CAPJustCAP: 1 Year Old

Hahaha, I remember I joined this site originally to get into competitive battling then ended up getting totally derailed by this project. Heck, my first post was a sprite entry. Hope to see another prosperous year from this project.
Happy birthday!

I'm really happy that this has got some well-deserved respect, because, even if it's evident to the people who follow it, this project REALLY has smogon's competitive spirit in mind, and we have created very unique pokémon, like the first really successful bulk upper (maybe a little too successful :P), a wall-breaking wall, an all-purpose support pokémon... We are transforming the old OU with rich and interesting to use additions, and on top of that, they are blessed with awesome art and sprites!

CAP is awesome.
I don't have a folder for CaP specific quotes, and I really don't feel like doing a lot of digging in hopes of finding one. I will say that CaP has plenty of entertaining moments on a weekly basis anyway and it's much more friendly and enjoyable place than SU.

I remember a long time ago, Plus informed me that this guy named Eric the Espeon challenged me to be in this weird tournament that might involve the CMS metagame and that I had to go talk to him on I did. I first saw it as another excuse to play more CMS matches and really beat the crap out of them in general (to be overly crude) so I became pretty active on the CaP server. In the meantime, I became a poster on the forums out of curiousity (without much postcount cause I don't like the rest of smogon a lot), became a moderator, and recruited Bass onto my team. But what it really comes down to is that I wouldn't have accomplished as much as I did if it weren't for the CaP community being exceedingly awesome to begin with, thanks CaP.
A happy birthday also to Justinawe?

Congratulations everyone, this project's come a long way from those few upstart threads in Stark I'd apparently missed. Looking forward to squeezing a few more quality birthdays out before we're stretched and wrinkly and a new generation of Smogontonians carry on the torch.


just remember no caps when you spell the mans name
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Heh.. I was browsing through the old threads and I came upon some more gems.

Ok. I don't know if this is too early but I will post this now since I might forget it. Today during my Chem class I was bored and was playing around with the idea of Belly Drum. I thought, hey wouldn't it be an amazingly strong Pokemon to be based off Belly Drum? So I started thinking of Abilites, but after each one I thought, it made it way too broken and near impossible to beat. So, I threw around some ideas and came up with something awsome. Now, not being a good drawer and me not having the ability to scratch Pokemon, I based my Pokemon as a split Evo from Munchlax. So I will post the idea/ "Dex Entry" so to speak in a few. I just need to find the papers that listed the information on it.

EDIT: Here it is:

WarLax [I can't think of a good name yet, so if we decide to go along with this then we should poll a name.]
Classification: Heavy Armour Pokemon
Height: 8" 0'
Weight: 1200 Lbs
Gender Ratio: 50-50
Type: Normal/Steel
Evolution: If a Munchlax is holding the "Gong" item and is hit by a Gut Punch it will evolve after the battle.
Location: Evolve Munchlax while holding Gong.
-Thick Fat: Halves Damage from Ice and Fire type moves.
For the second one, I had a few choices, one of which I know for a fact will be denied:
A). Iron Gut: Any damage from recoil, sansdstorm, hail, toxic, burn and self-inflicted HP loss is halved.
B). Gluttony: Berries are consumed at 50% or less.
C). Charging: Each time this Pokemon inflicts more than 100% damage, this Pokemon takes 5% damage.
Base Stats: 112/40/95/30/70/30
Description of how it looks: Since I can't seem to make a decent Image, I might as well explain how I invisioned it. It basically has the same shape as Snorlax. But, It has a war helmet on its head and a large GONG protecting its belly. It has the same feet as Snorlax, but its hands are a tad different. It has the same arms, but it has a clenched fist with two metal spike coming from its fists, like Knuckels. Hope that can help. Oh and the Gong is worn like Armour, so there are straps.

Flavour Text:
1). [Insert Name here] are known to have sharp hearing. Any noise could potentially set it off into an incredibly fast and near-unstoppable rampage.
2). Because of its war-like attitude, this POKEMON despises the laid-back attitude of Snorlax. If a MUNCHLAX evolves into a SNORLAX, this POKEMON will immediatly challenge it in the wild.

New Moves:

1). Bell Toll

Bp: ---
Accuracy: ---
Effect: While sacrificing HP, this Pokemon's Atk and speed are maxed.
Secondary Effect: 75% of the users HP are lost and Atk and Speed are maxed.
Other Pokemon that can learn this: Bronzong, Chimecho and Cleffa

2). Gut Punch

Bp: 75
Accuracy: 100
Effect: May cause confusion.
Secondary Effect: 10% chance of causing confusion.
Other Pokemon that can learn: Hitmonchan, any Normal Pokemon.

Egg Groups: Mineral and Monster.

Explaination to why these moves and Pokemon etc.:
OK, I felt that Snorlax, whilst being a very good Wall, isn't good at anything else. WarLax [or anothr name] is a little more flexible. At first I thought Bell toll would be too over powered to make it lose 50% Hp, so I played around with percentages and thought 75% was probab;y the best option. Now, I would make it impossible to get Thick Fat with this, so If ability C was chosen, it wouldn't be nearly as overpowered. I added the 2nd move so Normal gets a punch and so this POkemon gets a reliable, good STAB. The Flavour Text i added works very well with the Bell Toll move. For the base stats, I didn't want to make it too strong in Atk and Speed, so that once BELL TOLL is used, it also won't be too overpowered. I gave it nice Defeneses and Hp so if you don't want to go BellyDrum-esque you can make it a wall. Im making it so BELL TOLL is an Egg Move, so when you trade over your Munchlax, it doesn't get Thick Fat and it won't be too overpowered and barely stoppable. So Bell Toll + Thick Fat would be illegal in-game, but viable in Shoddy, unless we could make it where you can't get both. Gut Punch is both a Level up move AND Egg movee, so either one would not be iilegal. This move would be granted to Bronzong and Chimecho as level up moves. I gave it the Mineral Egg group to get Bell Toll from Bronzong.

I really hope you take this into consideration. I thought about this all day, trying to not make it Uber material, but good enough to be in OU. PLease, please, PLEASE take this into consideration. Im going to find someone to sprite or make a Pic of this ASAP.
And, in that same topic, during a discussion/argument with Doug, some user brilliantly posted this:
Grow up...
A year ago, we would not have known why this is funny.


Trying to get my Smods back D:
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ROFL, it actually LOSES total base stat points while evolving! 110 Atk to 40 Atk?!?!?!?

and happy Birthday CAP, its gone by so fast


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I didn't say this in the op, but I'm very impressed by what we've made CAP as a community. Great Sage was partially right; this could have been a fanboy clusterfuck like every other project. We started with an idea, we now have a server, a channel, and a forum where we can share them. Keep it up guys!

Magmortified: I'll aim for CAP 7. 
Magmortified: And focus on riding my concept in CAP 6. 
tennisace: your concept is penismon
Silly Mag.
I have only been in the CaP project since the very end of Fidgit, so I don't know much, but wow, a year? Just a testament to how awesome the users that come here are, not many things like this last that long (and almost none can claim they battle with their Fakemons). Kudos to all, especially DJD, and lets hope we can celebrate com Nov27 '09!
I'm a little late but happy belated CAP, I joined this project in the beginning but stopped after Rev and came back for CAP 5, and I was pleased and I plan on staying this time :)


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TM30, I totally forgot about that post! That is truly one of the funniest noob posts ever made in CAP history. For those of you that didn't follow the link, you really need to read the first few sentences:

Alright- though i am ecstatic you used my idea for a fighting ghost phys sweeper, i am pretty much let down that 1) you didnt ask my permission or give me recognition whatsoever in the planning process 2) nobody waited for me to submit what i actualy wanted it to look like before making a poll and 3) you had a vote on what its purpose would be when i clearly stated what it should do, after lots of careful study of weaknesses, resistances, and gaps in the OU metagame that needed to be filled (and how). I posted this already and it was SHUT down by mods who said not to post it again - thats wrong to do before hearing my case for why it should be this way. I really dont know what to do since you already had people do so much work on something i had planned out forever and wouldnt have brought up if you were just gonna turn it into a contest.


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Is that flask really filled with souls? Or is a jar filled with a yellow-green liquid positioned right below the waist something else? O_o

I love how he tried to take credit for it.

that girl helped me out with a bit of color down below. The late nighter is turning into a good one
Might be a little late, but here's a great server moment:

HybridHerp: wait
HybridHerp: most important question
Hypno Toad: ...
HybridHerp: who gets
HybridHerp: the STD's!?!?
Hypno Toad: ...
cybeRia: ...
Riazero: you
Hypno Toad: no one wants you, Herp
Wow, it was the Cap's first Birthday several days ago? I never knew. This had always been, and will be, my favorite server. Congrats to everyone. And thanks to the large handful of people who has made it what it is today.


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Happy birthday, et. al.

I have one strong memory of the CAP projects, other than almost always forgetting about them and missing the art threads: the CAP 4 art submissions I did. And my inability to read "do not do evolutions of existing Pokemon".
Lorak said:
Ladies, gentlemen, meet Konjesting.

A Pokemon of a horrifyingly malignant stench, whose smog is able to solidify into soil-like clumps, and turn the most pristine of grassy meadows into barren wastelands. It can then manipulate the ground to assault its foes.

(If anything, Pokemon has taught me that Gen 1 Pokemon can be made into evolutions by clustering them.)
Raiziken said:
I still think it's awesome Lorak. :D

Though like tennis said, it's not acceptable. Which saddens me greatly. I would have so voted for it.
And if you can't choose an idea to submit, submit them all at once as one idea.
Lorak said:
Umm... uh... err... this is totally salvageable...