Cherubic Art

Hey Smogon. This is my first time showing some of my pics, so I hope you like them! I'll try and get round to doing some more later on. They're a bit rubbish, but mabye I'll get better with practice.



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hitmonchan's pose is great; nicely dynamic but not excessively so, and i like the smug expression on his face! the perspective on his head/hair/w.e seems a little off, ie some of the long appendages should be short and vice versa, but i don't think it hurts too much overall! i can see what you've tried to do with hitmonlee's eye, too, but i just don't think you ought to be able to see it at that angle unless you contort his body a little more

also echoing the font sentiment :toast:
I usually upload all my art to photobucket and use the link they give you there to put them into my thread. What do you do?
I really like the venesaur drawing! For whatever reason venesaurs just look really powerful all the time and I think you did an excellent job in capturing venesaur's power. It looks like it's about to fire off a solar beam!

Rocket Grunt

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whoa dude these are really sick action poses
hitmonchan totally punching hitmonlee in the face is awesome
i really dig the venusaur too
nice work man
I'm gonna revive this thread, since I've gotten interested in art again. I'll try and add some more later on. I never was able to do Magmortar, but I got a Magmar blowing flames onto his fist to make a Fire Punch. Just having a little trouble with the uploading

HA! finally managed to upload another pic
obviously computer drawings are beyond me, but i like scanning some random drawings.

EDIT: by the way, can anyone tell me how to put a description in one of the Hide tags? And also how to rename a URL linked to my UU analyses, while am at it? Thanks
These drawings are pretty accurate, I can totally see you improve more too. Like the Feraligatr has bits of rugged lines on its tail and feet. And also, the colorings really smooth. Did you use pencil crayons?
As a suggestion, you can have either transparent backgrounds or a background. I'd actually love to see Hitmonchan vs Hitmonlee with a background; that would help with the dynamics.
But, I do enjoy these and like I said before, you can improve.
So good job and hope to see more in the future! :)
Thanks a lot guys :)
Yeah blue, the feraligatr was my first pokemon drawing lol. From like 4 years ago, i just kept it. Yeah, i used simple crayons for it. I'll try and smooth some of the lines over in future drawings :D