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Discussion in 'Smogon's Greatest Hits' started by az, Jul 24, 2011.

  1. az

    az greyscale superhero
    is an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus

    Jan 8, 2008
    hi guys my 3k was just taking forever so i figured i'd just scrap my original idea and do a crossword

    shoutouts to everyone i talk to on irc, ty for putting up with my terrible typing, all the guys at the smog and everyone else who made my stay the past three or four years absolutely amazing

    ok keepin it short and sweet peace

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    lol jk

    lovingly rendered in full typovision:








    ANYWAY i assume most people are just here for the next bit because we all know how nice it is to look at a milestone thread and go "ooh!" when you see your name and then you read the thing and you're like "haha yeah, x user and i DO have some good times... haha yeah..."

    warning: in here there are a lot of things (open)

    accent - where even ARE YOU we're supposed to be partners in crime or you're my evil twin or i'm your evil twin or i don't even know some goddamn darck charley shit. i mean JESUS

    alchemator -
    i... i guess this is a success?

    alex - i don't know what it is, maybe i'm on smogon at more or less dumb hours or something, but i rarely talk to you any more and when i DO see you it results in me getting kicked. b- bros? let's talk more about music and how you have good taste in shoes but mine is slightly better

    am - i am your worst student. i mean pretty much guaranteed. one day man, ONE day i will stick with it and i will become a monster so powerful that you will despair. you'll be like "oh god what have i done, i'm like frankenstein and this is my monster, he is am's monster, and the uneducated will forever refer to him as am because people always call the frankenstein monster frankenstein even though he isn't called frankenstein he's just frankenstein's monster. oh no what have i done"

    anita - hello this isn't your username but i'm sure you'll figure it out!!!!! idek how we got to talking but i am glad that we did; whenever you're online and i ask you what is up i know i am in for a p excellent story that will pretty much definitely involve some if not all members of your enormous family. ACVTUALLY i think i do remember, something to do with you getting groped. did you get groped at your cousin's house? in your sleep? BY your cousin? o h godd i've said too much

    benvdd - ben you are my favourite terrifying lava monster. are you even registered on the forums or are you an irc exclusive. like one of those preorder exclusive items where you can get extra shit if you do a thing at a place. ben: only available on irc. okay no that's dumb you're probably on the forums what was i thinking

    blue kirby - woah man make your mind up?? are you here? are you gone? what's the deal with that??? haha hello. you were super nice when i first started introducing myself to the irc community and posting in firebot and HEY you're still cool. i'm sorry i never finished that one thing that i showed you. that one thing. okay, now how do i do that sign off thing. the thing. what were we called. BK massive. bk... uhh. bk represent. no seriously okay what was the thing? what was the fucking thing. okay hold on i'm gonna go look i'm gonna check i'm sure i have it as a log. HEY i don't have it. BKG? KGB? WHAT WAS IT

    brain - hello brain you're a super interesting dude and you are really intelligent and that kinda multiplies your interestingness and then you are a cool guy as well and it all just gets out of hand like you can't even fucking keep up with all that shit. i am sorry i called you a robot. i hope you have a great time in toronto!!

    bynineb - MORE BRIDG

    caladbolg~ - hello tyvm for your help in that one cap what was that ship cap10, cap11? okay it was cap11 i checked. COOL

    chaos - do you remember how you posted in milestone threads about not getting shoutouts any more? HERE is an experiment -- which is worse, the former or getting shoutouts just to counteract that??

    chou toshio - CHOU you have no idea. anyway i wanted to post in your 5k (FIVE oh my goodness) and thankyou for all your kind words but i was at 2999 so i just had to get this shit out of the way and now i guess i can get two birds stoned at once. i can't think of a nicer user, and it is a pleasure to work with you on the smog. i also want to say i have so much admiration for you taking on the japanese "localisation" of smogon p much single-handedly. that shit is mental

    cookie - man i talk to you like every day do i even have to do this. UGH. okay look here's a fun game. rate this post for accuracy and foreshadowing. let's go for pints again sometime soon man, and thanks for looking out for me as a new user aaaaaaaall those years ago. fuck

    cyzir_visheen - i know we don't talk so much any more, but i just wanted to give you a nod of the head and say i really appreciate all your hard work and what not. AND I MEAN isn't that what shoutouts are for anyway. fuck you guys i will shoutout to whoever i want even if they're not real what are you gonna do about it

    john - HAHA JOHN MAN THAT ONE TME ON IRC XD HAHA youre the best john i look forward to more years of our close friendship

    see i don't give a fuck

    dak - you are the best human marine a human marine could hope to have at a human marine's side when shit hits the fan and the human marines have to kill all the aliens so that the aliens don't kill all the human marines LET ALONE all the humans. i was playing that shit the other day and that residential level is FUCKED fucking parasites. i got my titanium star or badge or w/e the fuck so i didn't even have that electrified body armour and it was whack


    dan i wanted to post a screen of us being bros but my laptop getting repaired ROBBED me of all our memories maybe you can help me out there??

    darkie - darkie have you ever won the smog's nicest user award because you probably should have

    dm - adam man i lost my irc logs so i don't have that megalong name you were going to assume as my cousin. what the fuck man our cover is gonna be blown to SHIT. i respect that you always stand up for what you believe in in is, even if it's not always what i believe in. i hope to see you sometime soonish!!

    doomsday - doomers i am super glad you are semi-back. you gotta update your art thread with more terrifying shit meets superhero shit! shit! also i forgive you for infracting me. if it has been keeping you up... rest easy, my brother. rest easy

    dougjustdoug- hello doug ty for for your guidance when i was entering cap and whatnot for the first time, and more substantially for stepping up to the plate when smogon needed you most

    earthworm - hello ew how is warau treating you. long time no speak!! if you have any more queries about time or how fast time moves or how much wood a woodchuck could chuck if he was taken to chucking wood then just hit me up man i am only a pm away

    evan - evan do you remember when we weren't buddies but now we are buddies. my feelings about us being buddies can only be described as "this is really good i am so on this feeling if i had to describe my feeling about this feeling it could only be described as 'this is really good i am so on this feeling if i had to describe my feeling about this feeling about this feeling i'll be here all fucking day'"

    ALSO your doppelguy totally lives in my block check it:



    fatecrashers - i had all these things to say to you and now i'm looking at your avatar and i'm like


    PLEASE post and explain what is even going on with that girl

    i mean

    firestorm - hello fellow af moderator. team mod represent. etc. and whatever else the kids say these days. i hope the toronto shit goes well, like i said take loads of pictures etc so we can all be like "haha look at what a great time those guys that met each other here had


    fm - hey bro

    foreys - foreys come back. is it because i defaced an img of you fishing and turned into a pokefishing img. i repent.



    forks - FORKS are you in some strange country now or WHAT. what is even going on. ty for heading up smogcraft, everyone is super grateful. did you know that dan has usurped you and he's gonna kill you. don't tell him i told

    gen. empoleon - matthew why have you gone through all these different name changes what is going on. are you going through a hard time. do you need someone to talk to. i'm here man. i'll always be here. is gen empoleon a general of a pokemon army and he just so happens to be an empoleon or is he the general of an empoleon army. ALSO isn't it kind of weird that he is a general when he is kind of an emperor as well. general emperor empoleon napoleon. i mean it is just a mouthful man. can we please just get some closure

    hipmonlee - every time i discuss hitmonlee, i say "hipmonlee". i may also say "hipmonchan", idk, more testing necessary

    you are making me look like an IDIOT

    jabbathegriffin -


    jimbo - james philip tyvm for getting me involved in the smog. i appreciate it enormously and now the smog is a huge part of what i do here on smogon and why i am here. i hope you are/will/have/be/coming/back soon

    jumpluff - where do you even hang out these days kiddo

    junior - junioritos, what i wouldn't give to travel back to the golden age of rab. sigh.............................


    we have to make a pact whereby when you inevitably get swept up into one of these terrifying megalomaniacal girl gangs from jarea or kopan whereever the fuck you do not come and shoot my house up with gats n shit

    also you could introduce me to a few of your fellow gang members, just an idea, TKAe it or leave it


    kinneas - you and i

    we have a gift, my friend

    don't let anyone tell you we don't

    kumar - hb

    lee - hello lee i apologise for being a caustic asshole in the past!! brits gotta stick together. bros?

    makiri - ok i'm posting about you but i want you to know that i do not approve of this name. ALSO i don't approve of all these crazy lady names i mean what is even going on you are like jumpluff 2.0 there is a new lady's name every five minutes i just cannot handle this shit. thanks for confiding in me when you needed to, i know you are on the up and up

    mcgraw - did you know that one way or another you are responsible for my presence on smogon

    well sort of

    more on this exciting development next week


    mekkah - okay just look below for your shoutout because you guys are too big and too strong i may as well address you together

    mingot - okay just look above for your shoutout because you guys are too big and too strong i may as well address you together

    moi - where is this boy. WHO here has seen this boy

    monkfish - monkfish please draw me this cat in your usual, uhh... "special" style


    moot - tim i'm not even giving you a shoutout because i don't wanna pander to your fucking shoutout obsessed you know just your whole damn THING i mean it has gotten out of control and i don't even wanna play that damn game any more why do we always have to play games let's just be ourselves for once. let's just be... us

    mountain dewgong - hello brodie. your british e-accent is really bad. i just checked my visitor messages and it is SO bad oh goodness. be on irc more man, come on it is where it is at

    ninahaza - MAXIMUM respect for what you are doing re: getting in shape. you are the king of willpower. when you have your ideal body maybe you should become the batman

    obi - obi where are you gone i miss your stories in #smogon. you can weave a really good yarn. is that right, do you weave a yarn? i wanted to say weave a good tale but i didn't wanna get my idioms fucked up. oh SHIT you spin a good yarn. OH GOD I DID THE VERY THING I SOUGHT AVOID DOING. you still owe me the end to that story about you and that love triangle and the chess game and i want to hear it

    optimusje - hello optimusje i wanted to be like your home on azverse calls to you but i don't even know if you have a house on azverse so let's do this: in case of you not having a houe on azverse, maybe you should have a house on azverse?

    outlaw - hey outlaw do you remember the times we used to play mafia together

    yeah man me neither what is up with that :nerd: :wacky: wacky: gif.gif

    philip7086 - philip you chose wisely when you chose your username. i won't pressure you to explain the significance of the numbers you chose, but the name philip will serve you well. it certainly hasn't let you down. man what if your name was one of those nation of islam things like malcolm x or some shit but you would be like philip mmmmmmmlxxxvi or some shit. i don't even know

    pookar - pookar you are a terrible special weaponsist. weapons specialist? but you are a good man. are you a good man, pookar? you're a good man, pookar

    ramblin_wreck - patrick what is even WRONG with you stop cutting your eyes up. this is all i gotta say to you man i mean jesus


    reyscarface - hello rey i am sorry the sickburns about your sister always flow so freely in drachma. HOWEVER i am not sorry about the sickburns that flow freely about you being mexican because that's mostly you man i don't go in for that race shit i mean come on your bring it on yourself it is WHO you are rey don't let anyone tell you you can't be who you are

    rodan. - rodan. what are you gonna do about that bill they are passing about copyright and shit on the internet it is the start of a slippery slope man soon you won't be able to copy anything!!

    seven deadly sins - hello sds i am featuring you in a shoutout here in my shoutouts in SPITE OF your rude words yesterday in #is or #thesmog or whatever it is i am being the BIGGER MAN so come on and meet me halfway and let us put this family feud behind us i don't want to be an old man filled with regret

    shade -
    you dick

    shiv - shiv do you remember taking me under your wing all those years ago on irc, in a quiet glade in fluodome

    but where did you go man

    you left me all alone to fend for myself and look what became of me. LOOK AT ME NOW. this is all your fault

    skarm - hi skarm!! i don't know you AT ALL but we moderate this wonderfully messy little forum of ours together so let's get to know each other it could be great. COULD TOTALLY SUCK. but you will never know man. you will never know if you don't try

    stallion - you are a nice boy. i have always thought of stallion "that boy stallion... he's a nice boy"

    steeler - WHERE EVEN ARE YOU

    steelicks - hello steelicks i'm gonna complete all that mother shit this time i swear it you won't be able to stop me. also i have noticed a significant decline in your irc /mes if you keep this up you won't be able to make a follow up to your /me extravaganza thread for ever. are you feeling alright?

    stellar - IF we were in any channels together ever it would be bad for you because i say stellar a lot. someone would say something and i would say stellar and you would be highlighted and you would check and you would realise it wasn't for you and we would all alugh about it hahahaha

    synre - hello synre let's talk more on irc. alright deal!

    tangerine - this shit is sick


    i mean what kind of man even

    tennisace - hello tennis. i typod your name just now as tennisacne. ha, wouldn't that be funny?? this is a DREADFUL shoutout i am so sorry. i have let both of us down

    the_iron_kenyan - tik here's a pm you sent me once but it is still private because we are still in hide tags so it is still private this way no-one else can see but you and me

    i liked this pm

    thunda - thunda stop whoring up your lady like looks and come back to us

    i mean do you remember this


    i mean do you even remember

    umbreon dan - umbreon dan i like the abbreviation of your name "ud" so much more to look at than the name umbreon dan can you please change. you'll be like the next doommullet. people will be like this ud old timer. who even is he. what does ud stand for. and all us vets (we'll be vets then obviously this is way into the future) will be like

    i know why

    vader - hello ray. i mean vader. i mean hal. i mean fuck. shit. hello. you're a really cool guy and i really enjoy having you around in drachma, and more than that in af, and firebot before it. your posts and threads are always super great and that avatar shit is genius. KEEP ON trucking

    xaqwais - xaq if you were a squid when you got up in the morning would you try showering and brushing your teeth and combing your hair all in one thing ust because you had all those arms so you could do loads of things at once i think i would try it at least ONCE but i think you'd get loads of soap on your toothbrush and it would get really messy. let's skypecraft again and it will be excellent


    that's a ton of shoutouts and i am p certain i missed people so you know...

    you know........
  2. Firestorm

    Firestorm I did my best, I have no regrets!
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    Apr 18, 2007
    what no i wanted to keep reading the comic what is this shout out bullshit

    <3 though
  3. Matthew

    Matthew I love weather; Sun for days
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    May 26, 2008
    I've decided to scrap everything in my name, the Matthew, the Gen. Empoleon, hell even Genny. I'm going to get my name changed to


    But holy fuck me this is awesome
  4. Nastyjungle

    Nastyjungle fat and sassy
    is an Artist Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 28, 2010
    nice comic az, great art

    big 3k man nice job

    continue doin how you do
  5. little gk

    little gk competitive oosos player
    is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Mar 19, 2009
    fantastic art and a fantastic thread!

    thanks for the read, az n.n
  6. Stellar

    is a Live Chat Contributoris an Administratoris a Site Staff Alumnusis a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnusis a Researcher Alumnusis a CAP Contributor Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Past SPL Champion

    Jan 3, 2007
  7. elDino

    elDino Deal With It.
    is a Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Jan 9, 2010
    Congrats az even though I haven't talked to you much...
    Nice comic and keep it up!
  8. v

    v protected by a silver spoon
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Tiering Contributor Alumnus

    Nov 2, 2008
    in brightest day (open)

    the ring's a little lopsided, but it's just soft modelling clay, so getting it to be perfectly even is hard......

    excellent thread, and happy 3k!!!
  9. AJers

    AJers Your typical e-wench

    Jan 1, 2007
    lmao, I love the comic! Pretty sick skills! I wish I was an artists, but alas, I got all the crazy creativity with no skills to see my projects through. (Sister story!): So, my sisters and I just bump heads (2 of them are super skilled) and eventually we come out with something similar (usually a little better) than what I envisioned. Pretty cool, yo!

    But to my shoutout: fuck no! hahaha, my family is NOT that crazy. :P The only people I've been groped by when sleeping (more like: passed out) are friends-of-friends who I shouldn't have let myself get that fucked up around until I knew them better. :P But, my lessons have been learned (well, probably not really since I still drink) but now I make sure like a million people are around who will kick major ass if someone touches me. :)
  10. makiri

    makiri My vast and supreme will shall be done!
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    Jun 24, 2006
    I love it

    vroom (open)
  11. shade

    shade i'm so mean i make medicine sick
    is a Forum Moderator
    Uncle Firebot

    Mar 28, 2008
    you dick
  12. Outlaw


    Jul 20, 2008
    Best. Cameo. Ever.

    EDIT: Also, DAT ASS @ Katyawoman
  13. Dan Dan

    Dan Dan

    Jan 1, 2005
    completely blown away by that comic, great art. I only have one pic of us, azbot..
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    happy 3k mang! ps more borderlands/alienswarm/othergames
  14. cookie

    cookie Firebot Development Lad
    is a Super Moderatoris a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnus
    Super Moderator

    Mar 20, 2005
    this could be one of the best milestone threads ever, i can't even express in words how happy the comic makes me

    i went to glasgow last time, it's your turn to come to london bro
  15. Outlaw


    Jul 20, 2008
    Good times, good times. Grats on 3k
  16. Xaqwais


    Dec 25, 2008
    Goddammit az, why are you so awesome?

    I think my IRC typing style is degrading to yours and by degrading I mean getting closer to perfect.
  17. DM

    DM Ce soir, on va danser.
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Live Chat Contributor Alumnus

    May 24, 2005
    don't worry, he'll come down to London next month when I'm there

    because I said so

    also this is an OKAY xk thread I guess

  18. Mountain Dewgong

    Mountain Dewgong

    May 9, 2009
    right mate, this is well ill

    you know what I mean yeah? Can believe u went to all dis boffer.

    god save the queen and all that jazz
  19. versailles


    Jul 6, 2009
  20. Fatecrashers

    Fatecrashers acta est fabula
    is a Site Staff Alumnusis an Artist Alumnusis a Super Moderator Alumnusis a Contributor Alumnusis a Smogon Media Contributor Alumnusis a Battle Server Moderator Alumnus

    Sep 24, 2007
    no explanation forthcoming

    but my god this is fucking fantastic
  21. His Eminence Lord Poppington II

    His Eminence Lord Poppington II proverb:the fish who eats most dies still too
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    Jul 29, 2010
  22. theamericandream38


    Jun 10, 2006
    I enjoyed reading the comic hahaha (although I am a little disappointed you picked lame DC characters)
  23. versailles


    Jul 6, 2009

    who the fuck are you calling lame
  24. moot


    Apr 11, 2008
    comic was great

    re shoutout: huh?
  25. Woodchuck

    Woodchuck actual cannibal
    is a Battle Server Admin Alumnusis a Forum Moderator Alumnus

    May 25, 2010
    Comic was awesome.
    Also, I got a shoutout!

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