CharArt - Charmander's art thread.

Is this poll a terribly executed way to get more clicks?

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    Votes: 15 65.2%
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I guess so. I jammed my finger really, really badly so I'm just gonna wait until it gets if anyone is going to request, don't expect it to be done *soon* ;_;
Hope you get better soon, your art is really fun, though you certainly have room for improvement. The WIP is looking good so far.
okay I'm not using this thread anymore so I just thought I'd say. Also, I've been doing like no art for the past months, so I thought I'd just draw something up today and it turned out nice. Bye all.

Oh wow, Charmander, that Larvesta is the best you've ever done! (Traces don't count.) Kudos to you, it actually looks great! ^_^ P.S I thought your Gligar was pretty great too.
trying to learn painting and completely failing but that's ok!
plus iaza did something very questionable with the image quality so sorry for the white pixels