Clever Name (Philly Warstory)


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Waiting is fun!
Chapter 1 - The Line
I get to the convention center at around 10:20 in order to register. There's a girl with her parents in front of me (who later was 4-2 going into Round 7 of the pink flight) who kept commenting on the ratio of guys to girls and how everyone looked a lot older, as in 18+. The guys behind me were also kind of annoying and kept talking about shit that I mostly tuned out. This line did not move for at least 50 minutes. I had seen TheGr8, Human, I think dtrain and Cybertron, and other people hanging out together on the opposite side of the columns. I thought about going over and saying hi (and possibly cutting in line), but I really hate introducing myself to people so I just stayed and made sure all my pokemon were in order. I had about 3 teams I was deciding between going into this tournament. First off was a team I made with moof, the second was a variation of the first team that I worked on with Fishy, and finally there was a team that Alaka had asked me to RNG for him. I had told him that I really liked the team and might even steal it, and he said to go for it. After some deliberation, I decided that I didn't feel too comfortable with the first or the second team, and I decided to steal Alaka's team.

A little after 11:00, the line finally starts moving. At some point I hear someone say Ditto a couple of times in a somewhat hushed voice, so I turn around. It's some younger girl, so I wave politely while thinking "who the fuck is that?" I later find out it's Solace. Soon after, I see Expert Evan and Shinkou arrive, so I wave and try to say something, but we are a good distance apart. Eventually the guys behind me start talking about how they are worried they won't get in. This gets me worrying that I won't make it in, but luckily I eventually do.

Chapter 2 - Fuck da Juniors and Seniors
Now that I actually get in and am registered, I have absolutely no clue what to do. I end up wandering around until someone comes up to me, after recognizing that I'm Ditto. I forget who it was, but they were telling me that Sapphire Birch and other Smogoners were looking for me, so I headed in the general direction he pointed me. I eventually run into TheGr8, who brings me to Sapphire Birch. Birch was nothing like I expected him to be, but he's so chill. We wander around for a bit, I meet a number of different Smogoners and others while waiting for Juniors and Seniors to do their tournament. We start walking somewhere and I hear someone say Ditto, so I turn around. I have no clue who these people are when I walk over to them, but the best part about VGCs is meeting other pokepeople so I go over. It turns out to be Jellicent, PikeQueen, and Steven Snype. We start talking about random shit, and I get lost from TheGr8 and Birch. Eventually there is an announcement saying that Masters won't start until 2. So with my original group out of sight, I decided that these people seemed pretty cool and we'd hang out.

With an hour and 17 minutes (those 2 minutes make all the difference) until the scheduled start for Masters Division, the four of us decide to go get some food. We were gonna get some pizza, but we didn't know where to go so we started walking around. We saw a girl fully dressed up as a Pikachu so we took a picture with her (which will be shown with the other pictures later in the post). We went to a food court we passed, which is actually where a number of other smogoners went. I had gotten a Burger King crown at NJ VGCs 11, so when I saw a BK I decided that I wanted to get another crown which I wore for the remainder of the tournament. We eventually went back and just chilled talking until they finally announced that we were split into 2 flights. Snype was put in the Yellow-Green flight, while Jellicent and I were put into the Pink flight. However, we still had to wait until like 3:15 until the tournament started.

The rest of the tournament was basically doing our matches and meeting up after, and occasionally meeting new smogoners and such. In the end, I got to meet Jellicent, PikeQueen, Steven Snype, TheGr8, Solace, Sapphire Birch, wer, Expert Evan, Shinkou, BlaqJstr, and other people who I unfortunately cannot remember off the top of my head at the moment.

Chapter - Pictures!
My tshirt!

Me and EE! WiFi mods!

Me and TheGr8!

Me, Jellicent, and PikeQueen with Diglet!

Me, Steven Snype, Jellicent, and PikeQueen with Pikachu!

The Actual Tournament
Team WiFi Moderators!
Team stolen from Alaka
Names by Wild Eep
Played by Ditto

Politoed (M) @ Iron Ball
Trait: Drizzle
IVs: 31/02/31/30/30/03
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 248 SAtk / 4 SDef
Quiet Nature (+SAtk, -Spd)
Ice Beam
Hidden Power

Ludicolo (F) @ Leftovers
Trait: Rain Dish
IVs: 31/01/31/31/31/00
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SAtk
Quiet Nature (+SAtk, -Spd)
Fake Out
Giga Drain

Gastrodon (M) @ Rindo Berry
Trait: Storm Drain
IVs: 31/02/31/30/30/02
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Def / 4 SDef
Relaxed Nature (+Def, -Spd)
Muddy Water
Earth Power
Hidden Power

Musharna (F) @ Lum Berry
Trait: Telepathy
IVs: 31/09/31/31/31/00
EVs: 252 HP / 4 Def / 252 SDef
Sassy Nature (+SDef, -Spd)
Trick Room
Helping Hand
Shadow Ball

Metagross @ Normal Gem
Trait: Clear Body
IVs: 31/31/31/22/31/00
EVs: 252 HP / 252 Atk / 4 SDef
Brave Nature (+Atk, -Spd)
Meteor Mash
Zen Headbutt
Bullet Punch

Jellicent (M) @ Wacan Berry
Trait: Water Absorb
IVs: 31/02/31/31/31/00
EVs: 236 HP / 132 Def / 140 SAtk
Quiet Nature (+SAtk, -Spd)
Water Spout
Shadow Ball
Ice Beam
Trick Room

The Battles
Round 1 | 0-0

The guy seemed like a nice guy and I liked his team over all. I honestly don't remember the match too well, but I do remember some key points. I started off with Ludicolo and Jellicent to go for Fake Out and Trick Room. I am pretty sure I used Fake Out on his Whimsicott in order to dodge the Taunt, but I'm not sure. After setting up Trick Room I go for a Surf and a Water Spout, but my opponent used Encore on my Jellicent, which causes Jellicent to use Trick Room again. I use Trick Room again, and then eventually switch out my Jellicent to, I think, Politoed. I don't remember too much about this match besides the hax that happened to me. I know that my Metagross's Zen Headbutt misses Conkeldurr and Metagross it dies that turn. Later, when my Ludicolo's Surf is gonna KO both his mons, he gets a crit on Ludicolo with his Bullet Punch. It was an overall very close game, but those sealed the deal for me.

Round 2 | 0-1

This guy was one of the ones from Penn State. Upon looking at his team, I figured that it was based around Spore. I started with my usual Ludicolo+Jellicent that I used for the entirety of the tournament. I used Fake Out on the Breloom I think, fearing the Spore on Jellicent. Uxie set up Imprision, which not only kept me from using Trick Room but also using Protect. Eventually most of my pokemon are asleep, but I somehow kill Breloom. I think all of my sleeps were 2 turns. After that I used Explosion on Metagross, who woke up just in time, and protected with Politoed. However, this did not kill Smeargle or Uxie because of Focus Sash and Uxie being a fucker. I don't remember how I won in the end, but I did.

Round 3 | 1-1

Angered that Metagross's Explosion was so underwhelming, I decided to switch it out for Gastrodon. This guy had a very good stuff team. Again I don't remember too much of the actual battle besides the hax. I remember that Thundurus Thunder Waved my Jellicent, and later I got Fully Paralyzed when I was trying to set up Trick Room again. In the end, Latios Draco Meteored my Jellicent and it was just -2 Latios against my Gastrodon. It was doing about 25% or something with each Psychic. My Muddy Water, which I think was +1 was only doing about 10-15% but I could easily keep Recovering. I was dreading the Special Defense drop, and in a couple of turns he got it. I was unsure on if this would really make it so I could win (the guy was at about 45% I think), but right after he also got a crit.

Round 4 | 1-2

I send out Ludicolo and Jellicent.
Opponent sends out Charizard and Salamence.
Salamence intimidates.

Ludicolo uses Fake Out on Salamence.
Salamence flinches.
Charizard uses Dragon Pulse on Jellicent. Does less than half.
Jellicent uses Trick Room.

Jellicent uses Ice Beam on Salamence. Salamence faints.
Ludicolo uses Surf. Jellicent recovers health. Charizard barely lives.
Charizard uses Will-o-Wisp on Ludicolo.
Hydreigon is sent in.

Charizard is switched out. Dragonite is sent in.
Jellicent uses Ice Beam on Hydreigon. Hydreigon takes about half.
Ludicolo uses Surf. Jellicent recovers health. Hydreigon and Dragonite don't take too much.
Hydreigon uses Dragon Rush on Ludicolo, but it misses.

Jellicent uses Ice Beam on Dragonite. Dragonite faints.
Ludicolo uses Surf. Jellicent recovers health. Hydreigon is left at low health. Hydreigon uses Dragon Rush on Ludicolo, but it misses.
Charizard is sent out.

Jellicent uses Water Spout. Hydreigon and Charizard faint.

I finally started taking notes about matches, which I kinda wish I had done for the first couple. Upon looking at this guys team, I was pretty sure that he didn't really have too competitive of a team. I wasn't too worried. After I was able to set up trick room I was able to 4-0. The Dragon Rush misses didn't matter. If Ludicolo had died I still had Politoed and Gastrodon to finish him off.

Round 5 | 2-2

I send out Ludicolo and Jellicent.
Opponent sends out Rapidash and Flygon.

Ludicolo uses Fake Out on Rapidash.
Flygon uses U-turn on Ludicolo. Ludicolo lives at about 30%. Mienshao is sent out.
Rapidash flinches.
Jellicent uses Trick Room.

Mienshao uses Fake Out on Ludicolo.
Jellicent uses Water Spout. Rapidash faints and Mienshao barely lives.
Ludicolo flinches.
Flygon is sent out.

Jellicent uses Ice Beam on Flygon. Flygon faints.
Ludicolo uses Surf. Mienshao faints.
Lapras is sent out.

Lapras uses Ice Shard on Ludicolo.
Jellicent uses Shadow Ball on Lapras.
Ludicolo uses Giga Drain on Lapras. Lapras barely lives.

Ludicolo uses Protect.
Jellicent uses Shadow Ball on Lapras. Lapras faints.

This was another person who wasn't very competitive from the team preview. There was a level 30 pokemon in there, and another that was either 45 or 47. I don't really know why I used Fake Out on the Rapidash, it would've made more sense to use it on Flygon. However, once Trick Room was set up, it was easy enough to 4-0.

Round 6 | 3-2

I send out Ludicolo and Jellicent.
Opponent sends out Terrakion and Uxie.

Uxie uses Helping Hand on Terrakion.
Terrakion uses Rock Slide. Ludicolo take about 60% and Jellicent takes abouts 40%.
Jellicent flinched.

Uxie uses Helping Hand on Terrakion.
Terrakion uses Rock Slide. Ludicolo faints and Jellicent takes abouts 40%.
Jellicent flinched.
Gastrodon is sent out.

Uxie uses Helping Hand on Terrakion.
Terrakion uses Rock Slide. Jellicent faints and Gastrodon takes about 20%.
Gastrodon uses Muddy Water. Terrakion's Passho Berry activates and it takes about 40% and Uxie takes about 25%. Uxie's accuracy drops.
Politoed is sent out.

Uxie uses Helping Hand on Terrakion.
Politoed uses Protect.
Terrakion uses Earthquake. Gastrodon takes about 30%.
Gastrodon uses Muddy Water. Terrakion faints and Uxie takes about 25%. Uxie's accuracy drops.
Rotom-W is sent out.

Uxie uses Helping Hand on Rotom-W.
Rotom-W uses Thunder on Politoed. Politoed faints.
Gastrodon uses Recover.

Uxie uses Helping Hand on Rotom-W.
Rotom-W uses Hydro Pump on Gastrodon. Gastrodon's Special Attack rises.
Gastrodon uses Muddy Water. Uxie faints and Rotom-W doesn't take too much.
Volcarona is sent out.

Rotom-W uses Protect.
Volcarona uses Hurricane on Gastrodon. It takes about 40%.
Gastrodon uses Muddy Water. Volcarona faints.

Rotom-W uses Discharge. Gastrodon is immune.
Gastrodon uses Recover.

Rotom-W uses Discharge. Gastrodon is immune.
Gastrodon uses Muddy Water.

Repeat the last until Rotom-W faints.

When I saw the Uxie this time I was afraid of Imprison again, so I used Fake Out on it. It was an understatement to say that I was quite upset when the first flinch happened, however I figured I could still live another. I was so pleased when I realized I was right, but even more infuriated when the second flinch happened. Thankfully my opponent didn't have anything to counter Gastrodon. He forgot about Storm Drain, so that's why he used Hydro Pump. I wasn't keeping track of Rotom's moves too well. I wasn't sure if there was a Hidden Power, so that's why I Recovered before attacking Rotom.

Round 7 | 4-2

Battle Video: 91-83735-29891

I send out Ludicolo and Jellicent.
Opponent sends out Zapdos and Togekiss.

Togekiss used Follow Me.
Ludicolo used Fake Out on Togekiss.
Zapdos used Thunder on Jellicent. Jellicent's Wacan Berry activates.
Jellicent used Trick Room.

Togekiss used Follow Me.
Jellicent used Ice Beam on Togekiss.
Ludicolo used Surf.
Zapdos used Thunder on Jellicent. Jellicent faints.
Politoed was sent in.

Togekiss is frozen solid.
Politoed used Surf. Togekiss fainted.
Ludicolo used Surf. Zapdos fainted.
Garchomp and Machamp were sent in.

Politoed used Ice Beam on Garchomp. Garchomp's Yache Berry activates.
Ludicolo used Surf. Garchomp lives at around 10%, Machamp lives at 55%.
Machamp used DynamicPunch on Politoed. Politoed faints.
Garchomp used Dragon Claw on Ludicolo.
Gastrodon was sent in.

Machamp used Protect.
Garchomp used Protect.
Gastrodon used Muddy Water.
Ludicolo used Surf. Gastrodon's Special Attack rises.
Twisted dimensions returned to normal.

Garchomp used Dragon Claw on Ludicolo. It lives at around 15%.
Machamp used DynamicPunch on Gastrodon. Gastrodon is confused.
Ludicolo used Surf. Gastrodon's Special Attack rises. Garchomp and Machamp faint.

This was a really fun match! When I saw the Togekiss/Zapdos lead I was expecting Follow Me, but I figured that use Fake Out against the Thunderbolt would be too valuable in case Togekiss went for the Tailwind or something. When I saw Thunder, I was really scared. I wasn't sure how well Jellicent would be able to hold up against it, even with the Wacan Berry, but it actually took it much better than I expected. With Trick Room up, I knew I had the advantage. I used Ice Beam on Zapdos because Water Spout was weakened and I wouldn't have recovery because Ludicolo's Surf would go second, however Ice Beam was redirected to Togekiss. After Jellicent died, I went to Politoed to set up the rain. I knew that double Surf would be able to kill both Togekiss and Zapdos, so I was feeling pretty confident. I should have predicted that Garchomp had Yache Berry and gone for Surf + Muddy Water, which would have killed Garchomp thus completely sealing the game for me. However, I went for the Ice Beam out of instinct. I was pretty sure I had it won at that point. I was not completely sure if Ludicolo was gonna live the Dragon Claw, but my opponent still would have needed to have my Gastrodon hit itself in order to win. I had so much fun with this game, probably because I knew it was the final one.

Final Score: 31st Place | 5-2

Props and Slops
- Coming back from being 1-2
- All smogoners for doing so well, special shout out to TheGr8
- Stealing Alaka's team ^_^

- Making a good number of bad moves
- Hax
- bearsfan092 not being able to come
- drcossack for not showing up


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ugh, ANOTHER ONE? how can i continue to write my warstory when they just keep popping up left and right? and how can i feel like mine will be special when there are 100 of them already?

just joking Ditto. i needed a break anyways so i'll use that to read your story. did you mention me? because i have like a whole paragraph dedicated to you in MY warstory (no, seriously).

"Birch was nothing like I expected him to be"...that line has been used so many times that I don't even.

Legit warstory, it's gotta feel good to come back from 1-2 and end on a 4 game winning note. Take the momentum into Nats if you're going!
Hey Ditto great warstory.I wanna write my own but everybodys are way more entertaining.Awesome shirt by the way.Hopefully we can battle in the future
Great come back from going 1-2 early in the tournament! I didn't really talk to many of the smogoners there but I probably saw you once or twice during the tournament. Congrats on making top 32 in your flight!

Expert Evan

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Great to meet you again Ditto as the team looks like it worked so well together based on the last battle, just like us wifi mods indeed. :pimp:
Good Job! We didn't formally meet, but I saw you with the shirt. Also, I was hanging out with HitmonRocker. Anyways, Good Job! and check out my warstory......
Rain Room is strong, so it only loses to prediction and other hax. Good warstory, it was interesting to learn that all the Regionals had Seniorsw run way long.
I think I saw you once or twice, I was walking around so much I'd be surprised if I didn't with the ditto shirt, lol. (and the fact that the guy in the diglett costume is a friend of my friends).

Coming Back from 1-2 had to feel great. (I personally prefer'd starting 4-0 like I did, but still, but then again I screwed up late)

Good warstory, it was interesting to learn that all the Regionals had Seniorsw run way long.

That would be because they did go waaaaaaaaaaaay long and Masters started waaaaaaaaaaay late.