City Art

So, hello. :)
I'm new here. This is my art thread.
I'm not that great, but I'm working on some digital art.

I'll take requests... especially for typography....I'm working on some banners. :)

First up: Typography.
Not Pokemon Related

Pokemon Related

For KingofKongs:

For LevitatingLamprey:

These are great and original, but they have a bigger impact the smaller they are (Cofagrigus size). Downsizing them would work wonders. Cofagrigus is great! Can I request a typographed Lilligant? Please?
I basically write say, 'rayquaza rayquaza rayquaza' over and over again, then get the desired picture and crop the text to fit the picture... I then touch up the colours to each word and that's it. :) Simple, if you are using photoshop.

I'll do that now. :D



A small suggestion, but I feel that the pictures would turn out better if the text was slightly indented every other line like in a honeycomb. This would make it so tha tthere's no akward white line down each picture.