multiples/raids, decent power, and good special defenses mean it'll be quite valuable when I get it.
Colossoil: On paper it seems good. Its supporting options are surprising for its high power, and I can't complain about its 120 HP.
Stratagem: Powerful, great offense and supports. Seems like it'll be a good option.
Volcarona: ...Not sure how this will do. It likes getting added Levitate Trait, but its movepool is fairly shallow...meh, good raid mon.
Cloyster: Rapid Spin will make it valuable on my gym team, as does incredible defense. That being said...Ice takes what it can get.
Togekiss: HAAAAAX...yeah, this thing is a mostly better Dunsparce.
Hydreigon: In terms of power and movepool, this thing is epic.
Dragonite: It's second most popular dragon for a reason.

Might as well give my team's usage an analysis.

Scolipede: 2 Someone must've gotten one recently, because I was unique for awhile. It has a somewhat limited movepool (Gen V) and meh stats not named Speed, but pretty underrated imo.

Toxicroak: 8 Anticipation lowers SE moves BAP by 3. This in conjunction with Dry Skin can make this one tough bastard to take down. I'd say this is about right for usage, if not a little low.

Ampharos: 3 Really? 3? Have you seen the ridiculous support and attacking movepool on this thing? Both screens and Heal Bell and a great typing in general. People are crazy...

Froslass: 4 I'd say a bit more usage would be ideal, but besides Bolt-Beam and good speed, it's nothing special.

Honchkrow: 19 Holy fuck nuggets, this thing is popular. For good reason, too. A trolly speed tier mixed with great attacking stats and above average Hp make Honchkrow pretty BA.

Vespiquen: 4 I was the first, but Icebug(?) started the fad. This is not at all a bad Pokemon and deserves much more usage, despite its 4x weakness.

Tangrowth: 8 It costs a pretty penny to buy, but Tangrowth has amazing stats to go with a diverse movepool (Gen 1 fuckyeah.) I'm surprised it isn't higher.

Chandelure: 17 Is beast, yada yada. Totally deserved.

Roserade: 14 Seeing as Moveslot Syndrome isn't applicable in ASB, Roserade is more than welcome in this environment. Again, totally deserved.

Crobat: 9 Assuming its only average attacking stats are its major turnoff, this is an understandable usage. Although, underestimating it's great Special, Physical and Support movepool is a fatal mistake.

Cloyster (Shellder): 10 This number could very well shoot up soon when people realize that with its massive Defense, Shell Smash's stat drops are only minor inconveniences to its bulk. A permanent stat increase for little cost is a deadly thing...

Reuniclus (Duosion): 11 Of course it's OU in ASB, there was no other way. It should probably be even more used (Regenerator and Magic Guard!!), but people are likely sick of it in the actual metagame, so this is understandable.

Jumpluff: 1 Ha ha ha ha ha. Thank god no one else has bought the great troll. ASB can't handle two trainers with Jumpluffs. Despite its horrid Ice weakness, this bastard is a huge threat in ASB. No one else realizes this until its too late...

Exeggutor: 5 Somewhat underrated. Harvest gives it either infinite healing, stat boosts or weakness nullification, while it can still hit like a truck with its Special Attack (or possibly even Physical) and support/status.

Nidoking: 15 This is just right. Average attacking stats merge with Sheer Force and an ungodly movepool to make a formidable offense. But, it isn't particularily great in the stat department.

Tentacruel (Tentacool): 4 Tentacool has amazing stats for an NFE and Tentacruel is no slouch either. It's STAB is both defensively and offensively amazing and Acid Spray can be a great move for increasing Tentacruel's damage output leading to some crazy destruction. Totally underrated.

Staraptor: 7 A somewhat limited movepool is balanced out by his great Attack and Speed. This is about right.

Drifblim: 5 I was second in this one, but it has been getting more common recently. Massive Hp is massive, but is somewhat let down by his shoddy defenses and helped by its relatively quick Speed for a defensive Pokemon. Ghost type helps it a lot, giving it access to Thunderbolt and Hex among other great moves like Stockpile, Acrobatics, Will-O-Wisp and Thunder Wave.

Pelipper (Wingull): 2 I've yet to actually use mine yet, but Rain Dish, a better movepool and 4 Defense give it an edge over Swanna, who beats it in Speed and Hp.

Tomohawk (Scratchet): 27 Another Pokemon I have yet to use. Scratchet is a pain in the ass to train, though. It has like 5 Level up moves. :/

Poliwrath (Poliwag): 2 C'mon, people! It may have only average stats, but it's not thaaat bad. Darkamber and I are the only cool people here...

Eelektross (Tynamo): 11 Yeah, Gen V love all up in ASB. One of the better Electric types with a diverse movepool. Voted most likely to receive RT as a Tynamo, but not quite as bad as Feebas or Beldum.

Crustle (Dwebble): 1 Yay, I was first here! As far as I can tell, it's like Cloyster with better spread out bulk. Sturdy helps take hits and Shell Armor prevents crit hax. This with it's offensive typing make it a potential threat.
Ok, this thread has now become a review-your-pokemon-team thread. I will improve upon my older post:

Bastiodon:6 In all honesty, despite my fanaticism, Bastiodons aren't that bad. They need a +attack or +special attack nature to do anything, but metal burst/counter/7 defense screws over most physical attackers, even those able to hit him hard with fighting/ground moves. Quite under-rated.
Rampardos:11 A complete boss on both attacking sides. Understandable how often it is used, since rock is a pretty poor defensive typing.
Probopass:3 This is where my underused ranting begins. Excellent defensive stats, boosted even moreso by sandstorm and sturdy, complemented by an excellent movepool and potential rank 4 special attack. Seriously, best rock/steel out there.
Solrock:2 Entirely understandable. Poor stats but a very wide gengar-esque movepool. Its typing isn't great, but as a rock gym leader it provides necessary anti-fighting and anti-ground.
Sudowoodo:2 Rock Head Woodhammer. Go die in a hole water/grounds. It is pretty much outclassed by other rocks, but tricks like copycat, mimic, and magic coat give it a pretty nice bonus. Good coverage with elemental punches and edgequake.
Rhyhorn:14 No opinion, since he is still in training so far.
Cradily:7 As a rock gym leader, countering waters is very important, and despite icespam, Cradily can do it well. Rank 4 defenses may not be Probopass, but they are good with sandstorm. However, not many people are mono-rock, which is why Cradily is not used so much.
Aerodactyl:7 Smash explained it pretty much.

Rest of my team comes later!


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Obligatory Reviews...

Hippowdon (6):
Not really high in usage, but he's highly useful on my team, due to permanent Sandstorm & whatnot.
Gliscor (13): Ahh...yes. The trump card for my team. He's the reason why I've one many a game. He's just incredibly versatile & very effective staller as well. I could go on about his usefulness for ages, but I'd rather not.
Gastrodon (4): I honestly don't see why he's so low in usage. Excellent typing, excellent abilities, solid all round stats, & multiple reliable recovery moves. He's definitely superior to Swampert imo, people should start using him more.
Garchomp (15): Garchomp is a beast. Very powerful, he does have a few gaping weaknesses, however...
Excadrill (10): Yeah, he's starting to fall out of favour with me. He's a good slice 'n' dice attacker that negates Levitite & whatnot, but that's all he's pretty much good for. He's just one-dimensional. He may do extremely good at his job, but when it comes down to it, there are simply better Pokemon. He's an excellent Raid-mon though...
Golurk (9): No Guard DynamicPunches boosted by Iron Fist is his main selling point, as well as his good typing, but yeah. He's not that great.
Colossoil (13): Colossoil is just absurd. Huge HP, access to both Bounce AND Dig, solid abilities, Huge Movepool & whatnot makes him such an OP mon. I didn't get 5 KO Counters for him in a single match against Leethoof for nothing...
Torterra (7): Torterra is a bit underrated. He's going to be crucial in my quest to be Ground Type Gym Leader, & having a Grass Type simply helps against those pesky Water Types that pop in, even though half of them carry Ice Beam...
Camerupt (9): Camerupt is a tank. He hits hard on both sides & he has great synergy with Gastrodon. Using him in a CoT raid at the moment, & he makes a very good tank.
Fidgit (18): Apart from using him in the CoT raids, I haven't used him much, but he's a great Doubles Player, not as great in Singles, however...
Cofagrigus (3): Now we come to the Non-Grounds. Being the initial owner of a Cofagrigus, he isn't meant to be used as an offensive Pokemon, primarily due to poor coverage & whatnot. He's good on the defensive side, however, with those astronomical defences.
Simipour (1): Fuck yeah, only Simipour! All joking aside, he's just a generic Water Type. Great offensive stats, good coverage, & a fast Taunt is what he's got.
Stunfisk (3): I was the initial owner. He's good for dealing with water types, but he works incredibly well with Fidgit in a CoT raid, making a great defensive core.
Eelektross (11): Another Pokemon, whom I was the first to obtain. Eelektross has stunning versatility as an attacker, & all in all, is a solid Pokemon.
Crobat (9): Haven't used him much, but if anything, Crobat is one hell of a hax machine.
Pachirisu (1): Yeah, only Pachirisu, but yes. It's crap, so I only use it for laughs...It sucks...
Scratchet (27): And here we come to the "Monarchs". This is the Pokemon I own that's used the most, & I don't use it often, Brave Nature is fairly underrated, as it allows versatility...
Rhyperior (14): Yeah, Rhyperior is not that good, he's fairly crap outside Sandstorm imo, but I did have fun killing a Combee with it. =P
Dusknoir (20): My most used "Monarch", & it's easy to see why many a people use him: Incredibly powerful all round stats, massive versatility, exellent stalling capability, it's no wonder why many people use him.
Smoochum (2): One of only 2 to own one, & it's easy to see why it's not used often. It's basically bad, especially as an NFE, it basically cannot do much, apart from using Perish Song.
Elekid (14): Haven't used him much, so not much of an opinion.
Magmar (6): See above.
Cleffa (4): See above.
Sneasel (12): See above.

That's my review's.
After a summer-long hiatus, I'm back and raring to go! Hopefully, I didn't miss much in the way of mechanics revisions...

Huh. It seems like this would be more popular. I'm guessing more than a few of these came before the Substitution nerf so long ago. Mine did. XD
SALAMENCE (19): Little surprise here. Salamence has a reputation for its wallbreaking prowess in VG OU, and that's definitely bled over. Its general inferiority to Dragonite has clearly done the same as well.
PYROAK (29): I see three things that make this popular. First, it's a CAP. Second, it has decent overall stats along with good typing and support options. Third, it looks BADASS.
RAICHU (7): I don't see many of these, which is understandable - its lowish stats, weaker base forms, and limited offensive options do it no favors. However, Lightningrod helps it greatly in maintaining its Speed, and its supporting/boosting moves (Encore, Nasty Plot, Light Screen, Thunder Wave, etc.) make it a serious opponent. Don't forget that it can use Fly to avoid Ground moves.
GALLADE (7, 12 prevos): And rightfully so. Gallade is useful pretty much anywhere. It's great at support, setting up, and balls-out brawling.
BISHARP (17): I haven't used mine much, but I haven't had much success. STAB SuckerTaunt with its coverage options works well on paper, and it's not like it can't Rock Polish away about its Speed.
SCYTHER (18): Again, great Pokemon, even in its base form. Should I evolve or Eviolite it, though...?

I think I'll get a few battles in to refine my movepools, then enter some RPs for 1337 1007. It's great to post again! :D
This seems to be the popular thing to do:

Carracosta(10): Solid 5/3 attacking stats with Brave nature and Sturdy+Solid Rock+5/3 defenses means he's a great bulky attacker, coverage could be better but it's good enough. x4 weakness to Grass hurts, but he doesn't take much from Grass Knot and Grass isn't the most common attacking type. Still haven't tried Shell Smash on him but with a White Herb I expect it to be awesome :3 Usage is probably about right, he's a solid Pokemon but nothing special.
Golurk(9): This guy defines sheer power. Rank 6 attack with Adamant and Iron Fist to power up his main fighting moves and his STAB Shadow Punch. Has plenty of random coverage to go around too. Boosting options are somewhat lacking, but he has the power to simply break through most Pokemon, and No Guard Iron Fist Dynamicpunch is always fun as well. Similar to Carracosta, he's a solid Pokemon but nothing special, so his usage is probably deserved.
Torterra(7): Torterra is probably the worst of my main 6 but he's by no means bad. He has plenty of support options (screens, Leech Seed, SR, etc) and a decent typing. x4 weak to Ice really hurts though, especially since he's supposed to be the one dealing with Water types (who almost invariably pack Ice Beam). His usage is deserved as well; there's better Ground and Grass types out there.
Cyclohm(47): Rather unsurprising coming from a Pokemon that was considered by many to be the best in ASB at one point. He's lost a decent bit of his scariness but he's still a great Pokemon. Insane versatility and coverage, great bulk and a recovery move to go with it, and even has some support in the form of Heal Bell. While he lost Taunt, he still has Bide, Endure and Torment for plenty of fun. The usage is definitely merited.
Magmortar(6): Magmortar is pretty good. 4/5 offenses with a +Attack nature is pretty nice, and his movepool is pretty damn good. He has all the Gen 1 staples (Bide/Endure/Counter) and Taunt is amazing. As far as offensive coverage is concerned, he has Thunderbolt and ASB SolarBeam for waters, and Hidden Power Ice for Dragons. Psychic for randoms, and he has Focus Blast and Cross Chop depending on the situation. I think he deserves to be used a bit more; he isn't amazing, but he's definitely a solid Pokemon.
Gallade(7+12): Yeah, this guy is way too underused for what he brings to the table. Great offenses on both sides and an absolutely MASSIVE movepool. If you think Gengar's is great, well you haven't seen Gallade. Taunt, Torment, Encore, Disable, Pain Split, Wish, Role Play, Skill Swap, Trick Room... the list goes on and on. If you are slower than Gallade, you will regret your existence. If Gallade was any faster then it would probably be considered the best Pokemon in ASB IMO. Definitely underused.

...yeah, I don't have the patience to do this 12 more times. Maybe another time.
Let's see here:

Feraligatr Line: 10
Chosen for his strong offensive movepool, as well as access to situational moves like Counter, Seismic Toss, Mimic, and Spite.
Fang has never let me down, and leads my team in KOes.

Galvantula Line: 12
Chosen to resist all types that Fang is weak to, as well as for strong STABs and CompoundEyes.
Newly evolved, Watt remains a solid poke to rely on in a pinch.

Swalot Line: 3
Chosen for his excellent movepool, including Counter, pseudo-boltbeam, Pain Split, Snatch and Encore.
Smudge wreaks havoc across enemy ranks through his array of annoyance moves.
I've won every time I've lead with Smudge.
And lost every time I've used him in a non-lead position.

Chandelure Line: 18
Chosen for her amazing special attack, as well as excellent typing.
Spook's amazing ability to simultaneously inflict status and deal damage makes her invaluable to my team.

Blastoise Line: 8
Chosen for his access to Counter and Mirror Coat, as well as countless other useful moves.
Koops is the underdog of my team, with only one real battle under his shell.
Despite this, he was invaluable against Ziposaki's Doduo, securing the win.

Aggron Line: 22
Chosen for his amazing abilities, as well as the fearsome Head Smash.
I just wish I could play Crush the Combee with Galahad, but I missed the boat. XD

Nidoking Line: 16
Chosen for excellent movepool, with solid options for attack, support, and annoyance.
Odin is proving himself worthy of his name.

Luxray Line: 6
Chosen because Shinx is adorable, solid attack and good abilities.
I can't wait until Cleo evolves, and I can use the custom sprite Albinoloon made for me.

Ditto Line: 3
Chosen for expansive movepool, containing gems like Transform
Xerox is unendingly fun to use in battle, hijacking enemy movepools to wreak havoc.

Togekiss Line: 22
Chosen for excellent abilities, good movepool, and reasonably good stats.
As my first flying type, I'm sure Joy will be a joy to use in battle. (See what I did...nevermind)


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Sorry, I've been really busy irl and and I kinda let the get away from me (along with most things in ASB). I'll try to update in either today or tomorrow.


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Im effectivly the only person who has a pokemon in the Exploud line.

Soon there will be two people with poliwrath, and there are already only two people who have a noctowl. Im sort of unique :)

Steelix (10):
I chose steelix for the reasons I choose most of my pokemon, a) it was my favorite pokemon, and b) I owned one in at least one of my playthroughs. Steelix is a giant metal snake, its one of the most manly (if not most compensative, if you know what I mean) pokemon I know, not to mention its purely the best pokemon in the Defense stat!
Featured in: Crystal, Pearl, PO

Noctowl (2):
I find noctowl to be a very attractive pokemon, in how its more psychic than normal, and it's as good at status play as any other pokemon like Gengar. Noctowl is a personal Favorite, and one of my strongest pokemon is my pokemon Crystal. This pokemon has been a bro with me since the begining, and has never led me wrong.
Featured in: Crystal

Meganium (5):
If you havent seen the pattern so far, I'll let you in on the secret. In the begining I was making my Crystal team for ASB, and began branching out from there. Meganium was my Starter in Crystal, and in my HeartGold, I raised one to be my very first level 100 pokemon. Meganium is said to be the "Hard Mode" in the GSC games, and also said to be a punching bag, but it has alot of potential that people dont see. It has decent defenses, and a nice moveset, and safeguard Petal dance combo is actually pretty good.
Featured in: Crystal, HeartGold

Arbok (3):
Y'know, originally available in Pokemon red, I've never gotten the chance to really try out this species. Luckily in pokemon Gold and Crystal its abundant after the first gym, and proves to be a very usefull pokemon. Though it may not be as good as I thought simply because it hasnt gotten one KO in its whole use. Though now with the evolution to Arbok, it will hopefully become much more powerfull.
Featured in: Crystal

Poliwhirl (7):
Poliwhirl...the black horse of the team...the obvious choice for me is Poliwrath over Politoed, simply was easier to obtain. In game I never used Poliwrath to it's full potential, with moves such as Belly Drum in it's disposal, and its wide range of Fighting, Water, Ice, and the elemental punch moves, its one of the greater of all overlooked pokemon. Even though, I find myself growing fond of this gentle giant each time I use her.
Featured in: Crystal

Voltorb (3):
In the first few games, Electrode was the laughing stock of the Electric types, blowing up at every chance, no Electric moves in it's movepool, with exception to TMs, which could be used on a much stronger and reliable electric type. Even so, my team was incomplete, and I needed an electric pokemon, and lance helped me catch one in the rocket base in Mahogany Town. At first, I hardly ever used Electrode, but when I got Zap Cannon and Mirror Coat and Rollout, Electrode became rather usefull and quite an asset to the team. I feel bad that I havent used him in ASB yet...
Featured In: Crystal

Loudred (1):
Exploud and Whismur are some of my most recent favorites, and sadly, never used in any of my games, though Im currently training an Exploud in my pokemon Black version. If there was a pokemon that could be described as the most manly, I'd describe Exploud. He goes from being so cute, to being one of the most badass looking pokemon in the game, and one of the most balanced, having the same attack stats for both attack types and the same defense stats for both defense types! Of course, I may be biased as I am a naturally loud person, who doesnt shut up and wont stop singing even if my life was dependant on it.
Featured in: Black

Lairon (21):
Aggron could be classified as the most beastly common Pokemon and most people wouldnt deny it. Aggron is one of my favorite pokemon of all time, coming in second only to Exploud. A driving force in not only my Pokemon Saphyre team, but also in my Steel monotype team. Save the best for last is the saying, so I usually use Aggron as my last pokemon. In ASB, aron has been one of my strongest pokemon, I imagine thats the reason 21 people have him.
Featured in: Saphyre, PO

Sheildon (6):
I found the versitility of this pokemon when I first made my Steel Monotype team on PO, along with my favorite move, Metal Burst. Metal Burst was made for revenge kills, and thats exactly what Bastiodon is made for as well. I find it interesting how they made Bastiodon and Rampardos polar opposites, with Rampardos having incredible attack and bastiodon having incredible defenses. I plan to use Bastiodon in the same way as I do in my Steel Monotype team on PO.
Featured in: PO

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Beldum, Piplup, Bronzor, Mawhile


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Ok, there we go, it's all updated. I'll try not to go so long without updating in the future.

(cause the longer I go between updates, the more work it is to do)
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