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(Challenge Cup) The art of Random!

Discussion in 'Other Metagames' started by Konata Test, Oct 18, 2012.

  1. Konata Test

    Konata Test

    Apr 21, 2012
    This is my First one, so don't expect too much.

    My Team: Mankey/Koffing/Probopass/Reshiram/Wurmple/Mamoswine
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    His Team:Chikorita/Skorupi/Ivysaur/Volbeat/Poliwrath/Cresselia

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Levels will be placed for the first time the Pokemon is sent out.

    Me vs SPTheAce.

    He Leads of with a Chikorita (Level 87), While I lead off with a Mankey (Level 88)


    I go for a Revenge, trying to deal some damage, and saving my Final Gambit for later. But, he calls back his Chikorita, and sends in his Skorupi (Level 85) and Revenge barely did anything.


    I decide to use Final Gambit, since I don't know what to expect from a Skorupi (I am thinking Acupressure or some boosting move,) so I fire it off otherwise.



    Final Gambit KO'es Skorupi, and kills off my Mankey,
    He sends in his Ivysaur (Level 80)
    And I send in my Koffing (Level 85)


    I go for the Fire Blast, as it is my strongest move against Ivysaur, (My Moveset: Fire Blast/ Flamethrower/ Sludge/ Haze). He goes for a Swords Dance to boost his average Attack.

    Ivysaur:-44%, +2 Attack

    It did a lot actually, coming from Koffing's Average Sp.Attack (By LC standards).


    He goes for a Double-Edge, and did 64% along with taking some recoil Damage, I go for a Haze, to remove his stat boosts, which can be troubling for me to handle.


    I luckily live an unboosted Double-Edge and go for the most accurate killing option, Flamethrower.

    Chat Log (For that Turn)
    SPtheAce: agh
    SPtheAce: that actually had an actual moveset
    a: I got a decent Koffing set.

    Volbeat:100%, Badly Poisoned.
    He sends in his Volbeat (Level 80) goes for the ThunderPunch, kills me off, activates his Toxic Orb.

    He Switches Volbeat, and sends out..... Poliwrath! (Level 74)

    Weather:Sandstorm, 4 Turns.
    Poliwrath-(Volbeat Switched) 94%

    I'm in a pickle, who knows what moves that thing could carry...
    I decide to stay in and let Probopass (Level 72) use Sandstorm to passively damage his Poliwrath.

    Weather:Sandstorm, 3 turns
    Poliwrath:88%, -1 Speed

    I switched out into my Wurmple (Level 99) to tank a water move. He goes for a Waterfall while I go for an Electroweb.

    Weather:Sandstorm, 2 Turns
    Poliwrath:44%, -2 Speed

    I die from Sandstorm Damage, Waterfall placed me into 4%, but I was still able to fire off an Electroweb.

    Weather:Sandstorm, 1 turn
    Poliwrath:0%, -2 Speed
    Mamoswine:100%, must recharge.
    I was able to kill Poliwrath with my Mamoswine's (Level 73) Giga Impact to KO Poliwrath. He sends in Cresselia. (Level 67)

    Mamoswine-94%, Badly Poisoned.
    He went for a toxic..


    Cresselia used possibly, a Hidden Power (Fire) To hit Mamoswine, but I switched into Probopass to get up sandstorm.

    Note:Sandstorm Turns will be excluded in the turns after this.

    Chikorita-(Switched Cresselia):94%
    Probopass-(Switched Mamoswine):97%

    I go for a Sandstorm as he switches, he is possibly planning something. Since I am bulky, I go for a Magnet Bomb to scout his Chikorita's Moves.


    Not Good, not good at all, If I continue to Magnet Bomb, he would out- damage and possibly get a Razor Crit.

    I saved Ice Punch for Chikorita, which dealt a decent chunk. The sandstorm is helping with the 6% damage, and he used another Razor Leaf, possibly fishing for a crit.

    Cresselia:(Switched Chikorita):80%

    I go for a Rock Blast, thinking he wouldn't stay Chikorita in, so I used it to hit anything he would switch, it hit 3 Times, Dealing 14% damage in total to his Cress, and Sandstorm is still raging.

    Battle Log (For The Current Turn):
    Cresselia used Trick!
    Cresselia switched items with the foe's Probopass!
    The foe's Probopass obtained one Rock Incense!
    Cresselia obtained one Claw Fossil!

    Cresselia:70%, Item Tricked
    Probopass:65%, Item Tricked

    This benefits me more, as the Item boosts Rock Type Moves by 20%, giving Rock Blast a little more power. I go for a Magnet Bomb, due to Rock Blast's unreliability. The Sandstorm ended this turn.

    Volbeat:(Switched Cresselia): 42%, Badly Poisoned

    I have no idea why he sent out Volbeat, possibly cause he doesn't want Cress to die, because it walls my team. Rock Blast hitted Twice, dealing 42% in total, and he takes Poison Damage.


    He goes for Acrobatics, because he really can't touch my Probopass, it dealt a paltry 3%, while Rock Blast hits Thrice, killing off his Volbeat.



    He gets a Razor Crit, dealt 32% damage in the process, I decided to go for a Rock Blast, hitting 4 times, with a total of 27% damage in total.

    Reshiram:(Switched Probopass):95%

    I reveal my Reshiram (Level 65), to take a Razor Leaf, just in case he might get another Crit.

    Since my only fire Move is Incinerate, which is terrible, it was enough to kill his Chikorita.

    Can he Turn the tables with his Cresselia, let's find out!

    Battle Log:
    The foe's Reshiram used Echoed Voice!
    Cresselia lost 9% of its health!
    Cresselia used Toxic!
    The foe's Reshiram was badly poisoned!
    The foe's Reshiram was hurt by poison!

    Reshiram:89%, Badly Poisoned.

    I go for an Echoed Voice, which was the best move for that situation, he goes for a toxic, stripping my Health slowly.

    The foe's Reshiram used Echoed Voice!
    Cresselia lost 16% of its health!
    Cresselia used Hidden Power!
    It's not very effective... The foe's Reshiram lost 3% of its health!
    The foe's Reshiram was hurt by poison!

    Reshiram:78%, Badly Poisoned.

    He goes again for the HP (Fire) Dealt 3% damage again, and I continue my Echoed Voice Barrage.

    Final Turn!
    SPtheAce: Well, you win.
    SPtheAce: gg

    The foe's Reshiram used Echoed Voice!
    Cresselia lost 23% of its health!
    Cresselia fainted!

    Reshiram:54%, Badly Poisoned.

    Game, Set and Match.

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