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Charizard Y Team

Discussion in 'ORAS OU Teams' started by Shinobi_Warrior, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. Shinobi_Warrior


    Dec 5, 2013
    So, here's my team...
    Charizard, Excadrill, Rotom-W, Mamoswine, Trevenant and Mandibuzz

    Why I picked these 'mons
    I picked Mega Charizard Y as my mega pokemon and built the team around it. Excadrill can spin away any rocks that severely threaten Charizard's longevity, as well as getting EdgeQuake coverage. Rotom-W helps to cover Charizard's poor defences, as well as getting more coverage with a BoltBeam equivalent. Mamoswine will be my own rock setter as rocks let me threaten Volcarona, Talonflame and other Charizard Ys, and Trevenant is a spin blocker, staller and special wall. To finish off, I've chosen Mandibuzz as a physical wall, phaser, and someone who goes round knocking off items and poisoning pokemon (I don't think that job has an official name).

    w/Charizardite Y
    EV 4Hp 252SpA 252Spe
    Fire Blast, Solar Beam, Focus Blast, Air Slash

    I wanted my Charizard Y to be as quick as possible to help sweeps which is why I chose Timid over Modest. The EV set-up is straight forward, going for a special sweeping line up. The moves are to get as much coverage as possible. By choosing air slash over dragon pulse, I lost coverage on dragons (which Mamoswine can hit) but got coverage on fighting types. It also gets STAB, so is more powerful than dragon pulse.

    a/Mold Breaker
    w/Air Balloon
    EV 176Hp, 60Atk, 252SpD, 20Spe
    Earthquake, Rock Slide, Rapid Spin, Swords Dance

    Excadrill's point on this team is as a spinner so I chose a bulky spinner layout to increase its survivability. There's also no sand stream pokemon on this team so an offensive variety can't use it's sand rush. Anyway, mold breaker stops Rotom-W from freely switching in, and earthquake and rock slide have excellent coverage. Swords dance is for when I predict a switch and there are no rocks on my side of the field. I'm not sure whether to use more speed and attack EVs on this, as well as whether to use a life orb, because this set may be too slow for threats like Mamoswine and Rotom-W.

    EV 232Hp 52SpA 220Spe
    Volt Switch, Will-o-Wisp, Hydro Pump, Hidden Power (Ice)

    This pokemon completes the coverage from the last two pokemon, by being able to hit with volt switch and HP ice. The hp EVs should keep him alive, the speed ones allow him to hit key targets first and the rest are put in special attack. Will-o-wisp allows me to cripple physical attackers with a cut to their attack stat and constant damage, and volt switch allows my Rotom-W to be a flexible opener. The leftovers are there to keep Rotom healthy, and he's modest to ensure his attacks hit harder.

    a/Thick Fat
    w/Focus Sash
    EV 4Hp 252Atk 252Spe
    Stealth Rock, Earthquake, Ice Shard, Icicle Crash

    Despite being similar to Excadrill, Mamoswine has an important part on the team in that he has to get rocks up so any forced switches harm the opponent's pokemon. Ice Shard and Icicle Crash allow my Mamoswine to be my team's dragon killer, and the max speed allows him to out speed as many threats as possible. Apart from that, the focus sash allows me to always get my rocks up at the start of the game, and the EVs and nature allow me to be as fast as possible.

    a/Natural Cure
    EV 252Hp 4Atk 252SpD
    Leaf Blade, Protect, Leech Seed, Will-o-Wisp

    My Trevenant functions as my special wall and spin blocker. As a spin blocker, he completely walls Excadrill, Starmie and Donphan. As a wall, I can burn the opponents then use leech seed to deal a lot of damage to them every turn, as well as leftovers and leech seed providing recovery with protect to stall. Leaf blade is there to alternate with protect, do damage and stop taunt from blocking all of my moves. Natural cure allows my Trevenant to be a status absorber. I chose it over harvest because harvest works best in sun, but, because of the new weather mechanics and the fact my Trevenant is a staller, harvest will go to 50% chance to work very soon. On the other hand, status absorbing and leftovers provide a more stable source of recovery.

    EV 252Hp 4Atk 252Def
    Knock Off, Toxic, Whirlwind, Roost

    Mandibuzz is my physical wall, so his EVs and nature reflect this. The moves allow Mandibuzz to knock an item off a pokemon, poison them then either heal or phase them out. Overcoat means that leftovers will never be negated by weather like sandstorm and hail, and spore, sleep powder and poison powder all do nothing. I didn't give my Mandibuzz defog because I want to have rocks of my own up when Mandibuzz forced switches with whirlwind, and Excadrill is a fine spinner on its own.

    So far, this team has got me quite a few victories. Are there any obvious wrong moves I should change or items/abilities to switch? Thanks for helping!

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