Chuppa/Drifblim's Vgc Providence(finished 1st place)

Hello, comrades! This is a warstory. About VGC 2012. Let's start with the team!

Reuniclus@Life Orb
Magic Guard
252 HP, 52 def, 10 sp atk, 196 sp def

Trick Room
Focus Blast

This set conveniently allows guaranteed non-crit survival from max attack Tyranitar's Crunch, Life Orb Modest Zoroark's Night Daze, or Dragon Gem Modest Latios' Draco Meteor.

252 Hp, 6 def, 252 sp def

Trick Room
Pain Split
Will o Wisp

Da HoOd
Scrafty@Expert Belt
252 Hp, 252 atk, 6 sp def

Drain Punch
Ice Punch
Fake Out

A lot of the time protect would be nice on him, but the coverage as it is is just wonderful, helping to activate Moxie. The mix of egg moves is legal thru Smeargle.

Metagross@Psychic Gem
Clear Body
252 hp, 252 atk, 6 def

Meteor Mash
Bullet Punch
Hammer Arm
Zen Headbutt

Psy Gem Zen Headbutt is here to murder Amoonguss. And do heavy damage to Water Types. I tried not having Explosion for once, but I know it will be back next time I am at a real tournament

Togekiss@Light Clay
Serene Grace
252 hp, 252 sp atk, 6 sp def

Air Slash
Light Screen
Follow Me

The best move bringer-over as opposed to the rest of the team. To bring over Chandy's Shadow Balls, which hit both of the TR users hard.

Terrakion@Focus Sash
252 hp, 252 atk, 6 def

Close Combat
Stone Edge
Rock Slide

Meant to opening turn double protect with Reuniclus to avoid Fake Out. I think TR teams need at least one fast Poke, and Terrakion gets many of the teams threats without much trouble, such as Chandelure, Tyranitar, amd Weavile (well after it fires off one attack).

Yep. We begin the morning of November 13th!

I wake up mad early, a bit after midnight. Then get on Subway to Penn Station for the Amtrak. Then get off Amtrak a good while later, after a decent rest. On a side note, I did like 44 rounds in Super Doubles before loosing to one of those people who had an all legends team. Meh. Walk to the convention center, not too hard to find especially with a sheet from mapquest. Sit around in the center for like 5 minutes before realizing I can sign up. Then have to wait like a whole hour before anything actually starts, which was annoying! Made me hungry. Yet all the more eager! I get paired with some guy with glasses, but then have to switch to someone else for whatever reason. I later discovered this guy would have provided a pretty easy win, didn't Ev train.

Round 1
Chuppa vs. ???
Both (0,0)

Before the match, sort of discuss feelings about the tournament. We both ev train, so this won't be given! When we get the signal to start, we wish each other luck and begin.

I led with Reuniclus and Terrakion, he led with Weavile and Terrakion. I double protect to nullify weavile's Fake Out, and his Terrakion just Rock Slides.

The next turn his Weavile uses Beat Up on his Terrakion. I completely forgot about this, and it thus caught me a bit off guard. His Terrakion Rock Slides, and I expect it to KO Reuniclus and not do too much to Terrakion. Well that was wrong. They both get left in the red. My Terrakion use Close Combat on his, and it lives through a Chople. Then Reuniclus gets up TR.

Reuniclus uses psychic on his Terrakion for a kill, and my Terrakion uses Rock slide on Weavile to activate its Focus Sash. Then the Weavile finshes off my Terrakion with ???

I send in my Scrafty, hoping to FO Weavile for an easy round of Moxie. He sends out his shiny Chandelure. I protect with Reuniclus, because I couldnt OHKO his Chandelure with it and it was obviously gonna kill Reuniclus. Scrafty KOs Weavile with Fake Out, and his Chandeure uses Heat Wave. Reuniclus protects it, and it scores A CRITICAL AND A BURN on Scrafty. Dang.

He send out a Ludicolo. Reuniclus uses Psychic on Chandelure, and Scrafty finishes it off with Crunch. Ludicolo uses Giga Drain on Reuniclus for the KO, and the 2 turns of burn end my Scrafty.

I send in my Metagross. He misses a Hydro Pump on me, and I use Zen Headbutt to get him into the red, then activate a Sitrus Berry.

He uses Giga Drain on me, and I does more then I thought it might have. Can't remember if it was a crit or not, but it honestly doesn't matter. I, for whatever reason, use Hammer Arm rather then Zen Headbutt to finish him off.

Chuppa wins.
Well good! First game down, relatively close. Other VGC I went to the first game was a pretty new given against an Eeveelution team, but hey, what’s wrong with a little challenge? ;D

Round 2
Chuppa(1,0) vs. ???(1,0)

Bah my memory’s relatively fuzzy on what happened here. His team was the genies+Hydreigon, and I led with Reuniclus and Terrakion. He had a solid enough seeming team, but he said a friend gave it to him and he didn’t know how to use it too well.

I just spammed stone edge and did some protecting with Reuniclus. I am pretty sure he got an unlucky miss at one point, but it wouldn’t have mattered all that much if it had hit. I know his Thundurus paralyzed my Terrakion at one point, yet it ended 4-0 or 3-0

Chuppa wins.

Ok! Doing good so far. Nothing really noteworthy before next round. So meh.

Round 3
Chuppa(2,0) vs ??? (2,0)

I have a feeling like this guy was a member heer. I just do. Had a hat with a purple Decepticon(I think) image on it.

His team doesn’t seem to have a specific strategy, and I am not too worried. He leads with Azelf/ Sableye, and I with Reuniclus/Terrakion. Sheiss! If you read my movesets, the only one of my two out that can do any real damage is Terrakion. I double protect, to nullify FO and see if Azelf was going to try Taunt. But no. The Azelf EXPLODES. Absolutely splendid! The Sableye(named Toilet….) tries Taunt on Reuniclus.

His Blaziken comes out. Sableye misses a Will o Wisp on Terrakion, and Terrakion’s Stone Edge misses it. I don’t remember much from this point, but the Blaziken lives a turn to activate Speed Boost.

Blaziken faints this turn or next. I think Sunny Day gets put up, after which Tangela uses Sleep Powder on Reuniclus and then Hidden Power (something regular) on Terrakion. Sableye wastes a Will o Wisp on Reuniclus. Don’t know if TR ever got up, but Scrafty eventually replaces Terrakion. 3-0 I think.

Chuppa wins.

Macht gute so far! I get a Kool Aid and/or Yodel from mein father. I think there was another opponent mix up before the next game starts.

Round 4
Chuppa(3,0) vs Emma/Emily Pulkowski (3,0)

In case you are wondering, Emma and Emily are the same thing lol. This is actually the only girl I have ever played in VGC, but I know they exist. Team looks like very standard good stuff (Zapdos, Latios, Metagross, Abomasnow, Tyranitar, maybe a Chandelure cant remember). At this point(not nou tho) I found two weather users on the same team odd. How we, as people, do change over time….

I don’t remember too much. I know one of my leads is Dusclops, Metagross is one of my pokemon, and Terrakion is in the back. Trick Room gets up at least once, Will O Wisp misses at least once, and they get a miss on Meteor Mash at some point. Her Abomasnow lives a Bullet Punch after a few rounds of its burn. She switches twice. The last turn was my full health Terrakion and ? health Metagross against her Zapdos and Latios, neither of whose health I can remember. Terrakion took a round of hail after her double Protect, so its Sash was gone. Terrakion lives Zapdos’ T-bolt, then Rock Slides for a double K0.

Chuppa wins.

Ah! The furthest I had ever made it at a VGC. I hang with my father til the next game starts. He tells me there was one girl who seemed to be winning all her games, not the one I just played though. I tell him the one I’m afraid of playing is the Asian with the medallions (Cybertron, but didn’t know at da tiem). More filler I think I run into one person I played earlier and they have at least one loss.

Round 5
Chuppa(4,0) vs. ???(3,1)

I don’t remember too much from here. I was surprised to be facing somebody who hadn’t one all their games, but I guess it was a good thing in the fact that they weren’t absolutely top notch.

I think his team was mainly 5th gen. I see a Zoroark in team preview, and intend to double protect. He leads Scrafty&Whimsicott, I with Reuniclus and Terrakion. I double protect, his Whimsicott uses Helping Hand to boodt the power of Scrafty’s Shadow ball. Ok, who would run Shadow Ball on a Scrafty? So it’s probably Zoroark. But then again, who has Shadpow Ball on a Zoroark either?

Terrakion uses Close Combat on “Scrafty” to KO it and discover it was Zoroark. Whimsicott wastes its time on Helping Hand. I think my Reuniclus used Psychic on his Whimsicott, and I think it lived via Sash. The Psychic may have critted, but it would have done over half regardless.

Nothing important. Terrakion probably used Rock Slide next turn to finish of Whimsicott, I am pretty sure he managed a single KO, but no more then one if any.

Chuppa wins. (5,0)

Heehaw, this is fun! I meet up with my round 3 opponent and some of his chums(and someone’s father) to discover I am in the final round! This is really strange, as I remember seeing several other (4,0)’s before the beginning of the previous round. Meh. But less meh is the fact I learn that I already have either $600 or a trip to Indy! Yay! The bad part? My opponent is last year’s National champ, the Asian with the bling, Cybertron and/or Aaron Zheng. Maybe one of them played him, ‘cuz they knew he had TR. Welp, this certainly does not look good for me.

Chuppa(5,0) vs. Aaron Z.(5,0)

Battle Video number 32-02800-55679

Sorry but writing this out would take more time then I am in the mood to spend. Look at the battle vid it’s not the most interesting but still neat to watch. I apologize to Cybertron in case that crit on Glaceon really did matter, but I don’t know as all u told me is that it had 252 HP Ev’s. Without a few defense evs, it would be a guaranteed kill. I guess hitting through Snow Cloak was a bit of luck, but it’s not like landing an OHKO lol.

Chuppa wins. (6,0)

After congratulations from some of my comrades, I have to wait around awhile before the Top 4 get their prizes. Whoever finished 4th didn’t have their parent and/or guardian with them so that took a bit of explaining to get done with. 3rd place is the girl from my fourth round. 2nd is Cybertron. 1st is me. It is important to note I was hoping none of the people before me picked the Zorua plush. I read somewhere that some person at Worlds found it hilarious its huge head weighed down its tiny body, so the poor thing just couldn’t stand up! I think I got a holo Landorus in my 3 packs of cards, and maybe something else, but nothing I would take the time to sell. I leave before Masters starts because I have to get on my bus back to NY in time. You can expect to see me at Philly and Nats, don’t be surprised if some noticeable flaws in the team are “addressed” by then. Have good day.
Didn't you lose one match if i recall correctly? Also, great job out there, but this doesn't seem that rain-proof. You might want an electric type/gass type for philly/nats.


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congratz on your win, glad to see someone from my home town of brooklyn winning something :D
Congratz on your win and your round1 opponent was my friends bro haha. It was cool meeting you. I was shocked at 1st when I saw you were still undefeated at like rd4. Good job, and see ya at philly/nats.
Thnx guys! Park Slope is where it's at in Brooklyn! There's a chance I'll be bringing my pokecrew from Brooklyn to Philly. If the team has any really notable flaws(or a common counter-lead that could stop the setup of TR) please do tell
To keep the forms that anybody in the Top 4 got, you would need to be old enough or make your parent take the forms. But u CAN get the 3 packs of cards and a plushy of your choice(plushy was only for top 3) without a parent. It's dumb how TCG players can win a whole box and us VGC peeps get 3 packs....
well it's vgc not tcg, I'm suprised they give any packs for the video games champs at all. And last time I checked it's only if you're not 18. But if you are It's fine. Most people will probably need a parent/gaurdian to travel with them to philly/elsewhere who don't live there, so that should be taken care of anyway.