CAP1 - Part 15.5 - (Pre-Evo Dream World Ability Poll)

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Alright then! Now that we have the name for PreCAP1 and that we've figured out what Tomohawk's final product is, we can move on with this important stage for Scratchet. We need to decide here whether Scratchet will get a Dream World ability or not. If no Dream World ability is decided on, then this stage will end. However, if the community chooses to give it a Dream World ability, it will go onto a discussion thread. Know that regardless of the slate from the discussion thread, Justified, Tomohawk's DW ability, will appear on the poll. The reason we're doing this before movepool is because the Dream World ability might be competitive for Scratchet, so it's relevant to the movepool it ends up getting. Movepool will happen after this.

Know that even though Tomohawk is done and that playtesting for Tomohawk will begin soon, we'll continue developing Scratchet to completion.

The options for this poll are:
This is a bold vote poll, which means that you can vote for only one of the choices. The result of this poll determines whether or not Scratchet will get a Dream World ability.
  • Do not bold any text other than your votes.
    The script we use to count the votes looks at bolded text, and ignores all other text. You can still write other non-bolded things in your post, but don't bold them or it will mess up your vote.
  • You may vote for only one entry.
  • Spell the entry exactly as it is spelled above.
    It is not case sensitive, but please remember that your vote will not count unless it is the entry is spelled correctly.
Here's our pre-evo so far:
Main Design

Supporting Material

Side-on pose showing spots and egg shaped body.

This Tomohawk prevo concept is a little cub with a protective fluffy egg body. The ruffles around its face show the beginnings of the feather-like fur that Tomohawk uses for flight after it evolves. Its wide, flat, oversized arms hint at wings. Tomohawk's purple markings are foreshadowed in the purple spots on cub-hawk's egg body.
Name: Scratchet
Typing: Normal / Fighting
Base Stats: 55 HP / 85 Atk / 80 Def / 20 SpA / 70 SpD / 40 Spe
Abilities: Scrappy / Prankster
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