Circus Maximus Rules

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Hello, Smogonites and Smogonettes! Here it is at last, our very own forum games subforum. Forum games, most notably mafia (which grew too big and serious for Firebot), will be hosted here in the future. Please read through these rules before posting, and have a fun time!

Requesting permission to host a game:

  • The requesting party must send the complete rules of the proposed game to one or more of the moderators (Mekkah, Hipmonlee, Shiv, AvatarST, Earthworm) for approval.
  • Only one moderator needs to approve the game. Their approval may be conditional to minor rule changes.
  • The requesting party must be constituted of at least one (1) user with an account on the Smogon forums.
  • The requesting party must offer to host the game they propose, which includes making all threads necessary for the game, enforcing the rules of the game and anything else applicable to run the game smoothly.
  • The requesting party must specify if the game will require one thread or more. If more than one thread is needed, they must specify how many or (if the number cannot be determined in advance) on what basis they will be made.
  • If the requesting party can find any number of users who can express support for the game, it would be increase the chances of the game to be approved. Each of these users must be willing to play in the game. The number of supporters wanted would depend on the total number of players required to participate in the game. As a rough estimate, if you can manage to get 1/4th of the total number of users to 'support' it, it should be good. Please note that this will probably only be applicable to newer, untested games. This is optional. You could search for support in The Propose-A-Game Thread.
  • The moderators will decide of a timespan during which the game may be started (which may or may not coincide with the time of approval). The game must be started in that span, else it will be locked or deleted. If the period expires, the requesting party may reiterate their demand.
  • No thread may be started for a game if it does not go through this process of approval.

Informal Guidelines:

  • No "postcount++" games will be accepted. This includes most (all) "poster above" or "poster below" games or games that require little to no effort to participate in.
  • Don't request to host a game that's too similar in gameplay to other games that are already running.
  • Games that require thought and/or involvement from the players are preferred.
  • For Mafia in particular, there will only be one (1) game running at a time. However, there may be three to four (3-4) 'Classic Mafia' games running alongside each other.
  • Please do not post in 'Classic Mafia' games that you are not in.
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