Charizard(QC 0/2)


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- I hate this thing in Smash Brawl, so slow D:<
- Fan Favorite, but usally is overlooked in Competitive play
- However, Dream World gave it Solar Power, which should increase usage
- Great Offensive typing, only Rock-types and a few other Pokemon resist both STABs
- Fire-type STAB is even better since Solar Power only works in sun
- Base 109 Special Attack is good, and Charizard has pretty decent Speed at base 100 (which makes me confused on how its so slow in brawl D:<)
- Defenses aren't half bad, with 78 / 78 / 85 defenses as well as immunities to Ground-type attack, and resistance to Fighting and Fire
- However, poor defensive typing, giving it a common Water-type weakness and a 4x Rock-type weakness
- Solar Power makes this worst, as it loses Health every turn, which doesn't help it much at all
- Solar Power makes this thing hit like a brick, so make ash proud!

name: Solar Choice
move 1: Heat Wave / Fire Blast
move 2: Air Slash
move 3: SolarBeam / Hidden Power Grass
move 4: Hidden Power Ice / Hidden Power Ground / Dragon Pulse
item: Choice Scarf / Choice Specs
ability: Solar Power
nature: Modest / Timid
evs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe


- Best Charizard can do(Charti may look good, but it still takes alot from Rock Slide, and Solar Power recoil ends up Koing it anyways)
- Heat Wave makes a great STAB spread move that works wonders in the sun with Solar Power
- Fire Blast hits only 1 target and has worse accuracy than Heat Wave, but base 120 power + Sun boost + Solar Power boost + STAB boost = ggggggggggg
- Air Slash is another great STAB that hits Pokemon immune to Fire such as Chandelure, as well as other Fire-types such as Ninetails
- SolarBeam works wonders in the sun, hitting Water-type such as Politoed and Jellicent and Rock-type Pokemon such as T-Tar and Terrakion
- However, since other weathers are very common, Hidden Power Grass is a weaker, but realiable substitute for SolarBeam
- Hidden Power Ice nails Dragon-type Pokemon such as Latios, Latias, and Garchomp
- Hidden Power Ground is for one Pokemon, but it walls Charizard to death without it, Heatran
- However, if you're using Hidden Power Grass, Dragon Pulse should be used, as it still hits Dragon-type Pokemon


- Evs are easy, 252 SpA for max Special Attack, 252 Spe for max Speed
- Choice Scarf is for outspeeding common threats such as Terrakion and Latios, while Specs is for abusing Solar Power to its fullest extent
- Modest if using Choice Scarf, to gain as much power while Scarfed, while Timid if using Choice Specs to outspeed neutral base 100s
- Solar Power is the only reason you're using Charizard, so don't even think about Blaze
- Teammates need to save Charizard from attacks since it can't use Protect, especially Surf and Rock Slide
- Wide Guard users such as Hitmontop and Swampert work wonders, as they can block Rock Slide and Surf while taking care of Rock-type Pokemon and Heatran with their STABs
- Follow Me Pokemon such as Ammonguss and Lucario work, as they are resistant to moves Charizard is weak too
- Ninetails is a MUST, otherwise using Charizard is stupid
- Pokemon that can set up Sunny Day, such as Sabelye and Whimsicott, also work, as they can set up sun, making Charizard a truck
- Gastrodon also makes a great partner, being immune to Electric, absorbs Water, and resists Rock, and can take care of Rock-types + Heatran via its STABs, while Charizard can get rid of Grass-types</p>

[Other Options]

- Overheat
- Flamethower
- Focus Blast
- Substitute
- Tailwind(can't use w/ Solar Power)
- Roar to phaze Trick Room
- Sitrus Berry
- Fire Gem

[Checks and Counters]

- Rock-type Pokemon, such as Terrakion and Tyranitar, easily OHKO Charizard with Rock Slide T-Tar even summons sand, which makes Charizard manigable again
- Heatran takes any attack other than Hidden Power Ground, so it can eventually KO Charizard with Fire-type attacks (espeically in sun)
- Chandelure is like Heatran, though Air Slashes will take its toll
- Rain teams are Charizard's nemesis, as Pokemon in the rain outspeed Charizard despite the scarf and OHKO with STAB attacks
- Dragon-types can give Charizard some trouble, Latios in particular as it will outrun if you're specs, and will survive HP Ice or Dragon Pulse if you're scarfed and OHKOs back with Draco Meteor
- Politoed therefore is Charizard's enemy, as it
- Priority attacks, such as Azumarill's Aqua Jet, Arcanine's ExtreemeSpeed, and Hitmontop's Sucker Punch, can all dispose of weakended Charizard
- Trick Room works wonders, especially against Scarf sets
- Playing smart with sun up is key as well, as Solar Power will dimish Charizard's lifespan</p>
Overheat is worth a decent mention as it's Charizard's most powerful STAB outside of Blast Burn (More like Ass Burn imo). Life Orb or the Gems are also worth mentioning if you don't wanna go with Choice/those items are taken.


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Overheat kinda contradicts with Solar Power, but i'll give it an OO mention

Life Orb + Solar Power kills off zard WAY to fast, but i'll add gems

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It always makes me a bit uncomfortable about the analysis when the only set it has is a Choice Set. Even if a non-choice set is simply replacing a move with Protect, and the item for something else. Especially since a number of the other options don't even work in tandem with a choice set.

-If you can provide Tailwind or Icy Wind support to Charizard, it can allow it to run a non-choice'd set, as such partners that can help in speed control can be useful to charizard in that regard (eg. Cress, or Wimsicott).

Anyways, on the the analysis:

-noting how you say that Blaze shouldn't even be considered, I'm not sure why you have a physical set in the OO, as that doesn't benefit from Sun Power

-Dragon-types can give Charizard some trouble, Latios in particular as it will outrun if you're specs, and will survive HP Ice or Dragon Pulse if you're scarfed. and OHKOs back with Draco Meteor

-should probably give specific mention about Politoed when talking about rain in the counters, similar to the comment about Tyranitar when talking about rocks


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The Power of Overheat is incredible on the first turn and slightly better accuracy may be enough to outweigh Fire Blast or at least a slash. Even on the next turn assuming sun is still up, charizard is hitting with essentially neutral attack.

Edit:Dragon Pulse is illegal with Solar Power