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Colossoil +5 vs 60...ish: The War Saga E1

Discussion in 'Create-A-Pokémon Project' started by Admiral_Stalfos19, Dec 7, 2009.

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  1. Admiral_Stalfos19


    Mar 25, 2008
    Colossoil +5 vs 60...ish: The War Saga

    Episode 1: A Fresh Start

    Yeah, it's been a while since I made my first war story. I wasn't even sure they'd be continued until I saw the Horn to Horn Match-Up. Inspired by this, I've got myself a new team with a Colossoil in it and started fighting people until I found myself a log I could work with. That's when I got myself in a ladder match against dragonites.

    dragonites' team:


    My team:


    Note that both teams are in the order that they revealed themselves onto the battlefield, not the order that dragonites and I set them up at the time (except for Pyroak and Gyarados respectively, since leads always go first). Also note that I shortened the log below, yet it's still long enough to tell you what the hell's going on (unlike my last attempt). I've also color-coded it so you know which Colossoil's doing what and which Revenankh's doing what. All actions and effects that dragonites is responsible for are in red, all actions and affects that I'm responsible for are in green, any miscellaneous stuff is in orange and any text that dragonites might want to add when he comes online and sees this is in blue. Without furtherer ado, let's get this war story started

    dragonites sent out Pyroak
    Admiral_Stalfos19 sent out Gyarados
    Gyarados's Intimidate cut Pyroak's attack! (Pyroak -1 Atk)

    To be honest, we both made mistakes in this battle, but mine starts a few turns ahead, since I'm an idiot and opt against using Stone Edge against something that it happens to hit super effective against, and start to use Waterfall, which doesn't. Right now, I'm seeing a slow defensive Pokemon that'll try to get rocks up right off the bat, so I'll taunt him and see what happens.

    Gyarados used Taunt.
    Pyroak fell for the taunt!

    Pyroak used Grass Knot. (Gyarados -37%)
    Gyarados's leftovers restored its health a little! (Gyarados +6%)

    OK, I was wrong. Meh, not like I can't afford to DD on this next turn

    Gyarados used Dragon Dance. (Gyarados +1Atk, +1Spe)
    Pyroak used Grass Knot. (Gyarados -33%)
    Gyarados's leftovers restored its health a little! (Gyarados +6%)

    Gyarados used Waterfall. (Pyroak -46%)
    Pyroak used Grass Knot. (Gyarados -38%)
    Pyroak's taunt wore off!

    Gyarados's leftovers restored its health a little! (Gyarados +6%)

    Gyarados used Waterfall. (Pyroak -51%)
    Pyroak used Synthesis. (Pyroak +50%)
    Gyarados's leftovers restored its health a little! (Gyarados +6%)

    Gyarados used Waterfall. (misses)
    Pyroak used Grass Knot. (Gyarados -17%, faints)

    6-5 to dragonites

    WTF? How the hell does something with 100% accuracy suddenly decide to miss? That's just downright impossible! Now I've just lost my lead and the underpowered Pyroak is going to get those stupid rocks up next turn. This is why SE is important, so hopefully you don't have these problems

    Admiral_Stalfos19 switched in Rotom-h
    Rotom-h used Sunny Day.
    The sun began to shine!

    Pyroak used Stealth Rock.
    The sun continues to shine.

    I knew that what happen. Oh well, nothing I can do about it now except make him pay for it

    Rotom-h used Overheat. (Pyroak -43%, Rotom-h -2SAt)
    Pyroak used Synthesis. (Pyroak +67%)
    The sun continues to shine.

    Hmm, needs more power. Luckily I have a guy on my team that can deliver more power. I'll just make a switch to him and hope to hell that dragonites doesn't predict that and use a Ground attack...

    Admiral_Stalfos19 switched in Heatran
    Pointed stones dug into Heatran. (Heatran -12%)

    Pyroak used Lava Plume. (doesn't affect Heatran)
    Heatran's Flash Fire raised its fire power!
    The sun continues to shine.

    dragonites: >_>

    I'm guessing that that was dragonites' idiot mistake. Now we finish it

    Heatran used Flamethrower. (Pyroak -75%)
    Pyroak used Synthesis. (Pyroak +67%)
    The sun continues to shine.

    Heatran used Flamethrower. (Pyroak -68%, faints)
    The sun continues to shine.


    dragonites switched in Colossoil

    Admiral_Stalfos19 switched in Rotom-h (lvl 100 Rotom-h).
    Pointed stones dug into Rotom-h. (Rotom-h -12%)

    Colossoil used Earthquake. (doesn't affect Rotom-h)
    The sun continues to shine.
    Colossoil was burned!

    I had to switch to something here, since Colossoil could easily handle a Flamethrower and hit right back with EQ, so I switched back to Rotom. You might be thinking "YOU STUPID IDIOT, YOU'VE JUST WALKED RIGHT INTO A CRUNCH/PURSUIT TRAP!!", but I have and ace up my sleeve: I don't always follow trends that other people in the same situation do. For example, most people will try to run from a Crunch/SP and then get backstabbed by Pursuit, but what I usually do is stay and fight and hope to hell I only get the Pursuit. The sun's still on my side here, so I decide to use Overheat. Hopefully this'll at least cripple Colossy.

    Colossoil used Pursuit. (Rotom-h -64%, super effective)
    Rotom-h used Overheat. (Colossoil -79%, Rotom-h -2SAt)
    The sun continues to shine.

    Colossoil was hurt by its burn! (Colossoil -12%)

    WHACK!! I've just dealt a semi-fatal blow. Technically I didn't quite kill it, but no matter which it does, it'll probably die next turn, that's why it's semi-fatal ;) I ordered Rotom to use Sunny Day here, but I really should've ordered him to switch, 'cause Colossoil was most likely going to kill him anyway, but in the unlikely event that it used Moonlight instead, then at least it would be safe to throw the sun up one more time

    Colossoil used Pursuit. (Rotom-h -23%, super effective, faints)
    The sun faded.
    Colossoil was hurt by its burn! (Colossoil -9%, faints)


    And finally the sun fades. Not that it's going to be useful anymore unless I decide to use Heatran again, but it's worth a note

    dragonites switched in Shaymin
    Admiral_Stalfos19 switched in Heracross
    Pointed stones dug into Heracross. (Heracross -12%)

    Not a bad match-up here, but it would be better if I knew if I was up against an offensive Shaymin or a defensive one, since it has base 100 across the board. Celebi also shares this trait, but it isn't so bad because I can kill even the most defensive ones in one shot with Megahorn, but it's not quite the same way with Shaymin since it doesn't have that same x4 weakness to Bug. I wanted to use Toxic because if it was a defensive Shaymin, then at least it wouldn't last very long in combat...

    dragonites switched in Scizor
    Heracross used Toxic. (doesn't affect Scizor)

    ... and that's when I found out that dragonites had this bastard. Scizor is a real pain in the ass if you don't have the right Pokemon alive to absorb its hits, 'cause its Bullshit Punch deals the same amount of damage that a 90 base power from a Pokemon with the same attack power would deal, and it has priority. So it's basically a x10 better Extremespeed

    Heracross used Close Combat. (Scizor -77%, Heracross -1Def, -1SDf)
    Scizor used Brick Break. (Heracross -43%, not very effective, Scizor -10%)

    Scizor used Bullet Punch. (Heracross -45%, faints, Scizor -10%)

    4-3 to dragonites

    And there goes another one of my Pokemon. If I used Megahorn instead of Toxic, Scizor would've taken itself down with that Bullet Punch. Since it was that low on health, I thought to myself "To hell with it, I'll just summon Revenankh and order it to use Bulk Up for the next battle"

    Admiral_Stalfos19 switched in Revenankh
    Pointed stones dug into Revenankh. (Revenankh -6%)

    Scizor used Bullet Punch. (Revenankh -46%, Scizor -4%, faints)
    Revenankh used Bulk Up. (Revenankh +1Atk, +1Def)
    Revenankh's leftovers restored its health a little! (Revenankh +6%)


    dragonites switched in Azelf

    Good thing I did, 'cause otherwise I wouldn't guarantee a kill, and a STAB Psychic would be waiting to deliver a fatal blow. I have no choice here, since that lil' fuzzball is faster than me

    Revenankh used Shadow Sneak. (Azelf -87%, super effective)
    Azelf used Zen Headbutt. (Revenankh -51%, super effective)
    Azelf's leftovers restored its health a little! (Azelf +6%)

    Revenankh's leftovers restored its health a little! (Revenankh +6%)

    Another WTF moment, or so I thought, until I discovered that he had leftovers. Damn it, dragonites must've been running a bulkier spread. But I still have to ask you this: How weak does Revenankh have to be for a +1 Shadow Sneak from a max attack one to fail to kill all forms of Azelf? At least he was kind enough to use Zen Headbutt instead, which Revvy can actually take, since it has a Bulk Up down.

    Revenankh used Shadow Sneak. (Azelf -20%, super effective, faints)
    Revenankh's leftovers restored its health a little! (Revenankh +6%)

    3-2 to Admiral_Stalfos19

    Finally, I'm in the lead, for a change. Now I just have to hope that dragonites sends out a more defensive Pokemon, or if he brings out Shaymin, that it was a defensive one the whole time. This'll give Revenankh a chance to recover some health.

    dragonites switched in Revenankh

    Oh, bloody hell. I gotta switch to something else here, I just have to

    Admiral_Stalfos19 switched in Colossoil
    Pointed stones dug into Colossoil. (Colossoil -6%)

    Revenankh used Shadow Sneak. (Colossoil -7%, not very effective)
    Colossoil's leftovers restored its health a little! (Colossoil +6%)

    Now then, let's see how much power this Screeching Colossoil has. First plan of attack is to Screech, for obvious reasons, and see if Colossy survives. Then if it does, then Revenankh will more than likely try to finish it off, and that's when it eats a STAB EQ at -2 Defense

    Colossoil used Screech. (Revenankh -2Def)
    Revenankh used Hammer Arm. (Colossoil -71%, super effective, Revenankh -1Spe)
    Colossoil's leftovers restored its health a little! (Colossoil +6%)

    Colossoil used Earthquake. (Revenankh -82%)
    Revenankh used Hammer Arm. (Colossoil -27%, super effective, faints, Revenankh -1Spe)
    Revenankh's leftovers restored its health a little! (Revenankh +6%)


    Argh, so close... at least half of the plan worked. It's amazing how powerful attacks this oversized land whale can survive with squat douche investment into its' defensive stats. If only mine had a little more power... Meh, nothing a Life Orb can't fix. But now I have a decision. Do I finish dragonites' Revenankh off with my own, or do I use Heatran. I don't want to run the risk of a defensive Shaymin deciding to attack Revenankh, 'cause then it won't die to Heatran's Flamethrower, but instead kill it with Earth Power in return, so I'm throwing him out there first

    Admiral_Stalfos19 switched in Heatran
    Pointed stones dug into Heatran. (Heatran -12%)
    Heatran used Flamethrower. (Revenankh -24%, faints)

    2-1 to Admiral_Stalfos19

    This is it, the final showdown with Shaymin. Time to find out what gear its on once and for all

    dragonites switched in Shaymin
    Heatran used Flamethrower. (Shaymin -95%, super effective)
    Shaymin used Earth Power. (Heatran -75%, super effective, critical hit, faints, Shaymin -5%, faints)

    1-0 to Admiral_Stalfos19
    Admiral_Stalfos19 wins!

    And there you go, a Life Orb Shaymin that I didn't quite manage to kill for some reason. If it was a more defensive Shaymin I would've more than likely been dead. I also would've also more than likely been did if our Revenankh's fought each other, cause dragonites' would either win the speed tie or not take so much damage. So really it was a good game, and it really did teach me some of the mistakes I've made *cough* not using SE *cough*. And it also taught me how much power a Screeching Colossoil had to offer for my team, dealing so much damage to one guy with one attack, that even if that attack doesn't deliver the fatal blow, a following Pursuit will.
  2. Blackhawk11

    Blackhawk11 one on one

    Apr 29, 2009
    Not bad. It was a nice, quick, back-and-forth battle that helps give people like me who haven't played on the CAP server what the metagame is like.

    However if you could show the percentages that each Pokemon has it would really help people know what's going on. 7/10
  3. tennisace

    tennisace cardiac cats
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    Dec 16, 2007
    Sorry, there's not nearly enough analysis or commentary, in addition to the battle being pretty meh in the first place. I'm going to have to lock this.
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