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Celebi Show-Time

Discussion in 'BW OU Teams' started by CedOmega, Sep 25, 2012.

  1. CedOmega


    Nov 15, 2011
    *Celebi Showtime*


    <Team Overview>

    <Team building process>

    Celebi, the little green tinkerbell that it is, has recently grasped my full attention. After the recent success of my previous team featuring Jirachi, I decided to make a team around another legendary Pokemon. I considered revamping my old Celebi team but found that the current meta evolved beyond countering their efforts to KO common threats. Anyways, this is my first attempt to show what lead up to the team as it currently is now, so correct me on any mistakes. I started with Celebi, obviously, as the star of the team. Its ability to handle rain teams like a pro and handle itself in battle was what drew my attention. I also chose it for its ability to resist Rotom-W and counter VoltTurn teams, not entirely, but well enough to have it on the team. Because Scizor is such a huge threat, I needed something that could resist at least two of its weaknesses(Bug and Dark), handle & counter the opposing threat. Which lead me to choose a bulky Pokemon like...

    Conkeldurr, the beefed-up juggernaut was replaced, unfortunately, by Forrtress, the IronBall, due to a slight weakness to entry hazards. Fortunately, Forrtress replaced Conkeldurr and provided great support for the entire team. Forrtress also is a great switch in for physical sweeping Pokemon, such as Salamence that lack Flamethrower, Haxorus, & Scizor. I also appreciate the Spikes support and, thanks to suggestions from SuperPowerDude & ADude, Forrtress has done its fair share of going the distance for the team.
    Scizor, the steel mantis. Only because of its resistance to even the most common of counters that follow Conkeldurr's coming in on the field. Although Scizor is literally the most common threat in the current OU meta, it is damn hard to counter. Scizor's sufficient power coupled with max Hp investment makes it the necessary switch in to Draco Meteor, Psychic and Psyshock, as well as many other resisted attacks, Because VoltTurn is a very popular and very effective strategy, it influenced my next choice for the team...

    Rotom-W, the jittery washing machine. How could I not choose Rotom-W when wanting a great VoltTurn strategy? It's nearly impossibly to pass up. It came with its own great resistances to common counters to Celebi and Scizor & Forrtress. Rotom-W came to mind when Fire types began to threaten Celebi, Forrtress, and Scizor's well-being. I realized that Rotom-W's typing gave it a neutrality to Electric attacks and left me open to chose another Water type that had sufficient bulk and could also take neutrality to Grass attacks, leading me to choose...


    Gyarados, the sea beast with whiskers. Gyarados's ability to take physical attacks like a boss gave him a solid spot on the team, also its resistance to,yet again, more Fire type attacks. Since Celebi has nothing to fear from Electric type attacks, Gyarados didn't really need anything to counter its weaknesses. Since Gyarados was already spoken for, I moved onto the next member of the team...

    Heatran, the lava storm. Like Rotom-W and Gyarados, Heatran provided even more Fire coverage, but opened up Fighting type weakness for the first time. Alhough, its Fighting type weaknesses were already covered in Celebi and Gyarados, giving it great synergy with the entire team. With Celebi, Gyarados, and Rotom-W covering its Water weakness, Gyarados and Celebi covering its Fighting weakness, & Gyarados and Rotom-W covering its Ground weakness completely.

    That about sums things up for the teams build. Let's get down to their sets and moves:

    Celebi@LifeOrb; NaturalCure
    224 Hp/ 252 Sp.Attack/ 32 Speed
    LeafStorm, HP(Fire), T-wave & Recover

    Celebi, as previously mentioned, is the star of the show. I love using it as an annoyer to spread paralysis and absorb statuses. Parahax Jirachi hate my Celebi, as it absorbs paralysis and tries to IronHead it, only to be hit by the switchin to Heatran, threatened, and switch out to a potential counter. Coupled with Gyarados, Celebi has nothing to fear from Scizor. Literally...nothing. Even after a LeafStorm...not to mention HP(Fire) can OHKO it. Then, the allie Gyarados sets up a Sub and DD's away in its face(#LikeABoss)! LeafStorm is to hit hard as well as counter Ground and Water types, namely Gastrodon and previously mentioned opposing Rotom-W. I made the change from GigaDrain>LeafStorm, as suggested by Bl1tzkri3g, and have since then been satisfied with the overall results. HP(Fire) was added after Celebi got trapped into battle with a lead Scizor and Abomasnow...Celebi won by luck. Recover is for the obivous use and to recover residual damage upon switching in to a resisted attack. T-wave's purpose is to be as annoyingly abused as possible. KO and paralys if possible. It extremely helps when facing Dragonite that lack FirePunch and are holding Leftovers. Celebi also helped with a much needed TechLoom counter, as well.

    Forrtress(Armory)@Leftovers; Sturdy
    Bold: 252 Hp/ 172 Defense/ 84 Sp.Defense
    GyroBall, RapidSpin, Spikes & VoltSwitch

    I'm glad that I replaced Conkeldurr for Forrtress(Thanks SuperPowerDude & ADude for the suggestion!!!). Forrtress takes physical hits like a brick wall vs.'ing a single rock. Haxorus used to threaten my team somewhat...until Forrtress came along. W/ 0 IVs in Speed, Forrtress can really cause some damage against +1/2 Dragonite w/ STAB GyroBall. With RapidSpin, hazarads are no longer a threat. Sure, having Forrtress gave me a 3x weakness to Fire looks bad, but when 3 of its partners either absorb or resist Fire attacks, it's not so bad. Actually, it serves as a great "Fire attack attracter." I needed a great scout that had both powerful priority and could come in and get out, while still heavily denting the opposing team. Leading me to choose...
    Scizor(Splice)@ChoiceBand; Technician
    Adamant: 252 Attack/ 248 Hp/ 8 Speed
    BulletPunch, U-turn, Pursuit & SuperPower

    Scizor gave the team a great priority and revenge killer. Threats like Haxorus, and others can't really take much from a CB boosted STAB BulletPunch. Latios and Zam have everything to fear in Scizor...especially Pursuit. Any attack that it chooses can potentially OHKO them; barr SuperPower. Alakazam came to mind when I considered both Celebi and Conkeldurr, and where there are Zam, there are Scizor to threaten them. U-turn, as previously mentioned, gives Scizor an insanely powerful attack and scouting capacity. Paired w/ Rotom-W, Scizor is practically 100% safe thanks to its only weakness being Fire attacks. SuperPower may give Scizor a -1 Attack & Defense, but it's one of its a great move to use when facing Chansey, Blissey, and opposing Steel types.

    Rotom-W(Eekz)@Leftovers; Levitate
    Modest: 252 Sp.Attack/ 112 Hp/ 144 Speed
    VoltSwitch, HydroPump, Will-o-wisp & PainSplit

    Rotom-W doesn't take much practice to use. It's more so simple to play around with after a while. I previously ran the Scarfed Sp.Attacking Rotom-W set and, while it did help with +1 Dragonite, it lacked sufficient bulk and died very easily. I run Rotom-W to contribute in the VoltTurn strategy. Its typing gives, as previously listed, a Fire resistance for Scizor.

    Gyarados(Gyara)@Leftovers; Intimidate
    Impish: 252 Defense/ 200 Hp/ 56 Speed
    WaterFall, Bounce, Substitute & DragonDance

    Gyarados is such a rampager. It loves coming in on the Special Defensive variant Jirachi, lowering its Attack with Intimidate and setting up a SubDD in its face. Gyarados also provided a very nice counter to Infernape, opposing Conkeldurr and some rain teams. Behind a Substitute, Politoed can try and come in to set up a Perish Song, not expecting Gyarados to Bounce and avoid its 3 turn fatality. While Terrakion are somewhat of a weakness for the team overall, they are more likely to go for the X-Scissor on Celebi, which is a great opportunity to switch in Gyarados and set up a quick Substitute. Waterfall is boosted under Rain and it ,therefore, more helpful when facing Rain teams. Gyarados alsoprovides great Fire resistance and has great synergy w/ Celebi and Heatran.

    Heatran(AgniKai)@Leftovers/AirBalloon; FlashFire
    Calm:252 Hp/ 252 Sp.Defense/ 4 Sp.Attack
    LavaPlume, EarthPower, HP(Ice) & StealthRock

    Heatran is one of the more valuable Pokemon on the team. Not only does he has amazing synergy w/ Celebi, Rotom-W and Scizor. With FlashFire ability to absorb Fire attacks aimed at Celebi and Scizor, Heatran made a permanant spot on the team. Celebi, Rotom-W, & Gyarados give Heatran a safe counter to its Water and Ground weaknesses. Landous deserve a special mention in the respect that it can come in on any Pokemon on Heatran and threaten to OHKO w/ EarthQuake or scout w/ U-turn. Lava Plume used to be Magma Storm but was changed for the 30% chance to burn the opponent. EarthPower was added as a suggestion and has destroyed Heatran switch ins; which was very helpful. SR replaced Toxic to provide support for the team and attack Volcarona that try come in after rocks are already up. HP(Ice) was added because of a suggestion and has, since then, helped when facing Gliscor and Ladorus switch ins.

    Overall, the team is efficient. My only true threat were hazards, but even they are not much of a huge threat now thanks to Forrtress. Trick users are somewhat of an issue, but they don't seem to be able to take the rest of the team once they've set up. Any suggestions and rates are appreciated and will be tested to see how they stand up with the rest of the team against common threats.


    Latias@LifeOrb; Levitate
    Timid: 152 Hp/ 160 Sp.Attack/ 196 Speed
    DracoMeteor, HP(Fire), Surf & Recover​

    So, Latias was suggested by Jirachi, and while it does very well w/ the rest of the team, I find it easier to battle while alternating between both Celebi & Latias to keep other Facebook battlers on their toes. Latias does very well with the team, as previously mentioned, and supports Heatran more than anything. When coming in on an Electric attack, I'm fearful that Latias be paralysed and crippled from then on out in battle. I find Celebi to be better when playing safer, strictly because of NaturalCure. I am greatful for Jirachi's suggestion and I wanted to give credit; letting them know that their suggestion didn't go unnoticed. Thanks.

    -Done editing. Enjoy!-
  2. Jirachee

    Jirachee scootin
    is a Tournament Directoris an official Team Rateris a Super Moderatoris a Tutor Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus
    RMT Leader

    Sep 24, 2010

    Thundurus-T can easily wreck your team. Nothing on your team is faster than it, furthermore, your only Electric resist (Celebi) can't do anything at all to it since if you try to Thunder Wave it, Volt Absorb will heal it. Its two attacking moves will do laughable damage to it as they are a weak resisted attack and a neutral Hidden Power. It will then proceed to Hidden Power Ice your Celebi to death, which is going to happen extremely soon if it's a Nasty Plot variant. Sun teams with Dugtrio will also be huge issue to your team as your Heatran will get removed rather easily by Dugtrio, since it doesn't have anything else to trap on your team. Growth Venusaur can then proceed to curbstomp your team as your only stop to it is Heatran, and Scizor's Bullet Punch won't KO it. Latias is something that is able to deal with both of these threats rather easily and the more offensive version of it can fit your team very well over Celebi. It resists Thundurus-T's Electric STAB which is nice, and can then Draco Meteor it to its death, while Venusaur has a lot of issues getting past Latias while you can Draco Meteor it too, or just use Hidden Power Fire. Latias and Celebi are really redundant Pokemon usually as they have similar resists and roles, but Latias has superior Speed, Special Attack and STAB which are going to be much more useful to your team.

    Stealth Rock is crucial in the current metagame, since threats like Dragon Dance Dragonite, Volcarona, Genesect, etc. all becomes much more difficult to deal with in the lack of Stealth Rock. Getting extra damage on them as they switch in allows you to beat them more more reliably, especially Volcarona which honestly is annoying to deal with for any team. When using Scizor+Rotom-W, getting entry hazards makes their combination much deadlier as the extra damage it causes when the opponent has to switch constantly is added to the damage caused by U-turn and Volt Switch speeding up the residual damage and putting your opponent in a critical situation quickly in the game. I'd suggest dropping Protect for it on Heatran as it is a reliable setter of Stealth Rock with its great typing, and while Protect is really cool, your other moves are much more important.

    Anyway, cool team, here's the set you should use:
    Latias (open)

    Latias @ Life Orb
    EVs: 152 HP / 160 SpA / 196 Spe
    ~Draco Meteor
    ~Hidden Power Fire

    Good luck!
  3. Bl1tzkri3g


    Aug 26, 2012
    Your team wants Tinkerbell Celebi really bad, its such a good set. Looks like this:
    [​IMG] @ Life Orb
    Trait: Natural Cure
    Nature: Modest (+SpA, -Atk)
    224 Hp/ 252 SpA/ 32 Spe
    • Leaf Storm
    • Thunder Wave
    • Recover
    You don't need all that speed with Twave, and Leaf Storm is a nuke, blasting things for huge damage. Leaf Storm + Hp Fire kills Scizor, too, so you dont have to worry.
  4. Alfalfa


    Aug 31, 2012
    The previous poster: you forgot Hidden Power Fire / Earth Power / Psychic.

    Your team lacks some defense. I suggest Foretress > Rotom-W. Foretress can use Rapid Spin to remove the hazards surronding your team, and has access to Volt Switch in order to keep the niche that Rotom-W had. Also, you have a fire resist in Gyarados.

    Show Hide

    Foretress @ Leftovers
    Ability: Sturdy
    EVs: 252 HP/172 Def/84 Sp Def
    Bold Nature
    - Rapid Spin
    - Volt Switch
    - Stealth Rock
    - Spikes

    This Forretress grants excellent support for your team. Rapid Spin is the crux of this set, spinning away hazards. Volt Switch keeps the memories of Rotom-W in your mind, and allows Foretress to escape Magnezone, who will try to kill it with Magnet Pull. Stealth Rock and Spikes lay down some hazards to soften up the opposition, and share great synergy with each other if 2 or 3 layers of Spikes are layed down. So basically, Foretress should not disappoint you in supporting his teammates, being so hazard-saavy.
  5. Superpowerdude

    Superpowerdude !
    is a Team Rater Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Mar 15, 2012
    Hey man nice looking team you have here.

    looking at this team it seems to have a big problem with entry hazards. This is partly because Gyarados gets 25% of his health taken off every time he switches in but it is actaully because your team switches out alot due to your Scizor+Rotom-W core making you continually spam U-Turn and Volt Switch making you switch out and then bringing in a new pokemon. If your opponent gets his hazards up these continous switches will make your team get worn out quickly as they get smashed around with hazards damage when they come in. Without a rapid spinner you have no chance of relieving these hazards of the field and this makes Hyper Offense teams look like a bit of an issue. Hyper Offense teams often have a Deoxys-D lead that sets up as much hazards as it can before it dies, if your team encounters a Hyper Offense team the hazards it sets will wear down your pokemon enough so that their sweepers can break through your team.

    To help against this problem your team obviously needs a rapid spinner. A Dude gave a good suggestion of using Forretress however i don't like the idea of using him over Rotom-W for one Rotom-W forms a great offensive core with Scizor, and he provides you with a good pokemon to check Tornadus-T and help you against rain teams with Forretress in place of Rotom-W your team will find itself being wrecked by both rain teams and just Tornadus-T in generall. Without Rotom-W your team also has to much fire-type weaknesses a much better place for Forretress would be Forretress>Conkeldurr You already have two powerful physical sweepers in Scizor and Gyarados while Gyarados much like Conkeldurr is also a bulky set up sweeper. This makes Conkeldurrs role kind of redundant anyway because between Gyarados and Scizor you can pretty much take on the same things that Conkledurr can. Forretress does alot for your team as i already mentioned before rapid spins hazards away which is his most important form of support. He also provides Spikes though and as Jirachi mentioned your team would cause alot of switching and your team would greatly benefit from entry hazards. Gyro Ball is Forretress's stab move not much to say about that really and Volt-Switch rounds of the set working well in conjunction with Scizor's U-Turn and Rotom-W's Volt Switch.

    Ok with Conkeldurr gone the only thing you really lose is ice-type coverage. Ice-type coverage is important to take on dragon-types like Dragonite and Salamence. As Jirachi mentioned before your team also needs a user of Stealth Rock preferably Heatran. If you change your Heatran into a Standard Defensive Heatran>Current Heatran those problems get solved. This Heatran has a move set of Lava Plume / Stealth Rock / Earthpower / Hidden Power [Ice]. Stealth Rock is important for breaking Dragonite's Multiscale and halfing Volcarona's health, while Hidden Power [Ice] is important to help you beat dragon-types. Earth Power is the last moves and is good to use against sun teams which may cause you trouble Earthpower hits apposing Heatran and Ninetales hard. Air Balloon is the preferred item as well because some dragons carry Earthqauke with Air Balloon Heatran becomes a better check to dragons and apposing Heatran.

    good luck with the team i hope i helped!

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    Forretress @ Leftovers | Sturdy
    Relaxed | 252 Hp/ 176 Def / 80 Sp Def
    Spikes | Rapid Spin | Gyro Ball | Volt Switch
    Heatran @ Air Balloon | Flash Fire
    Calm | 252 Hp / 4 SpA / 252 Sp Def
    Lava Plume | Stealth Rock | Earthpower | Hidden Power [Ice]

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    .Standard Defensive Set--->Current Set

  6. CedOmega


    Nov 15, 2011

    I like the idea of Latias. I'll try it out and thanks for the advice and rate. :)

    I'll also try out this set, although, I think I'll try it over Conkeldurr instead. Thanks. :)

    My only problem w/ using AirBalloon on Heatran is that it is a one time item. Heatran come in and out alot when countering predicted attacks, and may take residual damage in doing so; disposing its AirBalloon. I do like the set, however and will definitely test it out. Thanks.

    I think I'll swap Celebi out with Latias, as suggested by Jirachi, every once in a while. When I use Celebi, however, I think I'll go with this set. Thanks.
  7. CedOmega


    Nov 15, 2011
    Done editing. Open to new suggestions/rates.

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