CAW CAW - Bird Mafia Signups!

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Yes you heard right!

approved by Mekkah (I think) and AvatarST

<AvatarST> but yeah its fine to post it
I'll be running this game with user: billymills. This game will start sometime over the weekend hopefully (kind of depends on how fast signups fill up)

1. No deadtalking. Evidence of deadtalking will have you possibly barred from future games.
2. It is possible for neutral(s) to be in this game.
3. Lynches occur when a majority is reached ie. more than 50% of players or the deadline is reached.
4. There will be no 'villager' role. Every player has SOMETHING special.
5. The name of the factions will be kept a secret (until a person from said faction is lynched, in which case it will be revealed in his/her role PM)
6. Action priorities are kept at my discretion.
7. You are not to copypaste/screenshot anything I tell you, aside from role PMs I send to you regarding the game. This includes, but is not limited to, irc logs, MSN logs, Shoddy chat etc.
8. If you want to create a pastebin, mini forum, irc channel (which I suggest you make hidden) or something to organize yourself, notify me and billymills.
9. All PMs should be sent to Jimbo and billymills, this will help the game move quicker. You can also send an "idling" PM if you wish.
10. Use as much deception as you want, but under no circumstance can you impersonate Jimbo or billymills.
11. Items can be given away during the night or day. 'Night/Day X - Give [item] to [user]' to give it away. Giving away an item has the lowest priority in the game.
12. Don't be an asshole and try to intentionally ruin it, doing so could get you banned from forum games in general.
13. Resurrects are possible but unlikely.

I hope to get a mix of some beginners and more experienced players, but moreso beginner's since this is a more basic mafia.

There will be 23ish (might add/delete a role) players!

Players (this list is not final):
1. Flounder
2. tennisace
3. Jenigmat
4. RB Golbat
5. Mordock
6. Yoshi King
7. Twash
8. Kumar
9. CyzirVisheen
10. Veedrock
11. -___-
12. Bass
13. ExplorerAce
14. Sir_Lu
15. Misaki-Chi
16. moi, who sucks
17. ControllerOfFlames
18. Bender
19. Kharozz
20. porygon3
21. Katherine
22. Scrubs
23. demon238
24. Thorns
25. Myriad
26. Earthworm
27. TAY
28. yoshi!
29. Pidgeot79
Totally would love to join. I call Peregrine Falcon!

Also lol at the title, are you somehow referencing that crazy motherfucker whose posts were all like


Translation: I'm a (BAN ME PLEASE)"

because if you are that is awesome
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