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Bastiodon: [7] Who has the other 2? that is not a typo, newbies who do not know me
Rampardos: [15] less hipster than the rest
Probopass: [3] hi5 dogfish...and Wolfe! (took me a while to remember who had the other one)
Solrock: [4] wooo
Sudowoodo: [5] Rock Crag :(
Rhyperior: [18] Defenitely less hipster
Cradily: [10] why are there this many cradilys?
Aerodactyl: [9] mildly hip
Toxicroak: [9] mildly hip
Altaria: [4] super hip
Castform: [6] copycats
Shiftry: [4] Super hip
Voodoom: [16] less hip than the rest, but more hip than cyclohm
Cherrim: [2] I am super good at convincing dummy007 of its awesomeness
Miltank: [2] as hip as it gets
Carnivine: [1] as hip as it gets
Serviper: [2] Pretty damn hip
Cubchoo: [4] yup
Crawdaunt: [4] yup
Wailord: [3] yup

Well, all but TWO of my mons has 15 or less users. I may have less mons underneath the 15 mark than IAR, jas, and alch, but thats because I have less mons in general (I think). Another reason, my MOST used mon has only 18 users.

Begin hipster war.

Average value (counting Bastiodon as 3): 5.26
MrL vs the census:

Roserade Line: 18
Persian Line: 4
Lucario Line: 39
Gigalith Line: 7
Beheeyem Line: 3
Cyclohm Line: 55
Infernape Line: 10
Samurott Line: 6
Krilowatt Line: 29
Audino Line: 4
Flygon Line: 15
Xatu Line: 9
Smeargle Line: 6
Metagross Line: 28
Dusknoir Line: 23
Syclant Line: 31
Tomahawk Line: 34
Scrafty Line: 22
Huntail Line: 0 (Will be 1 once I evolve him)

I have a few uncommon mons (Like my soon-to-be huntail, Beheeyem, Audino, Persian, and a few more over 6).


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Might as well do a full analysis of myself:

Lucario: 39
Tomohawk: 34
Salamence: 23
Porygon-Z: 23
Honchkrow: 22

None, aparently

Octillery: 10
Typhlosion: 8
Gigalith: 7
Drifloon: 6
Ditto: 6 But I know I was the first
Ledian: 4
Farfetch'd: 3
Jigglypuff: 3
Purrloin: 3
Simisage: 3
Girafarig: 2
Goldeen: 2

Delibird: 1
Oddish: 1
Plusle: 1
Sandshrew: 1
Stantler: 1
Swanna: 1
Unfezant: 1
Wobbuffet: 1

That's an average of 8.24 per species.
Which is way too high. So what do you think, Sentret, Barboach, Buizel, or Maractus?

EDIT @ Below: Not if I get them first.
i dont care how many people have Mamoswines, or mamo lineage.


anywho, most of my pokemon aren't super hipster. but i have *pretty sure* the most active mamoswine. HIPSTER ME THAT.
also, i haves a slugma, and theres only 4 macargo lines. yay <3
castforms are cool, i have one of the 6
Xatu's? wha??? theres 9 now? i remember when it was just alch and me....
i have one of the 3 walreins (well, shes a sealeo, but still..)
i also have one of the 3 Simisears.
i always wanted a tropius, but then i'll be one in four.....

i shall get me a luvdisc, and name him hipsta. NO ONE GET LUVDISCS, THE PATHETIC HEART FISH IS MINE.
It's Yarnus. I don't think you'll have any trouble proving George's superiority :P

What I want to know is who the other guy with Kecleon is. And Wailmer/Wailord.

Ah, the joys of acting. Suppose I may as well do this ranking thing.

Nidoqueen line: 7 - I don't really see why there's such a difference between Queen and King, their stats are basically identical, and they have a huge overlap of movepools.
Lickilicky line: 2 - FUCK YOU YARNUS.
Butterfree line: 9 - Goddamn Charmandergate. I must battle with Buggo again soon...
Klinklang line: 7 - Fuck yeah Cogsworth. I blame Iron Dungeon for this one.
Arghonaut line: 22 - I'd expect it to be higher to be honest, Eoleo is one of my strongest Pokémon. Unaware, Recover, great typing and movepool... He's positively wonderful, so I highly recommend him for Timeless Tower in particular. And he's a pirate, what more do you want?
Cyclohm line: 55 - Spiffy is my strongest mon by far, but I suspect his usage has tailed off a bit since the revamp.
Tyranitar line: 30 - Standard. I mostly use mine for raids though.
Pyroak line: 37 - It's okay I guess, and looks fantastic, but I can't say it's an exceptional mon. I don't understand why it's so high?
Dusknoir line: 23 - An amazing mon. 90 HP sucks, but 4/4 or 5/3 offences, combined with 5/5 defences and possibly the Reaper Cloth? Definitely the second most used ghost for a reason. Fuck Gengar.
Electivire line: 18 - Fragile as hell, since you basically have to make it Mild, Hasty, Rash or Naive. But dat coverage and a movepool from Gen 1.
Tomohawk line: 34 - Not surprising, considering the mad rush to try it out after its release. I suspect Necturna will be much the same. Great fun to play around with thanks to Prankster!
Voodoom line: 16 - Mostly useful in raids where lightning attacks are a worry, but some nice tricks.
Salamence line: 23 - Honestly, I'd expect more use of this thanks to its fantastic abilities and movepool.
Blissey line: 10 - FOR THE LOVE OF GOD USE THIS THING. Blissey is amazing, especially in raids, where it has proven essential to every single one of my successes.
Ferrothorn line: 12 - To be honest, pretty eh. It has like no coverage.
Eelektross line: 15 - I think dogfish and Engi would agree with me here, Eelektross is awesome. Cool-looking, fantastic coverage despite a Gen 5 movepool, and great offenses.
Galvantula line: 12 - C'mon guys, CompoundEyes Thunder!
Lapras: 5 - Wow, REALLY? Nobody uses this thing? That is extremely surprising, I thought Lapras was more popular than that.
Krilowatt line: 29 - Countercoat, Magic Guard, awesome typing, Trace, solid coverage with Earth Power etc? No surprises here.
Volcarona line: 23 - This thing can really take hits with a Bold nature, and we all know what a force of nature it is. Too bad Rocks make it cry.
Beheeyem line: 3 - Hey Alch. Do you have two of these? It's a pretty standard bulky Psychic, decent mon, but nothing special.
Golurk line: 13 - No Guard Iron Fist DynamicPunch? Yeah, this thing needs more love.
Rotom line: 16 - It's okay I guess. Needs a lot of investment though.
Gastrodon line: Who else owns this? Me, Deck, IAR and...? Great mon though, good coverage, Countercoat, Recover, good defensive typing, etc.
Blastoise line: 11 - Now come on, this deserves more usage, if only because it's a goddamn turtle with cannons in its shell. Where are the Gen 1 fanboys!
Magnezone line: 19 - Good typing and stats, but poor coverage, as with most electrics. Still a good mon IMO.
Ninjask line: 7 - Mysterious Cove, moving on.
Ariados line: 3 - Ditto. EM is the only person I've seen actually use one.
Gyarados line: 15 - Huh, expected more of this.
Metagross line: 28 - Haven't used mine enough to pass judgement.
Alakazam line: 10 - C'mon guys, Magic Guard! Awesome accuracy with a +spd nature! Eh, screw you all. Fragile as all hell though.
Revenankh line: 21 - Essential for TLRs, never actually seen one otherwise.
Glaceon Line: 1 - FUCK YES. The sole person who actually caught and claimed one of these! If Atheno claims his, I will be forced to kill him.
Mamoswine line: 10 - Eh. It's ok I guess, but no real tricks.
In any event, I call dibs on Pidgeot. I had to get in on this "hipster" business somehow...

Census analysis to come later today now.

Gallade line: 12 How has nobody gotten another one of these since the last census?
Jolteon line: 2 Still haven't found the other Jolteon owner. I would love to kill him/her brutally invite them over for tea sometime.
Feraligatr line: 12 Pretty expected. Sheer Force is epic, though.
Aggron line: 26 (currently Aron) I haven't really used, at all. I hope Maxim's been getting good use out of my Pawniard, though.
Luxray line: 7 Only seen one other than mine. Haven't used Carlos much since he evolved.
Gardevoir line: 14 I can understand this. Excellent Special Attack ranking.
Sceptile line: 10 (currently Grovyle) I really need to get Ness some battles.
Pyroak line: 37 Nothing needs to be said about this guy.
Blaziken line: 23 I really need to use him more.
Togekiss line: 30 Ditto.
Dragonite line: 48 (currently Dratini) Used him once for the Battle Hall, never used him again.
Staraptor line: 8 (currently Starly) I ought to get him a lot more use.
Charizard line: 16 Got him when I was vying for the Fire Gym leadership. When that failed, I stopped using him.
Chandelure line: 19 7 Special Attack is godlike. That is all.
Volcarona line: 23 Doing a lot better than expected.
Darmanitan line: 9 What.
Houndoom line: 10 (currently Houndour) See Charizard.
Cyclohm line: 55 (currently Monohm) I don't think this counts. I bought him, held him awhile, wanted to jump off the bandwagon, and he's been up for trade ever since.
Arcanine line: 15 Just evolved him a few weeks ago, not too bad.
Beedrill line: 11 (currently Weedle) Damn you, Charmander...
Scizor line: 27 (currently Scyther) But it won't be long now...
Archeops line: 7 (currently Archen) Would be so much better if he weren't such a Defeatist.
Syclant line: 31 (currently Syclar) 90% accurate Sheer Cold? Yes please!
Lilligant line: 5 (currently Petilil) Hasn't seen any use yet; should make her debut very soon.
Weavile line: 17 I honestly don't see what the big deal is about this thing.
Kingdra line: 14 (currently Horsea) Will debut soon.
Samurott line: 6 (currently Oshawott) When this thing evolves, it will be beastly.
Milotic line: 20 (currently Feebas) See Kingdra.

Average Ownership Index: 18.4

Hipsterness Rating: Ironic

Ah, the joys of acting. Suppose I may as well do this ranking thing.

Mamoswine line: 10 - Eh. It's ok I guess, but no real tricks.
HOW DARE YE INSULT THE MIGHTY MAMOSWINE. NO REAL TRICKS? to prove you are wrong, it will perform the mighty trick of eating your pancreas.

Ok, lets see where mine mons stand up :)

Cyclohm: 55
Lucario: 39
Drapion: 8
Kitsunoh: 34
Empoleon (prinplup): 13
Hitmonlee: 2 (DOORKNOB!!!!! I AM THE ORIGINAL)
Kingdra (Horsea): 14
Gallade (Ralts): 12 (unfortunately still need to evolve, so mine not counted yet.)
Pinsir: 4
Nidoqueen (Nidoran-F): 7
Seems nidoqueen gets no love... Nidoking gets all the glory
Primeape (Mankey): 5
Primeape seems to be overlooked, gen 1 movepool, nice attack stat...
Revenanhk: 21
Gengar: 38
Snorunt-F: 11
Nincada: Well, not sure what Jas did here, as nincada can count as both, but im planning to be hipster and evolve to shedninja, so 1
(And never use him again)
Eelektross (Tynamo): 15
A little surpprising, but Eelektross is a decent mon.
Togekiss (Togepi): 30
Blissey (Happiny): 10
Snorlax (Munchlax): 25
Aggron (Aron): 26
Tauros: 3
Seems i have some high and some low.

Hipster Rating: 16.9545
I guess I will check on this.
Slaking: 5
Cofagrigus: 6
Hitmonlee: 2 (Sorry, Ranger!)
Krookorok: 4 (Collosoil....)
Magikarp: 15
Lopunny: 2
Zubat: 12
Yanma: 6
Electrode: 4
Drowzee: 2
Cacnea: 6
Torkoal: 2
Munchlax: 25
Togepi: 30
Whismur: 4
Rufflet: 7

Haha, mine are mostly fairly low in usage, other than Snorlax, Gyarados, and Togekiss!
Time to check my hipsterity:
Lucario: 39 I honestly don't find Lucario to be very good. I guess I just need to invest more MC in Hermione, but she's REALLY a letdown in most situations.
Gengar: 38 Now THIS guy is pretty amazing. Moves all the way from Gen I, great stats, Link Cable, and Ghost typing? OH YEAH! Severus is consistently awesome (and when Dogfish44 updates my TLR, you will be able to further see his awesomeness...).
Pyroak: 37 I find Septimus to be a little underwhelming at times, but I can definitely attribute that to a lack of counters. Once I get some more UC, this guy will be the beast of my Gym team.

Krilowatt: 29 SO STRONGTH. Dobby is flat-out great, especially for something with such mediocre stats. I think Krilowatt deserves a little more usage, if only because of the awesomeness that is Magic Guard + 125 HP + SurfBoltBeam. And that's just getting started...
Aggron (Aron): 26 Moroni is pretty decent when he gets to battle, but I've had higher priorities than training the 'mons I bought when I thought items weren't important recently. Once he evolves, I have a feeling he'll be an absolute beast.
Salamence: 23 Are you kidding me? 23? Salamence is a LOT better than this! He has a wider move selection than Hydreigon, far more speed than Dragonite (which, tbh, doesn't matter), and better defensive typing than Cyclohm (in general). He isn't the best of dragons, but I would encourage anyone looking for a dragon to try him out. I'm not just saying this because Draco was one of my starters; he really is great! Trust me!
Volcarona: 23 Another of my starters not getting much love? For shame! Harry is a solid all-around player among my veterans. His coverage is pretty bad, but he's got nice stats, a really good STAB, and Levitate. I'd guess that training up a Larvesta is what turns most people off, but it's worth it!

Breloom (Shroomish): 17 I bought Jo-Jo for the first of my three Gym installations, and I wasn't very impressed. It's probably just the general weakness of starting 'mons, though.
Colossoil: 17 ...this is completely unbelievable. Neville is, without a doubt, the best Pokemon I have, and it doesn't look like he'll be overtaken any time soon. Colosshale isn't that hard to train, and Colossoil gets a RIDICULOUS movepool with great coverage. My Battle Castle run with him isn't the best (I loathe you, Wormadam), but he really deserves about 10 more people using him. (Also, Neville as starting 'mon = best ASB decision EVAR.)
Serperior (Snivy): 16 I haven't used Jenna very much, but she did all right when I used her. No other comments.
Eelektross (Eelektrik): 15 I agree with what has been said about Eelektross thus far. Great coverage, good stats, sweet typing. What more could I ask from Enos? (Well, I guess getting TMs as a Tynamo, but...)
Flygon (Trapinch): 15 Training Mormon is such a pain. Trapinch is pretty bad tbh, and Vibrava doesn't seem much better. Flygon, though, definitely seems underrated. Coverage is good, defenses are not too shabby, typing is brilliant...yeah.
Venusaur: 15 I bought Silas for my Gym team, and he was consistently the best Gym 'mon I trained. I don't use him much, but I do think Venusaur deserves more appreciation. Coverage is pretty nice, stats are all-around solid, gets plenty of support options and Chlorophyll...why not use him?
Ferrothorn (Ferroseed): 12 Ferrothorn isn't the greatest Pokemon out there, but Nicko has served me pretty well. He gets enough coverage to be usable, his defenses are pretty nice (especially physical), and he works excellently in rain. Use him.
Gallade (Ralts-M): 12 My Ralts is on track to become a Gallade, although Nephi isn't that close yet. Gallade seems pretty awesome from what I've seen, though, so I'm looking forward to using him.
Reuniclus: 11 This is some crap. Not Reuniclus, its usage numbers. Reuniclus is pretty awesome in my experience, despite its lackluster coverage. Ginny has yet to completely fail me at any time, and her combination of support options and offensive prowess is top-tier. DEFINITELY a Pokemon I would encourage people to use.
Cradily (Lileep): 10 I didn't like Lileep very much, but Leethoof suggested I try one out for an every-weather Grass Gym team. OH. MY. GOSH. Lileep is an absolute beast if you start it out with the right moves. Zelda is up to Battle 6 in the Battle Hall as a freshmon, and she shows no signs of tiring. She gets even better in sand, although I haven't used her there yet. Pretty much what I'm trying to say is USE MOAR LILEEP.
Houndoom (Houndour): 10 I have no comments on Alma, since I have yet to actually use him in a battle.
Ludicolo (Lotad): 10 I like Lotad, and Beetle is no exception. He's successfully derped his way through a couple of matches, and he's on the verge of evolving into Lombre. I like the coverage he gets with just his STABs and Ice Beam, and I have yet to explore his other options. Definitely a contender.

Abomasnow (Snover): 9 I haven't used Snorri enough to describe her performance in detail, but I've liked what I've seen so far of her performance (1 action). Definitely a hail-raiser.
Whimsicott (one Whimsicott, one Cottonee): 9 Two of these are mine. ^_^ I originally bought a Cottonee just because I could, but I bought another one to use for more offensive purposes (and also so I wouldn't have to re-nickname Ron). Ron has done a fantastic job as a supporter in his tenure, and I expect Marcellus to do the same.
Clefable (Clefairy): 7 Cleffa is bad. Awful, even. Practically atrocious. Once you evolve it, though, Clefairy is actually a pretty decent 'mon. Luna has done a lot better since evolving, and I can't wait until her movepool gets even larger (elemental EVERYTHING, support out the wazoo, etc.).
Gigalith: 7 I didn't think I'd like Goyle very much, but he's actually been pretty decent. His attack and defense are absolutely amazing, and his special defense is even decent in sand. I'd like to see more usage out of Gigalith, if only to abuse Heavy Slam.
Sawsbuck: 7 Marcia was part of my second-installation Gym team, and she did a decent job overall. The lack of coverage was a letdown, but she held her own with only Energy Ball, Double Kick, and Wild Charge as a Deerling. I'd like to see more use out of Sawsbuck, especially mine...
Cacturne (Cacnea): 6 I haven't used Merrin in battle yet, but he looks very promising.
Yanmega (Yanma): 6 ...I am in shock. This low in usage? Yanma is awesome! Jacob isn't the best of my 'mons, but he's still pretty great. Good coverage, nice stats, two great abilities (sorry Frisk...), not a megaton of weaknesses (a ton, yes; a megaton, no)...the list goes on and on and on. If I could choose any of my 'mons to see more use, it would be this guy.
Froslass (Snorunt-F): 5 I haven't used Sariah in battle yet, but she looks decent.
Vanilluxe: 5 MOAR ICE CREAM PLZ! In all honesty, Vanilluxe isn't garbage. Albus's stats aren't the best, nor is his movepool, but he can definitely perform in hail. I would suggest that more people seriously consider Vanillish to use; he did a stellar job in that department.

Exeggutor: 4 Alther is a boss. Seriously, why don't more people use Exeggutor? His weaknesses hurt, sure, but he has a tricked-out movepool, some nice abilities (Harvest looks SWEET), and great stats. I bought him as part of my second-installation Gym team, and he never disappointed.
Shiftry (Nuzleaf): 4 Simon was hard to train, I'll admit, but when he was doing well, he was doing REALLY well. Shiftry has solid offenses, good speed and more power in sun, and even a couple decent abilities. Use more Shiftry, ASB!
Amoonguss: 3
Leavanny: 3
Tropius: 3
Bibarel: 2
Cherrim: 2

tl;dr Go buy a Colosshale, a Yanma, and an Exeggcute!

I need to be more hipster, as my 'mons have an average ownership of 12.197. Time to go buy a Skitty, Minun, Barboach, Patrat and Basculin!
My Pokes vs. the census:

Syclant line (Syclar): 31
Tyranitar line (Larvitar): 30
Nidoking line (Nidoran-M): 22
Butterfree line (Metapod): 9
none, but I call Luvdisc. :)

Average ownership: 23

Wow. I need Luvdisc.


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You guys are too late. IAR snatched it out from both of you. And took the uniqueness from my Buizel... But that will not deter me. One day all those guys will be owned. And half of them will be by me.
You know the world is screwed up when Luvdisc has more users than pokes like Medicham... The day has already come where Luvdisc is losing value as a hipster Pokemon... And I started the hipster war (well, at least I posted first about it). Just... what have I DONE?
-continues stockpiling tokens to purchase my hipster mons anyways-

Like I would say what I'm going to take before I actually get it.
You know the world is screwed up when Luvdisc has more users than pokes like Medicham... The day has already come where Luvdisc is losing value as a hipster Pokemon... And I started the hipster war (well, at least I posted first about it). Just... what have I DONE?
-continues stockpiling tokens to purchase my hipster mons anyways-

Like I would say what I'm going to take before I actually get it.
But once you get it, it will lose value because everyone else wants one. Besides, Luvdisc has some use, though not that much. (Modest Luvdisc in Rain is a monster, especially if/when I get Politoed.)
Well, it's interesting to see how many of my dream pokes are in the not-so-popular pile with Blissey, Froslass, Altaria, Miltank, Tentacruel, Nidoqueen, Vespiquen, Mandibuzz and Azumarril (and maybe Lopunny) all having 10 or less members of their family living in here, well, we'll be the most fabulous team on ASB


Isis is still the first Meowth ever and will always be


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At least I can still claim that I have the first...

Yamask, Panpour, Stunfisk, Tynamo, Pachirisu, Hitmontop, & now...Luvdisc, & Pidgey! :)

Also, if anyone hasn't seen my "sneakiness", you may find it here.
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